Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating In 2021


Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating In 2021 will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. Cole Sprouse is currently dating actress and model, Lili Reinhart. The couple first started dating while they were filming the show Riverdale back in 2017. They share a strong bond and have been going strong ever since then.

    In recent years, they’ve made several joint red carpet appearances, like their joint appearance at the Golden Globes in 2020 and have taken vacations together around the world. However, despite the public nature of their relationship, they typically keep it private when it comes to their feelings for each other that often can be seen in social media posts from each other where one or both of them are visible in photos or videos with captions about love and appreciation for each other.


    It’s no secret that people love to know who actors are dating, especially when it comes to Cole Sprouse. This talented actor has been in the spotlight since his childhood days on the hit show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and since then, we have all been eagerly following his romantic life. As of 2021, he is reportedly dating model/actress Reina Silva.

    Reina Silva is a relatively unknown name in Hollywood, but she has made quite a splash recently with her modelling career. She first came onto the scene with a feature in an international magazine called Dresscode Magazine as well as becoming active on Instagram around 2017. In 2020, she began appearing in numerous music videos for artists such as Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky, walking many runway shows and starring in multiple fashion campaigns alongside some of the biggest names in fashion such as Fendi and Calvin Klein!

    Reina was first spotted out with Cole Sprouse in July 2020 while attending a Justice Reform march together during the summer. Ever since then, they were constantly seen together at various events such as parties or even just out on grocery runs sparking speculation amongst fans of a possible budding romance between them both! Reports soon followed confirming their relationship which makes them one of Hollywood’s cutest couples!

    Relationship History & Updates

    Cole Sprouse’s relationship history is quite extensive. From 2009 to 2017, he was in a relationship with actress and model Dayna Frazer. They appeared together on television, wrote video scripts together—even took part in an official music video! After they split up, Cole began seeing Lili Reinhart in 2017. In 2020, the two were rumored to have gotten engaged when photos were leaked of Lili wearing a diamond ring.

    As of 2021, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are still together (so far). Although there have been reports that the couple have “split,” recent photos have shown them getting close again and spending time together. At this point, we can’t conclusively say what their relationship status really is – but we hope that they can work things out!

    Is Cole Sprouse Dating Anyone in 2021?

    The short answer is that no one knows Cole Sprouse’s relationship status at the moment. He keeps his personal life close to his chest, so details about who he is or isn’t dating are sparse.

    That said, there has been speculation that the actor is currently dating model Lorene Scafaria since they have been spotted out together and have “liked” each other’s Instagram posts. It’s possible that these rumoured romances could be platonic, as well – after all, we can only speculate!!

    As of now, neither Cole nor Lorene have commented on any relationship publicly – so it looks like the world will just have to wait and see whether this potential love story blossoms into something more or not!

    Appearance at the Golden Globe Awards

    Cole Sprouse made a statement at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, rocking a classy all-black tux and showing his support for the Time’s Up movement. Though the actor didn’t walk any red carpets with a date, he was there to make an impact.

    When co-presenter Mariah Carey joked that she wouldn’t be his type of girl after scrutinizing his Instagram account, Sprouse just smiled and said he wasn’t dating anyone around the time of the awards ceremony. With no rumors of a new romance yet, it seems that Cole is single and ready to mingle!

    However, the actor has been seen out and about with model Kaia Gerber in recent weeks which has sparked speculation they may be an item. Cole even posted pictures with Gerber on Instagram over Valentine’s Day weekend! Fans will have to wait and see as this possible relationship continues to develop.

    Cole’s mysterious Instagram post

    Cole Sprouse triggered massive speculation when he posted a mysterious photo on his Instagram page. The image was of someone’s hands with tattoos, wearing a simple orange dress and black socks. Although Cole didn’t explicitly identify the woman in the photograph, it appears to be his girlfriend reina hardesty.

    The combination of the bright orange sleeve and Cole’s inclusion of three heart emojis sparked interesting conversations amongst his fans about its meaning. Many believe that the post is him hinting at their romantic relationship, which many fans have suspected since late 2020. It isn’t clear whether this was an intentional move to tease his fans or just a sweet post for Hardesty, but one thing is certain – it caused a stir amongst the internet!

    Considering how private Cole has been with his relationships in the past, this post is actually quite telling and could be seen as confirmation of their relationship status.

    Rumors of Cole and Kaia Gerber dating

    Rumors have been circulating all year that Cole Sprouse is dating the famous model, Kaia Gerber. Neither Cole or Kaia have ever talked openly about the rumors, but they have been spotted together several times throughout 2021. From enjoying romantic meals out in public to being photographed while holding hands, it’s pretty clear that these two are an item!

    But what do we know about their relationship? Are they just having some fun or do they actually have something serious going on? Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure yet. Both of them seem pretty tight-lipped about their personal lives, so it doesn’t look like we’ll get any confirmation from either of them anytime soon.

    Regardless of whether or not the rumors are true, one thing is for certain: Cole and Kaia definitely make a great couple!