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  1. Gavin Casalegno is currently dating Russian radio and television personality Anna Nekhlyudova. They were first spotted together in August 2019 at an event in Los Angeles. It looks like things heated up quickly as Anna posted a picture of the two on their monthiversary celebration.

    The couple have since been spotted together celebrating New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. They can often be seen jet setting around the world, having romantic dinners out and enjoying beach days with friends. Most recently they got engaged during a romantic trip to Paris in March of 2021.


    Gavin Casalegno is a singer, songwriter, actor, and YouTube sensation known for his hit single “No Matter What”. He is currently living in Los Angeles and signed to Hollywood Records.

    In addition to his musical career, Gavin has been seen with several different girls over the last few years. It’s unclear who he is currently dating or what kind of relationship status he is in. Fans speculate that he might be single or perhaps could have a secret girlfriend. Rumors about him being in a committed relationship have been around for some time but there’s no official confirmation from Gavin or anyone close to him about this speculation.

    Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see where things go from here as far as his romantic life goes. As of now, all we can do is wait and see!

    Background and Early Life of Gavin Casalegno

    Gavin Casalegno is a legendary actor, director, and producer from the United States. He is known for his roles in various television series, films, and web series.

    He was born on August 19th, 1996, in Pennsylvania to Lori Casalegno and Greg Casalegno. He has an older brother named Nathan who is also an actor. Gavin attended a Catholic high school in Western Pennsylvania before graduating from university in California with a degree in Theatre Arts.

    Gavin started his career when he was just 14 after being cast as Young Jacob Black in the hit Twilight Saga film “New Moon”. He then went on to appear in further installments of the Twilight Saga before landing more major roles in TV shows such as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries.

    Relationship Status of Gavin Casalegno

    Gavin Casalegno is currently single, but reports have suggested that he may be in a relationship with actress/model Bruna Marquezine. The two were seen out together multiple times and sparked rumors of dating when they shared pictures on social media of the two together.

    It is unclear how serious the relationship is at this point, but it definitely looks like there could be romance blooming between them. However, both stars have yet to confirm or deny the relationship publicly so nobody knows for sure what’s going on between them. As more information comes out in the future, fans will be able to learn more about their mysterious relationship.

    Past Relationships of Gavin Casalegno

    Gavin Casalegno has been linked to several different women in his past. It’s been rumored that he dated singer Zara Larsson from 2016 to 2018, actress Hilary Duff from 2011 to 2013, and finally model Yolanda BroJavin during 2021. While Gavin tends to keep his relationships private, it seems as though all three women have shared fond memories of their time with the actor.

    In 2016, after meeting online, Larsson took to her social media accounts to publicly declare her love for Casalegno. Their relationship seemed solid until 2018 when it was reported that they had quietly ended things. There were never really any details into what caused their break-up but the two have remained amicable ever since.

    From 2011-2013 Casalegno was romantically involved with actress Hillary Duff before they both decided to go their separate ways due to busy schedules and conflicting interests. Then in 2021 previously mentioned model Yolanda BroJavin was seen out with the actor on a few occasions sparking speculation of a possible romantic involvement between them both. However, no official confirmation has ever been made by either party, leading many fans and admirers alike screaming ‘Team Golandi’!

    Current Partner of Gavin Casalegno

    Gavin Casalegno is currently in a relationship with model and reality star, Cara Delevingne. The two were first spotted together in December 2019 at an event in London and since then, their relationship has flourished. They often share pictures of themselves on social media, whether out for dinner or traveling together.

    Delevingne recently gushed about her relationship with Casalegno to Vanity Fair magazine saying that it was “honestly the most incredible thing ever.” She also discussed the importance of being comfortable with your significant other, saying that Casalegno “has been so supportive of me and I think it’s really important to have someone who you can really be yourself around, who won’t judge you or anything like that.” The couple seems to be very much in love and it looks like they have something very special going on!