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  1. Dababy is currently dating singer DaniLeigh. The couple has been together since early 2020 and were even featured in Dababy’s hit song “Rockstar”. DaniLeigh is a Dominican-American singer, songwriter, dancer and model from Miami who gained notoriety for her single “Easy” featuring Chris Brown. She has been featured in music videos for the likes of Chris Brown, Meek Mill, YG and 6LACK. Her debut album ‘The Plan’ was released in June 2020, with features from Ty Dolla $ign, DaBaby, Wale and more. In addition to being a couple both professionally and romantically, the two also share a son named Prince Johnny Boyd Benjamin Jr., born in April 2021.


    Dababy (real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) is a rising American rapper and songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. His breakout single “Suge” became an unexpected hit in the summer of 2019 and propelled him to the forefront of music success.

    Since then, Dababy has gone on to become one of the most widely respected rappers in the industry. He has released numerous popular albums and singles, such as “Bop,” “Rockstar” and many more. He also made history by becoming the first act to simultaneously have three songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

    So who exactly is Dababy? He’s an up-and-coming artist with a penchant for crafting catchy hooks, inspiring lyrics and expert production, making him one of rap’s most promising stars – and he’s certainly someone worth keeping your eye on! As far as his personal life goes, there are rumors swirling that he’s currently dating model Dani Leigh.

    History of Dababy’s Prior Relationships

    Dababy has a colorful dating history, and it’s unclear who he is currently seeing. He was reportedly seen with Tori Hughes as recently as October 2020, but the two haven’t been seen together since.

    Before his current relationship status, Dababy had a few high-profile relationships with other celebrities. In 2018, he was briefly linked to rapper Kash Doll and singer Ayelina Collins. In 2019, he began a relationship with Blac Chyna after they were spotted out in Los Angeles. In late 2019, their romance fizzled out – right around the same time when rumors emerged of him dating internet personality Noah Beck. And then in early 2020, Dababy sparked another fling with rap phenom Nicki Minaj.

    It’s unclear who Dababy is currently single or what his relationship status is – so until we hear from him or see photos of him with someone else out and about, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement!

    Current Relationship Status

    Dababy is currently in a relationship with DaniLeigh. The two have been dating since 2020 and appear to be very happy together.

    The pair have not publicly revealed much about their relationship, however they have shown sweet moments on social media suggesting that they are serious about their love for each other. Despite their private nature, the couple looks incredibly happy together and many of Dababy’s fans see them as an inspiration.

    It seems that DaniLeigh has become part of the family as she can regularly be seen at Dababy’s side supporting him in his career endeavors and attending special occasions with his extended family. They are truly an inspirational couple and it looks like they are going strong!

    Potential Love Interests and Rumors

    Rumors have swirled around who Dababy is dating, as the popular rapper has kept his personal life fairly private. Recently, however, there have been whispers of a potential relationship with dancer and influencer Jalaah Moore. Dababy has been publicly displaying affection for her on social media, implying that there could be something serious between the two.

    Though the rumors haven’t been officially confirmed yet, many people speculate that they could be seeing each other. They met at a music festival in summer 2019 while performing together—and since then, they’ve remained close friends. But recently their exchanges on social media have led many to believe that they might be more than just friends.

    No one knows what will happen between these two going forward, but one thing’s for sure: If they do become an item, it would certainly attract lots of attention!

    Impact of Dating on Dababy’s Career

    The impact of dating on DaBaby’s career has been largely positive. Since he began dating Instagram model MemeGina, his audience reach has increased significantly due to her influence. Her loyal fan base—which already included several million followers—has helped to expand the rapper’s fanbase and boost his record-breaking streaming numbers.

    The couple has been spotted at public appearances, red carpet events, and award show performances in the last year, creating a buzz around them and drawing attention to DaBaby’s music. Furthermore, MemeGina has been seen promoting the rapper on her own Instagram account, as well as encouraging fans to follow him on social media for daily updates about new music releases and upcoming tour dates.

    Ultimately, although there are critics who would disagree; it appears that MemeGina has had a very positive overall impact on DaBaby’s career by increasing his visibility in both traditional and digital media outlets while also helping him make more profit from album sales and merchandise purchases.


    The conclusion to this question is that there is currently no confirmed answer as to who DaBaby is dating. While sources have reported DaBaby’s relationships with various women throughout the years, none of them have been publicly confirmed by either party, and DaBaby himself has remained silent on the matter. Despite speculation from fans and the media, it appears the true identity of his current partner may remain a mystery until he reveals it himself.