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  1. G Flip, real name Georgia Flipo, is a singer-songwriter from Australia. She is best known for her viral hit single “About You”. The 29-year-old has not publicly revealed who she is dating at the moment, but she was previously in a relationship with actor and director Jackson Gallagher until recently. Since then, she’s kept her private life lowkey and focused on music. On Instagram, Flipo regularly posts love-centric captions about growing as an artist and discovering herself.

    Introducing G Flip

    G Flip is an Australian singer, songwriter, and musician best known for her song “About You”. She rose to fame with her chart-topping debut single and has since graced the stage of some of Australia’s biggest festivals.

    G Flip has always been a passionate artist, using music as a way to express herself from an early age. Since then, G Flip has not only released several singles and two EP’s, but she also made her major-label debut in 2020 with her original album “About Us”.

    Though G Flip may be tight-lipped about who she’s dating, it appears that she’s currently single. However, one thing is for certain: G Flip puts all of her heart into creating music that speaks volumes about relationships, love and friendship – proving that no matter what state your romantic life may be in, there is always hope and comfort to be found in music that speaks the language of the heart.

    What Does G Flip Bring to the Music Scene?

    G Flip is bringing something fresh and new to the music scene. Her style blends together modern pop-rock with her own unique twist of electronic elements. With soaring melodic progressions, thumping basslines and an undeniable energy, G Flip’s sound stands out from the noise of trendy sounds that often flood the industry.

    Aside from her captivating sound, G Flip also brings an innovative stage presence and free expression that people of all ages can relate to. Unlike so many other artists, she takes risks in her performances, collaboration choices, and musical content–something both youngins and oldsters are inspired by. On top of that, her vibrant visuals also captivate us—from her unique stylings to equally wild dance moves—it’s no wonder she has become such a sensation overnight!

    Who is G Flip Dating?

    G Flip is an independent musician from Australia. She rose to fame with the release of her track, “About You,” that quickly became a viral hit in 2018. After gaining more recognition, G Flip went on to release an album titled, “About Us.”

    The question of who G Flip is dating has been circulating for quite some time now. Actually, as of 2021, there are still no official reports confirming if G Flip is dating or even in a relationship at all. In fact, the only thing we know for sure is that the artist prefers to keep her personal life very private and is usually not open about discussing it in public or on social media networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

    Although fans around the world can only speculate about who G flip may be dating at any given moment in time, one thing’s for sure – regardless of whom she may be interested at the moment – it certainly won’t stop us from appreciating her awesome music and incredible talent!

    What Is the Relationship History of G Flip?

    G Flip, also known as Georgia Flipo, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and drummer from Australia. She has seen professional success in her music career, with her single “About You” becoming an international sensation.

    But who is this amazing artist dating? G Flip has mostly kept her personal life private, but according to newspaper reports, she seems to be currently in a relationship.

    Reports have claimed that the musician is dating fellow Aussie musician Alex Waters. In October 2018, the couple made their debut public appearance on the red carpet at ARIA Awards Night in Sydney. Since then, they’ve been spotted together regularly.

    Before beginning her relationship with her current partner Alex Waters, G Flip was reportedly in relationships with a few other Aussie musicians such as Gordi and LANKS.

    Overall it looks like G Flip is happy in her current relationship and is deeply committed to Alex Waters!

    How Did G Flip Meet Her Partner?

    G Flip first met her partner, a fellow musician, through mutual friends back in 2018. After forming a deep connection over their shared love of music and being drawn to each other’s positive energy and ambition, the two embarked on a long-distance relationship. Despite the distance between them, G Flip made it work by regularly sending letters and packages as well as frequent FaceTime calls.

    Eventually, once G Flip’s career began taking off and she returned home from touring, the two could finally spend more time together in person. Though their love story has never been officially revealed by either party, it is clear that they have an incredible bond and respect for one another. This is evident not just in their own passionate interactions but also in her inspirational lyrics which are often inspired by her relationship struggles with her beloved partner.

    What Are Some Intimate Details about Their Relationship?

    G Flip is dating Australian drummer, Brett Oosterhuis. The couple first made their relationship public in April 2020, when G Flip posted a heartfelt message on Instagram about falling in love and being grateful for the people she has around her.

    Though open about their relationship to fans and followers, G Flip and Brett keep things relatively private, only sharing intimate details amongst their close circle of friends.

    However, it’s been revealed that the two lovebirds enjoy sharing stories with each other over a glass or two of red wine and they have made sure to set time asideto take regular romantic getaways together. They also share a passion for music–the duo often jam at home together and frequently attend live music gigs.