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  1. Derek Hough is currently dating Hayley Erbert. The pair were first spotted together in June 2015, and have since made multiple appearances on red carpets and Derek’s social media accounts.

    The couple shares a passion for dance, with Hayley being a professional dancer and instructor on Dancing With The Stars. They often perform together, sharing their love of dancing with the world.

    In addition to Hayley being Derek’s current girlfriend, she also occasionally writes blog posts for Derek’s website “I Am Becoming” and regularly appears on various television shows to accompany him such as Good Morning America, Access Hollywood Live, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Introduction: Who is Derek Hough?

    Derek Hough, born in 1985, is an American dancer, choreographer and actor who appears on ABC’s hit show “Dancing with the Stars”. With seven wins, he’s the show’s most successful professional dancer in history. He began dancing at age four and his career skyrocketed soon after. Hough has starred in many performances, including Radio City Music Hall’s 2008 Christmas Spectacular on Broadway and “Move Live On Tour” with sister Julianne Hough. As of 2021, Derek is still competing as a pro dancer on Dancing With The Stars.

    Aside from his esteemed career, Derek also has quite the romantic life – sparking conversation about who he is dating at any given moment. Although not much is known about his current relationships or love interests, Derek was previously engaged to Hayley Erbert until their split in November 2020.

    Overview of Derek Hough’s Past Relationships

    Derek Hough has been in the public eye for quite a while, so his dating history is certainly an interesting topic. Derek Hough’s early partners included Suzanne Somers, Cheryl Burke, and Ashley Tisdale, among others. His relationship with Cheryl Burke particularly gained a lot of attention in the media due to her professional dancing background.

    In 2015, Derek began publicly to date Hayley Erbert who was featured on the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars. He confirmed the status of their relationship in 2017 when his girlfriend posted about it on social media.

    Currently, however, Derek Hough is in a long-distance relationship with Jenna Johnson. They have proven that long distance relationships can work with frequent visits! Derek often travels from Los Angeles to Utah to spend time with her and videos and pictures shared on their respective Instagram accounts prove their connection!

    The Current Status of Derek Hough’s Love Life

    The current status of Derek Hough’s love life is that he is dating Hayley Erbert. The two have been happily going strong for the past four years, and in fact, the couple recently took a romantic vacation to Hawaii together just last year.

    Before dating Hayley, Derek had relationships with famous figures like Shannon Elizabeth and Cheryl Cole. As of 2020, however, he and Hayley are very happy in their relationship, even going so far as to gush about each other on social media.

    Despite his relationship with Hayley being long-term, Derek is not yet married or engaged. He has stated in interviews that marriage is something he would like to pursue one day, but for now he is simply enjoying spending time with his beloved partner while they are still young and carefree.

    Potential Suitors for Derek Hough

    Derek Hough has been single since 2019, and it looks like he might be looking for potential suitors. So who could Derek Hough date? Well, there are so many possibilities!

    For starters, Derek has shown an interest in stars like Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya Coleman. Both of these talented women exude beauty and class – exactly the type of woman that Derek would want to date! Additionally, other stars such as Lea Michele or Emma Roberts might make great potential love interests for Derek. If you know anything about these ladies, then you already know they can bring the drama and entertainment to any relationship. Plus they look beautiful with their fabulous hairstyles and impeccable makeup done just right.

    Of course, the possibilities don’t end with celebrities – we can’t overlook the artists, entrepreneurs, dancers (naturally) and athletes that Derek could potentially couple up with! With his open-mindedness and drive for adventure, this smooth operator has a diverse assortment of potential partners from all walks of life. Whatever route he takes future relationships will definitely have us on our toes.

    What Does the Future Hold for Derek Hough and His Love Life?

    The future looks bright for Derek Hough and whoever he may be dating. Derek is a beloved celebrity and has a huge fan base, so whatever relationship he is in is sure to make headlines and generate lots of buzz.

    As for what the future holds for Derek Hough and his love life, no one knows for sure. But one thing that is certain is that Derek loves to dance, travel and explore new experiences – both personally and professionally. He loves being around people who inspire him, so it’s likely that any potential relationship will have these qualities.

    One of the most appealing things about Derek Hough is his openness to different kinds of relationships. He recently stated in an interview that he doesn’t believe there should be any labels placed on relationships, so he seems open to exploring non-traditional ways of connecting with someone special. It’s clear that Derek values honesty and authenticity in relationships, whether they are romantic or platonic in nature.