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  1. Cardi B is currently dating Offset, a member of the rap group Migos. The two began dating in February 2017 and became engaged later that year. Cardi gave birth to their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, on July 10, 2018. In December 2018 the couple secretly wed, although they filed for divorce in 2018 which was not finalized until 2020. They had reunited publicly months before the divorce proceedings were finalized and are still together today.

    Introduction: Who Is Cardi B?

    Cardi B is a chart-topping, talented rapper, singer and television personality. The 26 year old Bronx native has made waves in the hip hop industry with her distinctive, bold style and outspoken sound.

    Rankings for her albums, mixtapes and singles have skyrocketed over the last several years. Cardi B also appeared as a judge on the popular show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’

    With all of this success, one might assume that Cardi would have a pretty full dating schedule. With her fame, wealth and lifestyle cropping up in almost every aspect of modern media, it’s only natural to be curious about who she’s currently seeing offstage.

    Background on Cardi B’s Relationship History

    Cardi B has been linked to a number of different people over the last few years. She was first romantically linked to Tommy Geez in 2016, although this relationship was soon over. Shortly after that, she began dating rapper Offset in May 2017, with whom she secretly wed in September of that year.

    The couple famously got into a big public fight while on stage at Rolling Loud Festival Miami in December 2018 and Cardi announced their separation shortly afterwards. Although they reconciled somewhat shortly thereafter, they ultimately split in February 2019.

    More recently, Cardi B has been rumored to be dating stylist and designer Nico Bolzico after he appeared on her Instagram live show following her divorce from Offset. However, neither of them have officially confirmed or denied these rumors.

    Overview of Who Cardi B is Currently Dating

    Cardi B is currently dating Offset, who is also a successful rapper and member of Migos. The couple first started dating in 2017 and announced their engagement in October of that year. They married secretly in September 2018, and welcomed their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus into the world in July 2018.

    Offset has been known to surprise Cardi B with luxurious gifts such as cars, jewelry, flowers, and clothing. Cardi B had previously said that she felt there was an instant connection when they initially met; something most fans can clearly see when they make public appearances together.

    The couple continues to spend time together despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. In December of 2020 they celebrated a joint birthday party alongside friends and family outside of Los Angeles. Even during tough times, it’s obvious this power couple is loving each other more than ever!

    Impact of Social Media on Their Relationship

    Cardi B and Offset’s relationship has been heavily influenced by the rise of social media. Social media has allowed them to share intimate moments with fans and keep followers updated with their romance. It has also created an online platform for interactions with celebrities and other influence which can be extremely beneficial to a couple like Cardi B and Offset who live their lives in the public eye.

    The duo uses multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Tidal to post playful moments between themselves while also actively engaging fans and interacting with each other. This active presence on social media has allowed millions of people to feel connected to the couple—something that was impossible before the invention of online networks. Additionally, this presence acts as a tool for influencers to monetize through promotions, sponsorships, collaborations and more.

    Ultimately, it appears that Cardi B and Offset’s relationship has been positively impacted by social media as it gives them a greater platform for fans to engage in their lives as well as greater potential for financial opportunities that wouldn’t be available offline.

    How Their Relationship Has Changed Over Time

    Cardi B and Offset have had a roller coaster of a relationship since they first started dating back in 2017. From announcing their engagement at an awards show to alleging infidelity on both sides, the two are undoubtedly one of the most volatile couples in hip-hop.

    When Cardi B and Offset first began dating, things seemed to be going strong; however, Onstage during the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Offset proposed to Cardi B mid-performance while she was singing her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” The proposal sent shockwaves throughout their fan base.

    Over time, rumors started swirling of infidelity from both sides in the relationship. There were even allegations that there was another woman pregnant with Offset’s child. After all was said and done, though, the two decided to make it work again; however this time around, things weren’t so romantic anymore as arguments were more frequent than ever before.

    Finally in 2020, Cardi announced that she and Offet were contemplating getting divorced in order to preserve their friendship for the sake of their daughter Kulture – officially bringing their turbulent romance to an end.

    Conclusion: How Will It End?

    At this point, it seems like Cardi B and Offset are in it for the long haul. They’ve been together since 2017 and are still very much together, despite their various bumps in the road. If these two can make it through all of their issues, then there’s no telling how long they’ll stay together.

    On the other hand, it’s possible that nothing can save them and they will eventually break up. After all, relationships are complicated and nothing is ever certain. But if recent history is any indication, they could very well be together for the foreseeable future. Only time will tell!