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  1. Dove Cameron is currently dating actor Thomas Doherty. They have been together since 2016 after meeting on the set of their Disney Channel show, Descendants 2. The couple first announced their relationship on Instagram in January 2017 and they have dated ever since.

    In April 2021, Dove and Thomas celebrated five years of being together with a sweet post from each. In September 2020, Dove opened up to People about how she aimed to keep her relationship private despite its Hollywood status. She said: “I think that our values were born out of no one watching us which is so unique… We’re are very luckily because we respect each other’s privacy.”

    The two stars often share posts about each other on social media and managed to still stay connected during quarantine via FaceTime and phone calls.

    Dove also has happily spoken about her bond with Thomas in various interviews including Cosmopolitan UK, where she discussed their low-key dates such as cooking dinners at home together or having movie nights by the fire pit in her backyard.

    Dove Cameron

    Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer best known for her starring role in the popular Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie.” She has also appeared on multiple films, such as “Descendants” and “Avengers: Endgame” as well as recordings of several music albums. Despite her fame, Dove’s private life remains relatively under wraps. So who exactly is Dove Cameron dating in 2021?

    At this moment, it appears that Dove is single. She was previously engaged to fellow actor Thomas Doherty until their split in November 2020. Since then, Dove hasn’t been linked to any other men publicly. So it looks like she’s taking a break from romance for now!

    Who is Dove Cameron Dating in 2021?

    As of 2021, Dove Cameron is currently in a relationship with actor Thomas Doherty. The pair began dating in the summer of 2016 and are still going strong, often sharing photos of their romantic trips together on social media.

    The couple has been incredibly open about their relationship and how much they care for each other, frequently gushing about it to their fans. In interviews with various media outlets, they have also talked about sweet things they do to make each other feel special.

    In addition to intertwining their acting careers, the pair also collaborates on music. They recently released a song called “We Belong” that was written to celebrate their relationship and all its wonderful moments over the years.

    History of Dove Cameron’s Relationships

    Dove Cameron’s love life over the years has been well documented, and she has had a few high-profile relationships in the past. She began dating fellow actor Ryan McCartan in 2013, but the two broke up in 2016 after three years together. However, they remain close friends and even have a duet album together titled “Voltage”.

    More recently, it was reported that Dove was dating Thomas Doherty, an actor who starred alongside her on the Disney Channel show “Descendants”. It is believed that the couple started dating in 2018, although neither of them has ever publicly confirmed the relationship.

    Regardless of whether she is single or not at the moment, one thing remains clear – Dove Cameron has experienced many ups and downs when it comes to relationships throughout her career and still continues to look for true love!

    How the Relationship with Current Partner Started if applicable

    Dove Cameron is currently in a relationship with Thomas Doherty, an actor from Scotland. The two first met in 2016 while shooting for their Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), Descendants 2.

    At first,Doherty claims to have been scared of Dove and even tried to avoid her on set as much as possible. However, as the relationship between their characters blossomed on-screen, things changed off-camera as well because they quickly realized that they shared a connection.

    The couple took some time to get to know each other before officially announcing their relationship in April 2017 on Dove’s Instagram page with an artsy black-and-white picture of the romantic duo enjoying their time together during a beachside evening. The caption was simple — “mine” —but it spoke volumes about the love that was already present in the budding relationship.

    Highlights from the Relationship

    Dove Cameron and her actor boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, have been together since 2016. Since then, they’ve had quite a few beautiful moments as a couple! Highlights include Dove sending around 500 roses to Thomas’ hotel room when he was away filming in the UK, which Thomas shared on social media with a sweet caption expressing his love for her.

    The two also attended the 2017 MTV VMAs together—their first red carpet appearance as a couple—and looked adorable in coordinating black outfits. Of course, there were also plenty of romantic getaways and cozy Instagram post over the years that they put up on social media showing clearly how much they’re in love.

    In 2020, Dove and Thomas celebrated their fourth anniversary by posting touching tributes to each other on Instagram. They even wrote each other open letters about how much the other person has impacted and changed their life for the better; it was definitely one of the most sappy and sweet anniversaries yet!


    After much news and speculation, it appears that Dove Cameron is currently single. Despite the fact that she recently announced a breakup on social media, no new relationship has been confirmed.

    It’s possible that the star is taking time for herself or focusing on her career. With so many rumors and speculation involving her love life, fans may never know what Dove Camerson’s dating status actually is! For now, fans can enjoy watching her in upcoming projects until she finally clarifies who she is or isn’t seeing in 2021.