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  1. At this time, it is unclear who Dominic Fike is currently in a relationship with. The rapper and singer is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life and has not publicly confirmed any romances. However, media outlets have speculated that he may be in a relationship with model Sigrid Bjerke. The pair have been seen together on several occasions and there has been much speculation about the nature of their relationship. That being said, neither party has commented on the reports or officially confirmed anything about the status of their relationship.

    Dominic Fike

    Dominic Fike is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper from Naples, Florida. He rose to fame with his single “3 Nights”, which won him a lot of recognition worldwide. He released his debut album What Could Possibly Go Wrong in 2020 and received critical acclaim from music critics.

    He is signed to the label RCA Records, where he continues to make music while networking with other hip-hop and trap acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone and Brockhampton. While continuing to work on his second studio album, he has also said that he would like to collaborate more with other artists. Other than making music, he spends time making videos for Instagram and playing video games on Twitch.

    Fike has been linked in the past to TikTok star Addison Rae but they both have denied any romantic involvement. So while fans claim they are dating – consider this rumor unsubstantiated!

    History of Dominic Fike’s romantic relationships

    Dominic Fike has had a few past relationships, one of which happened in 2018. That year, he was linked with model Kairi Doennig. Unfortunately, the pair eventually went their separate ways placed due to busy schedules and a lack of communication.

    In 2019, the rapper became romantically involved with singer Marina Diamandis. The couple moved in together late that same year, but unfortunately announced their split in July 2020. After rumors began circulating that Dominic was seeing someone else named Jessi Mason, he confirmed his relationship on social media in October 2020.

    At the moment, it seems like Dominic is very much committed to Jessi as they often share intimate photos together on Instagram. Some fans are even speculating that they may get engaged soon! It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for any further updates regarding this dynamic duo and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    Who is he dating currently?

    At the moment, Dominic Fike is currently rumored to be dating Cindy Kimberly. The couple first sparked romance rumors in April 2021 after they were spotted walking hand-in-hand during a Los Angeles outing.

    Fike and Kimberly have been spotted out and about several times since then, attending events such as the Grammys together. They also celebrated Valentine’s Day together with a kissy photo posted to Instagram.

    Although it appears that Fike and Kimberly are dating, neither of them has officially addressed their relationship. However, judging from their pictures together, it seems like a modern day fairytale!

    Past partners of Dominic Fike

    Dominic Fike has been linked to quite a few celebrity relationships over the years. His past partners include singer Madison Beer, King Princess singer Mikaela Straus, and tYler, the Creator’s collaborator Jaden Smith.

    Fike has also dated the songwriter Billie Eilish for a short period of time in 2018. One of his more serious relationships was with Shannon Beveridge, an Instagram star. They are said to have dated from 2017-2018 but eventually things didn’t work out and they went their separate ways.

    More recently Dominic Fike is reported to be single after breaking up with popstar Madison Beer back in 2020. It looks like Fike is looking forward to meeting new people and not limiting himself to any labels right now!

    Rumors about future relationships

    Rumors about future relationships involving Dominic Fike swirl constantly around the Internet. While nothing has been confirmed, there are several possible romance scenarios swirling around the music star.

    The first rumor is that he might be dating a famous Brazilian model known as Mirella Santos. Her Instagram looks to have connections to many key people in entertainment and it’s been suggested that Fike and Santos may already be an item.

    Another potential relationship rumor points towards singer DaniLeigh, who recently collaborated with Dominic on her song “Lil Bebe” off of her 2021 project The Plan. Though there hasn’t been any official confirmation, their chemistry in the music video led some fans to speculate that the two could have feelings for each other outside of their professional relationship.

    Only time will tell if the rumors had any factual foundation, but there’s no doubt that Fike and fans alike are anxious to find out more!