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  1. EJ Johnson is currently in a relationship with his boyfriend, British entrepreneur Caleb Williams. The two started dating around 2020 and have been together ever since. Johnson often posts photos of himself with Williams on Instagram, expressing his love for the businessman. Johnson has also opened up about their relationship on his reality show, EJNYC.

    In EJNYC, viewers get to follow the life of Johnson and Williams, as they go through various ups and downs together. The show also focuses on how Johnson navigates his fame as reality star. Additionally, viewers get to take a glimpse into the couple’s home-life as they attend events together, travel around the world, and slay fashion trends while enjoying each other’s company.

    The pair have been praised by fans for their strong relationship and open communication with each other during difficult times. They inspire many people in the LGBTQ community to be open about their relationships and be proud of who they are and who they love despite societal pressures.

    EJ Johnson and his dating life

    EJ Johnson is an American television personality and fashion designer who is best known for being the son of NBA legend Magic Johnson. He also gained notoriety as a cast member on the hit reality TV show “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills”.

    In recent years, much attention has been given to EJ’s dating life. Since coming out as gay in 2013, he has been seen at various Hollywood events with his newfound friends and lovers. He seems to prefer high-profile A-list celebrities and appears to be in an open relationship, as he is often seen photographed with multiple partners. His most talked-about relationships have included model/actor Milan Christopher and fellow cast member Dorothy Wang.

    Background on past relationships

    EJ Johnson has had a few relationships since his first appearance in the public spotlight, most notably with actress Kyra Kennedy. The two were often seen together out and about, especially during New York Fashion Week events. Johnson also dated Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton for a short period of time.

    More recently, EJ Johnson has been linked to YouTube sensation Desmond Johnson. The two have been spotted out on numerous occasions and even attended events together, such as Halloween parties and red-carpet premieres. In addition to their public admirer dates, they have apparently developed quite a friendship behind-the-scenes as well.

    Although there have been many rumors surrounding the celebrity couple and their relationship status, they have managed to keep the details private. Neither EJ nor Desmond has commented publicly on the nature of their relationship—so it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store next!

    Rumored current girlfriends

    EJ Johnson has been rumored to be dating a few different women over the past few years. Sources close to him claim he is currently dating a model and singer named Sarah Merritt. They were seen out and about in Los Angeles together several times, sparking speculation that they were an item.

    Johnson has also been linked to reality TV star Morgan Stewart. The two were actually spotted at a restaurant holding hands, though neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship status publicly.

    Finally, EJ Johnson was reportedly connected to Lala Kent, who appeared opposite him on the MTV reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. While no one can say for certain if these two are actually an item or not, there’s definitely enough evidence to suggest that something is going on between them!

    How long the romance has been going on

    EJ Johnson’s relationship with his boyfriend was first revealed in early 2020. The couple made their relationship Instagram official just weeks later, and have been inseparable ever since. They’ve been spotted vacationing together and sharing sweet moments on social media.

    The romance has come up against some challenges, such as navigating a long-distance relationship between Los Angeles and New York City, but the pair seem to make it work quite well. They appear to be dedicated to each other and going strong, which will certainly please EJ Johnson’s fans who have been rooting for the couple since they first got together.

    What fans have in store for EJ’s wedding plans

    EJ Johnson has yet to publicly announce any wedding plans, but fans are already speculating what his potential union with rumored partner Vinny Marian may look like. From celebrities in attendance to the location of the ceremony, everyone is trying to get a sneak peek of the couple’s nuptials.

    Most fans seem to think the couple will opt for a warm weather destination wedding to make sure all their celebrity friends can attend without needing to hail from far away and miss out on the celebrations. Locations such as Miami and Jamaica are among many of the top contenders that have been floated by excited supporters.

    The invitation list is also filled with expectations and curiosity as many celebrity faces from different backgrounds have been brought up as possible attendees. Names such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Drake and Usher were among those mentioned in conversations about who might possibly be at EJ’s big day when it happens!