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  1. Brett Oppenheim is currently single and not dating anyone. It is reported that the real estate mogul has been focusing on his career and taking care of his business, rather than looking for love. He has also kept tight-lipped about his past relationships, so it is unclear whether or not he was ever in a relationship before. Nevertheless, Brett Oppenheim remains an eligible bachelor, keeping many intrigued by who he may eventually decide to settle down with in the future.

    Brett Oppenheim

    Brett Oppenheim is the famous real estate guru, renowned for his success in both building up and liquidating real estate investments. He is also part of the popular Netflix show Selling Sunset alongside his twin brother Jonathan Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith and Davina Potratz. Brett has a successful career in real estate as CEO of The Oppenheim Group, however he’s also an individual who might be looking for someone to share his life with!

    At 39 years old, Brett isn’t married yet but he does have a long-term girlfriend. Although she hasn’t been identified publicly yet, rumors of her existence have been around ever since Selling Sunset’s first season aired on Netflix. There are no official statements from either side confirming their relationship yet so we can only speculate right now as to who she is or when they began dating. All that is known is that they seem to be quite serious and spending plenty of time together lately!

    Relationship status of Brett Oppenheim

    Brett Oppenheim’s relationship status is currently unclear. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star has been very private about his personal life in recent years and hasn’t revealed any information on who he may be dating at the moment.

    Born on March 14, 1978, Brett’s age is 42. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in business administration, according to his website. Afterward, he got two professional degrees in real estate (CCIM) and marketing (CPM).

    He is the founder of the joint venture ‘The Oppenheim Group’ which combines luxury real estate and property development with an entertainment company that produces successful projects for film and television. Although relatively quiet about his romantic life, some suspected partners have included Alex Rose Wiesel and Madison Hildebrand.

    How the media portrayed their rumored relationship

    The media definitely had something to say about the rumored relationship between Brett Oppenheim and his mystery woman. Of course, the name of this mystery woman was kept under wraps for most of their time together. This added fuel to the fire as gossip columns speculated on her identity and their respective roles in the rumored romance.

    Still, paparazzi managed to snag some candid shots of them together during their outings around Los Angeles. Fans were eager to get a glimpse into what life was like between the two—even if it was only through tabloid articles and photos.

    For a while, most stories portrayed their relationship as casual—two people looking for fun and excitement with no strings attached. But that changed when rumors that they were actually living together surfaced. Journalists flocked to the story in hopes of uncovering all the juicy details regarding their love affair.

    Who is the lucky person said to be the partner of Brett Oppenheim?

    The lucky person said to be the partner of Brett Oppenheim is Ally Shapiro. The two were first linked together back in 2018, when they were spotted out and about in New York City. Friends of the pair have since confirmed that they are more than just friends, and that they do seem to be in a relationship.

    Oppenheim himself has remained tight-lipped when it comes to his personal life, however he did post a picture on Instagram recently with the caption “Crazy in love”, which suggests that he could be still seeing Ally – although there has been no confirmation yet from either party.

    Insight on their possible romance according to sources

    The celebrity dating world is always abuzz with gossip and news, but in the case of Brett Oppenheim, there is currently no juicy story to report. Despite rumors that have been circulating online, sources close to Oppenheim’s inner circle have stated that he isn’t dating anyone.

    That being said, the sources aren’t ruling out a potential romance either. Oppenheim is known for his own brand of high-octane lifestyle and chic sensibilities, making him a prime target for some enthusiastic fans. Sources report that Oppenheim has certainly met some interesting people during his travels around the world and kept them in mind when companion shopping.

    Ultimately though, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Even though it’s unclear if Brett Oppenheim is officially dating someone at this time, hopefully more insight on their possible romance will become available soon!