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  1. Courteney Cox is currently dating the Snow Patrol frontman, Johnny McDaid. The couple got engaged in June of 2014 and have been together ever since. They often appear on each other’s social media accounts, expressing their love for one another. Cox also has a daughter, Coco, who is 14 years old, with her ex-husband David Arquette.

    Courteney Cox & her relationships

    Courteney Cox is an iconic American actress, best known for her roles in Friends, Scream, and Cougar Town. It is no wonder that the public is interested to know who she is dating!

    Throughout the years Courteney has had a couple of high profile relationships. She was married to actor David Arquette from 1999-2013. After their divorce she dated Brian Van Holt who starred as her husband on Cougar Town. That relationship ended after 6 years in 2015.

    Most recently, Courteney was linked to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, who she got engaged to in 2014 only to sadly call off the engagement just a year later in 2015. The pair have since rekindled their romance and are very much together today.

    Overview of her past relationships

    Courteney Cox is an American actress, director and producer who has been in the spotlight since her role in the hit TV series “Friends”. Although she is best known for her work on television, she has starred in a number of films over the years and recently made a comeback with a lead part in a new comedy show. But what people really want to know about Courteney Cox is who she’s dating currently, as well as all her past relationships .

    Courteney was previously married to David Arquette from 1999-2012, which produced their daughter, Coco. She also dated singer/actor Michael Keaton for two years before her marriage to Arquette. After that relationship ended, Courteney had a brief romance with musician Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz. She also briefly dated Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid and then Ian Copeland whom she was engaged to but never made it down the aisle.

    Currently however , there are no reports of Courteney being involved with someone romantically though time will tell if that changes!

    When did she start dating Johnny McDaid?

    Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid started dating in 2013. They first met at a party hosted by Ed Sheeran, though neither one anticipated that it would turn into something more. But in December 2013, McDaid flew all the way to Los Angeles to surprise her with an early Christmas present – a colorful blanket emblazoned with their initials – and they’ve been together ever since!

    The couple is known for having a strong connection, and they frequently share sweet messages on social media celebrating their love for each other. In June 2019, Courteney and Johnny finally tied the knot in a romantic ceremony held in Courteney’s back garden in Malibu. Since then, they’ve been seen out together showing off their affectionate bond as husband and wife!

    How have they been able to maintain their relationship?

    Courteney Cox and her boyfriend, musician Johnny McDaid, have been able to maintain their relationship for a few years now. The key to their success as a couple has been communication, mutual respect, and shared interests.

    The couple often talk about the same topics ranging from music and movies to politics. They also respect each other’s differing opinions about those topics, which keeps them talking and engaged in meaningful conversations.

    Cox and McDaid also have a great time together engaging in activities such as playing music together, taking trips to nature sites, going on hikes, or curling up with a good book at home. These fun hobbies bring the couple closer together by reminding them of why they fell for one another in the first place.

    In addition to communication and shared interests, Cox says there is something else that is important when trying to maintain a lasting relationship: love. With love comes understanding, patience, trust and loyalty—all qualities that are essential for any successful long-term partnership.

    What do other celebrities think of Cox’s latest relationship?

    It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to Courteney Cox and her latest relationship. Hollywood’s elite have had some very interesting reactions.

    A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry have all taken to social media to comment on the relationship. Aniston has even gone so far as to say that “it’s incredible to see someone you love happy.” Others have posted supportive messages for Courteney and her partner, Johnny McDaid.

    It’s always interesting to hear what other celebrities think of Courteney Cox’s love life. In this case, it appears that they are quite supportive of this new chapter in her life. It will be fascinating to see if any future relationships garner just as much attention and support!

    What is the future for Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid

    Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid have been together for almost six years and their relationship is going strong. They regularly share sweet photos and videos on their social media channels, showing off their love for one another. Although they may not be officially married yet, fans are already daydreaming about the future of this couple.

    It looks like these two could very easily go the distance. Rather than rushing into anything, they seem content to take the next steps in their own time without any pressure from anyone else. For instance, Courteney has openly admitted that she’s considering adopting a puppy with her partner! This would be a huge step in establishing them as a family unit.

    Additionally, since both Courteney and Johnny have quite successful careers, it’s clear that this is far more than just a casual fling or summer romance! The couple openly talks about taking occasional trips abroad to explore new places while also mentioning hopes of starting a family down the line at some point in the future. Overall, it seems like this adorable relationship has endless potential!