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  1. Gemma Chan is reported to be dating a British actor/model named Dominic Cooper. The pair were first spotted together in March of 2019, and they have been photographed out and about several times since then. Judging by their social media, the two seem quite close, even occasionally appearing in each other’s Instagram posts. They also attended the 2019 Olivier Awards together, further suggesting that they are a couple. However, neither Gemma nor Dominic has publicly confirmed their relationship status.

    Gemma Chan

    Gemma Chan is a British actress and model who is making waves in Hollywood. She’s best known for her starring roles in Crazy Rich Asians, Captain Marvel, and Humans. Recently, Gemma has become the talk of the town thanks to her latest high-profile relationship with musician Jack Whitehall.

    Born in London, Gemma graduated from the University of Oxford with an honour degree in law. After that, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and moved to Los Angeles. In 2012, she was selected out of thousands to play Astrid Leong-Teo in the first all-Asian cast movie, Crazy Rich Asian. Since then, she has had major roles in an array of movies and television shows.

    When it comes to relationships, Gemma is currently dating comedian Jack Whitehall after they met while filming ‘The Gentlemen’ together that same year. Although they are rarely seen together in public due to their busy career schedules, rumors have been swirling about a possible engagement for months now!

    Overview of Gemma Chan’s dating history

    Gemma Chan has been wowing audiences worldwide with her acting chops since she first began working in television and film. But the actress is also known for her romantic relationships, whether they are with fellow actors or other celebrities. Over the years, Gemma Chan has dated a variety of people and here is an overview of Gemma Chan’s dating history.

    Gemma first started dating actor Chris Riley back in 2011 when they both starred in the British drama series Fresh Meat. They stayed together until 2015, when a few months after their break up, it was revealed that Gemma had entered into a relationship with Jack Whitehall, an English comedian and television presenter. The pair continued dating for four years before going their separate ways in 2019. Subsequently, Gemma has been linked to model Robert Sheehan until 2020 and it is widely believed that the two never officially dated – although sources from both sides claim otherwise!

    Who is she currently dating if applicable

    Gemma Chan is currently dating actor Jack Whitehall. The couple have been together since 2017, but have kept their relationship fairly low key.

    News about their relationship first broke in December 2019 when they were spotted out together in London. They made their official debut as a couple on the red carpet at the BAFTA awards in early 2020, and they have appeared together several times since then.

    While the two don’t discuss their relationship publicly, it appears that things between them are going strong. In April 2021 they were seen out shopping together in Los Angeles, and fans speculated that they may be getting engaged soon. They haven’t confirmed any engagement plans yet though!

    Details about the current relationship

    Gemma Chan is currently in a relationship with digital marketer, Jack Whitehall. They have been together since 2018.

    The duo has not married yet and it seems like they are taking their time to enjoy their relationship. Both of them have expressed unbelievable chemistry throughout the years and seem happier than ever before!

    The couple hail from different backgrounds – Chan is English, while Whitehall is English-Irish. Despite this fact, the two have gelled perfectly and appear in public events all over London together quite often.

    Currently, they are living and traveling across Europe together. From romantic getaways in Greece to grand celebrations in France, they never miss an opportunity to make lasting moments!

    How her relationship has affected her career and personal life

    Gemma Chan’s relationship with Dominic Cooper has had a positive effect on both her personal and professional life. The couple began dating in 2018 and have been together ever since.

    Being in a public relationship has given Gemma Chan better access to social networking sites and other media platforms, which has allowed her to increase her fan base and followers. This has enabled the actress to grow increasingly popular in the entertainment industry, leading to more opportunities than before.

    The relationship with Cooper also allows Gemma Chan to take control of her own happiness, as she no longer feels pressure from society or expectations of others. She is finally able to embrace who she is and express herself without feeling shy or anxious around people who might not understand her true self.


    The answer to the question, who is Gemma Chan dating, still remains unanswered. Gemma Chan has been tight-lipped about her romantic life and keeps it private. While there have been rumors over the years that she may be attached, none of them have been substantiated.

    Gemma Chan is an incredibly talented actress who has taken Hollywood by storm. As her career continues to grow and her fame increases, we may finally get to know who she’s dating in the future. Until then all that fans can do is speculate on who their favorite actress may or may not be dating!