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  1. Chrishell Stause is currently dating Dancing With The Stars pro Keo Motsepe.

    The two were first spotted out together in August 2020, and they had been friends for almost a year before then.

    Stause is an American actress who was previously married to actor Justin Hartley until their divorce was finalized in November 2019.

    Stause and Motsepe made it Instagram official shortly after their relationship was spotted by paparazzi. Both of them have shared sweet photos of themselves on their respective Instagram accounts.

    In October 2020, Stause opened up about her new relationship by saying she’s “incredibly happy” with the way things are going with Motsepe. She also added that her family and friends approve of him and absolutely adore him as well.

    Motsepe has also spoken publicly about his relationship with Stause, saying she is an amazing partner and someone he truly cares for deeply.

    Introducing Chrishell Stause

    Chrishell Stause is an American actress who is best known for her roles in the TV series All My Children and Dancing With the Stars. She has also starred in a number of films, including You Again and Death Pool.

    Chrishell currently has a net worth estimated to be around $3 million. She made most of her wealth from her acting career, but also had some success as a real estate investor.

    At the moment, Chrishell is dating property developer Justin Hartley, who she started dating back in 2016 – after divorcing actor Justin Thoreau. The couple have been together ever since and they seem extremely happy! In fact, they recently purchased a house in Los Angeles together!

    Chrishell’s Relationship History

    Chrishell Stause is an American actress and reality TV star who rose to fame on Days of Our Lives. Her tumultuous, public divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley made headlines in 2019, making us all wonder: who is Chrishell dating now? Let’s take a look at her relationship history!

    Chrishell was previously linked to Matthew Morrison, the star of Glee and a fixture on shows like Hello Dolly. She later began dating Hartley in 2014 after they first met at the Los Angeles Acting Center. Following their divorce in November 2019, Chrishell has moved into a new relationship—with Dancing With The Stars alum Keo Motsepe in December 2020. The professional dancer shared that she was “world lucky” and viewed the beauty as his queen.

    It looks like Chrishell has moved on from her previous relationships and found long-lasting love with Keo!

    The Rumors About Who Chrishell is Dating Now

    Rumors about who Chrishell is dating now have been swirling for months, and the speculation just won’t seem to die down. Ever since her split with actor Justin Hartley in 2019, there have been plenty of rumors about Chrishell’s private life.

    One of the most popular rumors has to do with Who Is America star, comedian and producer Dax Holt. People have speculated that their friendship has become more than just professional, although neither party has ever confirmed a romantic relationship ourselves either way.

    Another famous name that has been linked to Chrishell recently is Dancing With the Stars pro Gleb Savchenko. The two were spotted out together and rumors quickly began circulating they might be an item – but again nothing has been formally confirmed by either person or their respective publicists.

    What Chrishell says about the Rumors

    Chrishell Stause has been the subject of some wild rumors lately, and she’s taken to social media to set the record straight. On a recent Instagram Live video, she said, “I think it’s funny when people talk about who I’m dating because there are so many false stories out there.”

    Chrishell also had some kind words for anyone speculating about her personal life. She said that she was thankful for those supporting her during “the rollercoaster” year and that saying all the things they’ve heard isn’t necessary.

    “There has been no vindication or anything,” Chrishell said in regards to reports linking her to actor Garret Hedlund. Instead, Chrishell advises everyone to move on if they don’t have positive things to say. “If you don’t have something nice to say then just be kind and scroll quickly,” she says with a smile.

    Other Projects by Chrishell

    Although Chrishell Stause is most famously known for her roles in Selling Sunset and Dancing with the Stars, she has plenty of other projects to boast about.

    For starters, Chrishell is involved in many philanthropic initiatives. Her role as a breast cancer awareness advocate allows her to partner with organizations such as Bright Pink to spread awareness within the sunspace. She’s also an active board member on the RaiseAChild organization, an organization that provides resources and support for LGBT families who are considering adoption and foster care.

    In addition to those causes, Chrishell is also an author! She’s creator of the ‘Second Verse’ series – fun reads that center around 3 siblings working together to find success in their music careers. She’s also hopeful that one day her books will be adapted into a sitcom on television.