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  1. Colby Brock is currently dating singer-songwriter Kalin White. The two were first romantically linked in November 2019 when they were spotted out at a Jaylen Brown basketball game in Boston. Since then, Colby and Kalin have been going strong and often post pictures of each other on social media. It’s not clear how long the two have been together or when the relationship began, but their connection seems to be growing stronger with each passing day. The couple has also collaborated musically, creating a cover of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Colby previously dated fellow social media influencer Sammy Wilkinson from 2016 to 2018 before calling it quits due to distance and time constraints.

    Colby Brock

    Colby Brock is a YouTube star, actor, and model. He rose to fame through his Vine account and appearances on the show, Chicken Girls. Usually seen with his friend Sam Golbach, Colby and Sam have become an Instagram sensation.

    Colby was born in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 1998 and attended Blue Springs South High School in Missouri. His first video collaboration was the “Brooks Brothers Commercial Challenge” which he created with Cameron Dallas’ brother Jake in 2011. In 2013, he became a Viner where he generated millions of followers for videos that ranged from comedic sketches to short clips with friends such as Cameron Dallas and Matt Espinosa. Some of his most popular videos are “Ultimate Pizza Challenge” and “Cheeseburger Eatin’ Contest”.

    In 2017 Colby joined HuffPost’s

    Background of Colby Brock’s Relationship Status

    Colby Brock’s relationship status has been a hot topic ever since he entered the public eye. In 2018, while Colby was making a name for himself on Vine and YouTube, it was rumored that he was dating fellow social media star, Emma Chamberland. Although neither of them confirmed or denied the rumors, they were frequently seen together and fans quickly grew to love their union.

    However, shortly after the rumors began circulating, they were spotted with different partners and it seemed as if the two had moved on. After much speculation, Colby finally addressed his relationship status in 2020 when he revealed that he was single and not seeing anyone special at the time. Since then, Colby has been very vocal about wanting to find someone special but is still currently enjoying taking his time to focus on himself and his career.

    Recent Updates on Colby Brock’s Relationship

    Recently, Colby Brock has drawn attention for his rumored relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. While Brock doesn’t comment on such rumors, it’s safe to say he is on the Hollywood dating scene. However, more recently there have been some updates on whom Brock is currently seeing.

    The latest reports suggest that Colby Brock might be dating actress Hailey Baldwin. Sources state that they are seeing each other casually and are getting along very well. They have been spotted numerous times together at different events in Los Angeles over the past few months but have yet to confirm their relationship publicly.

    Of course this could all turn out to be just gossip and rumors, so we cannot jump to conclusions until we hear from the two personally about their connection. For now, only time will tell if this alleged relationship becomes something real or if it falls by the wayside!

    Possible Romantic Interests for Colby Brock

    There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Colby Brock and his romantic life. We have seen him in some steamy photos with lots of beautiful models, leading to the speculation that he could be dating someone.

    So who are the possible romantic interests for Colby Brock? Well, some of the most likely candidates include model Abigail Drohojowska, actress-model Phoebe Tonkin, and YouTube star Brodie Smith. Each one brings something unique to the table, from their stunning looks to their diverse talents. In addition to these public figures, there could very well be other hidden relationships going on behind the scenes.

    It looks like it will remain a mystery as to who Colby Brock is currently dating or if he is single at all. Fans will just have to wait and see what happens in the future!

    Summary of Who Colby Brock May be Dating

    Colby Brock is a popular YouTuber with millions of followers and viewers. Despite his fame and notoriety, Colby has managed to keep his romantic life relatively private. However, it appears that Colby may have a special someone in his life.

    Rumors have swirled that Colby is currently dating another woman who goes by the name of Ashton Martin. According to interviews and sources close to both stars, the two have been seen out in public together multiple times, sparking the speculation of a relationship between them. Though neither one has confirmed or denied their status as a couple, it’s clear that there’s something between them!

    Outside of Ashton Martin, there’s also speculation that Colby may be seeing other people, including actresses and models. Other reports also suggest he might still be single and simply enjoying his success as an entertainer without being tied down by any serious relationships at this time. Regardless of whether or not he’s seeing someone special, it looks like Colby will continue to stay mum about his current personal status!