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  1. Giada de Laurentiis has been in a relationship with Shane Farley, a TV producer and director, since 2013. The two first met when she hired him to produce her show Giada at Home in 2012, while they worked on the set together they eventually become romantically involved.

    The couple have now been dating for many years, are quite open about their relationship and often show some PDA on social media platforms such as Instagram an Twitter. They also post pictures and videos of their family life together, featuring their daughter Jade Marie (born in 2008), who Giada had with her ex-husband Thomas Smiley whom she divorced in 2003 after 11 years of marriage.

    Giada and Shane have not yet announced any plans to tie the knot, but they are happily committed to one another and live happily ever after!

    Giada de Laurentiis’ Career

    Giada de Laurentiis is an Italian-American television personality, celebrity chef and restaurateur. Born on August 22, 1970 in Rome, Italy, she has become a household name in the culinary world. As the daughter of professional actor and TV host Dino de Laurentiis, Giada began her career in 2001 as a food stylist for her father’s film productions.

    As a chef, Giada won the Grand Prize in The Next Food Network Star competition when she was 34 years old. She has since written cooking books for both adults and children and has appeared on various shows and series such as Everyday Italian, Giada at Home and Giada Entertains—all backed by the Food Network. Her schedule was further packed by regular appearances on morning talk shows such as NBC’s Today Show or Rachael Ray. Giada opened her own restaurant, GIADA Las Vegas at The Cromwell hotel in 2014 that showcases both traditional Italian recipes with modern influences stemming from Los Angeles where she currently lives.

    Details of Giada’s Personal Life

    Giada de Laurentiis has been married twice. First, she wed Todd Thompson in 2003, but the couple divorced in 2015. Giada then moved on with Shane Farley in 2017 and the two reportedly became engaged later that year. A wedding date has yet to be announced.

    In addition to her romantic relationships, Giada is a proud mother of her daughter Jade Marie; who was born in 2008 after Giada underwent IVF with an anonymous donor. Giada clearly adores her little girl, who can most often found accompanying Giada on set during filming or magazine shoots. When not busy filming or spending time with family, Giada enjoys all things food-related–which often involves frequent trips to Italy to visit her extended family and satisfy her craving for authentic Italian fare.

    Who is She Dating Now?

    Giada de Laurentiis is currently dating IT executive Shane Farley. They have been together since 2016 and their relationship seems to be going strong. The couple often posts photos of each other on social media, which usually garner lots of comments from fans who seem to approve of their romantic union.

    Apart from her relationship with Farley, it has also been reported that Giada was previously in a relationship with celebrity chef Todd Thompson. It had been believed that the pair dated for more than 10 years before finally deciding to part ways in 2014. There have been no reports of significant others since then, so Farley appears to be the latest in Giada’s list of romantic partners.

    Overall, Giada has enjoyed quite successful relationships with both Thompson and Farley and they are still good friends today despite the breakups.

    Impact of the Relationship on Giada’s Career

    Since her relationship with Shane Farley started in 2015, Giada de Laurentiis has continued to build upon her success as a renowned chef and television personality. Her Canadian-born boyfriend is an Emmy-award winning producer who has worked on top shows like “The Ellen Show” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, among others.

    Shane has been an invaluable resource for Giada both personally and professionally. He’s incredibly supportive of her career which allows her to pursue the dreams that she sets out for herself while keeping their relationship strong. His experience in the entertainment industry helps Giada to secure deals and advance her career, something that would be difficult to achieve on its own.

    Simply having Shane by her side at public events improves Giada’s level of confidence and trust – both attributes necessary when working with high profile celebrities who want only the best quality service. The couple also use this time together to showcase how dynamic they are personally and professionally, further building up their brand identity as a power couple in Hollywood.

    The Couple’s Journey Together So Far

    Giada de Laurentiis and Shane Farley have been together since 2015, and it’s been quite the journey.

    They first met when they were working on a project together in Los Angeles. They hit it off immediately and started dating shortly after that.

    Their relationship moved quickly; they reportedly got engaged shortly after meeting each other. But just one year into their engagement, Giada announced that she and Shane had split up to work on themselves; but they still stayed close friends until eventually reconciling in 2017 and becoming an official couple once again.

    Since then, the couple has been regularly spotted out-and-about looking super happy – there was even a report back in 2018 of them celebrating their upcoming nuptials by having dinner with a photographer who specializes in weddings! Although no wedding has yet taken place, we’re confident that the pair are happier than ever and will eventually walk down the aisle together.