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  1. Carly Pearce is currently dating singer Michael Ray. The couple started dating in December 2018 and have been together since then. They recently became engaged on Christmas Day 2020, after two years of being together.

    The two country singers had both been married prior to their relationship; Carly was previously married to former professional baseball player, Cory Andersen, while Michael was married to former beauty queen Katelyn Jae from July 2015 till April 2018. Carly and Michael announced the engagement news via Instagram on 25th December with a series of beautiful photos taken by their friends at a Nashville-based event space called The Cordelle. As many fans know, Micheal has collaborated with the “Every Little Thing” singer on several tunes like “All I Know”, “Come Over Tonight” and even co-wrote her EP “Closer To You”.

    Introduction & Background on Carly Pearce

    Carly Pearce is an American country music singer and songwriter. She has released three studio albums, including her 2020 debut album Every Little Thing. The album includes her Top 10 hit “Every Little Thing,” as well as “Hide the Wine” and “If My Name Was Whiskey.” Carly’s popularity has skyrocketed since the release of this album, with multiple award nominations and a successful tour across the United States to promote it.

    Carly was born on April 24th in Kentucky, where she grew up singing in church and began performing as a teenager. After graduating from high school, she attended college in Nashville where she focused on developing her songwriting skills. During this time she also began to collaborate with other songwriters and make connections within the industry. Finally, after over a decade of hard work and dedication to pursuing her dream of becoming an artist, her big break came when Big Machine Records signed her to their label in 2016.

    Since then, Carly’s career has gained momentum quickly – Rolling Stone listed her as one of 10 New Country Artists You Need To Know In 2018; CMT named her one of the Next Women of Country; and she’s also enjoyed performances at major festivals such as Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Music & Camping Festival and Stagecoach Festival. Now that Carly is making waves in the music industry, many people are wondering who Carly Pearce is dating!

    Overview of Her Career & Achievements

    Carly Pearce is a talented country singer, songwriter and performer who has achieved amazing success in her career. She was propelled to fame with her hit single “Every Little Thing” which reached the number one spot on both the U.S. Country Airplay charts and Hot County Songs charts, making Carly the first female solo artist to do so since 2015! Her music continues to resonate in both Nashville and beyond, earning her multiple CMA Awards nominations, Academy of Country Music Awards nods and many other coveted accolades throughout her short but notorious career.

    Apart from garnering awards recognition and critical acclaim for her work, Carly Pearce has also established herself as a philanthropist by giving back to the community through charities such as Musicians on Call and MusiCares. Through these organizations, Carly donates time mentoring aspiring artists and performing at benefit concerts for those less fortunate. Her passion for inspiring others extends far beyond awards across countries like Ireland, Australia & New Zealand where she has undergone successful tours throughout 2020-2021.

    When She & Michael Ray Got Together

    Carly Pearce and Michael Ray started dating in 2019 after the two musicians realized they had serious chemistry while on tour. This revelation came as a bit of a surprise to both of them because they had actually known each other for years before that! They then quickly took their relationship to the next level, and have been happily going strong ever since.

    Pearce and Ray’s connection is unique because they love being around each other as much as possible – which isn’t always doable with their busy lives – but when they do see one another, sparks fly. Recently, Pearce even commented that she felt lucky just to be able to “spend those stolen moments together,” which shows how much passion these two share for one another.

    Despite the amount of attention their relationship receives from fans and media alike, both Pierce and Ray remain devoted to simply living in the moment whenever possible and enjoying every second that life throws at them; whether it be just casually hanging out or attending events together. The fact that this couple has such an easy-going attitude towards their chemistry is part of what makes them SO endearing to everyone watching from the outside!

    More Details About Their Relationship

    Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have been dating since late 2019, and they instantly connected due to their love of music. They are both Nashville natives who come from deep musical backgrounds, so it’s no surprise that they get along as well as they do.

    The couple has made several public appearances together, showing off their undeniable chemistry. Their relationship took off after the 2020 Grammy’s, when Carly shared a loving photo with her beau on social media. Since then, the two have kept their relationship mostly private – only sharing brief glimpses of their life together.

    They both share an undeniable love for music and each other which makes them even more endearing in the eyes of fans everywhere. The couple has also collaborated on several tracks together such as “Dibs,” “Call Me,” and most recently “Finish My Sentence.” With this in mind, it’s clear that Carly Pearce and Michael Ray make an insanely talented duo.

    Recent Events in their Relationship

    Since first dating in June of 2020, Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have endured many highs and lows. In August they celebrated their relationship with a romantic beach vacation, after which it was announced that they had moved in together.

    One month later, rumors began to swirl that the couple had plans to tie the knot later that year after Ray purchased a ring. Then just last month the pair opted out of those plans and called off their engagement due to career commitments that prevented both artists from making their relationship a priority.

    Despite parting ways, both Pearce and Ray assured fans via social media posts that they still retain an immense amount of love for one another and wanted nothing but the best for each other’s careers. It appears as though the two remain on good terms for now and plan to take time apart with hopes that–someday–a reunion may occur.