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  1. Hannah Ann Sluss is currently dating Madison Prewett who is an alum from the 23rd season of ‘The Bachelor’. The couple met in early 2020 and were formally introduced through a mutual friend which quickly lead to love and romance.

    Hannah Ann had quite a roller coaster ride during the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, first getting engaged to Peter Weber, then breaking up shortly afterwards. During the live finale for this past season of ‘The Bachelor’, Hannah and Madison reunited after Hannah saw her ex-fiance Peter appear with ex-contestant Madison.

    Now, it seems like they’re pretty serious as they’ve already taken romantic getaways together while each also visiting each other’s family in their hometowns. We look forward to seeing what happens next with these two!

    Hannah Ann and her history in the public eye

    Hannah Ann Sluss is an American model and reality TV star from Knoxville, Tennessee. She first stepped into the public eye in 2020 after making it to the finals of ABC’s hit reality show The Bachelor. Since then, she has made several other appearances on the show, including a stint as a guest on The Bachelorette.

    Though contestants typically switch between shows, Hannah Ann’s popularity grew with her time spent on the show and fans have become increasingly interested in her personal life. Nowadays viewers wonder: who is Hannah Ann dating?

    In addition to being a popular reality TV personality, Hannah Ann is also an Instagram influencer with over 1 million followers. Her posts are generally full of glamorous shots from shoots and vacations around the world. Although she keeps her private life close to her chest, she occasionally posts updates about significant others or activities with friends which hints at who might be in her life romantically.

    Who she has been previously linked to

    Hannah Ann has a history of dating high-profile Hollywood personalities. She was previously linked to Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams and former Bachelor Nick Viall. Most recently, rumors were circulating that she was dating actor and singer Chris Brown, who she commented on an Instagram post saying “love you.”

    While the relationship status between Hannah Ann and Chris Brown is currently uncertain, it’s undeniable that the two have been enjoying some romantic time together during their getaways. Most recently, they made headlines with a PDA session spotted at Disney World.

    In addition to her celebrity beaus, Hannah Ann also has a long list of friends in the entertainment industry such as fellow Bachelor cast members Tyler Cameron and Blake Horstmann as well as Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Corey Gamble and Baywatch actor David Charvet.

    Rumors surrounding her and the recent man in her life

    Hannah Ann is a reality star whose personal life has been in the news for some time. Recently, rumors about Hannah Ann and a new man in her life have been running through the rumor mill. Reports suggest that Hannah Ann has been seen out and about with this mysterious man on several occasions and that they’re very sure of each other.

    It’s unclear who this man is, but reports say he’s a successful entrepreneur from Los Angeles and that he’d be more than happy to enter into a committed relationship with Hannah Ann. However, neither of them has confirmed their relationship status yet.

    No matter what happens in the end, Hannah Ann continues to make headlines with her dating life. With all these rumors swirling around, this will certainly be an interesting story to follow!

    Who is this mystery person?

    The mystery person that Hannah Ann is dating is professional sleight of hand magician, Harry Houdini. Yes, you read that right—the world-famous illusionist from the 1900s!

    Interestingly enough, it appears as though this unlikely pair found love due to their shared passion for magic tricks. In an interview conducted by People Magazine, Hannah Ann revealed that they initially met on stage while performing a trick together and instantly connected over their mutual love for creating illusion.

    Since then, the couple has openly supported each other’s work and frequently post pictures on Instagram of magical antics they’ve been up to. Who knew such a romantic story could come out of an unlikely combination?

    What sources report they are dating?

    After stunning fans with the quick end to her engagement to former Bachelor star Peter Weber, rumors have been swirling that Hannah Ann Sluss is now dating an NFL player. According to multiple sources including E! News, UsWeekly and People Magazine, Hannah Ann is currently in an exclusive relationship with Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

    On May 5th 2020, both Tannehill and Sluss posted photos on their Instagram stories from a dinner date at Blue Moon Waterfront Grille in Nashville, essentially confirming the news that they were dating. Additional sources have backed up this news with claims that the couple has been seen out together on multiple occasions and are known to be seen enjoying outdoor activities like kayaking and going for walks.

    Although neither party has officially confirmed anything just yet, there is plenty of media attention suggesting that Sluss and Tannehill are indeed an item.