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  1. Sean Hannity is currently in a relationship with Jill Rhodes, an American political columnist. Hannity and Rhodes have been together since 1993 and are now married. They have two children together, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly. They live on Long Island in New York. Prior to his relationship with Rhodes, Sean Hannity was in a long-term relationship with a former fiancé of then Fox News employee Alan Colmes.

    Sean Hannity

    Sean Hannity is a popular political talk show host, author, and conservative commentator. He is perhaps most well-known for hosting his own radio program, The Sean Hannity Show, and the Fox News Channel show Hannity. Over the years, he has become one of the most widely recognized figures in politics and has made countless media appearances on various major networks. Aside from his broadcasting career, he is also actively involved in politics on a grassroots level and served as an advisor to several Republican presidents.

    Outside of his professional career, Sean Hannity is also active in his personal life. In fact, over the years, he has been linked with a number of romantic partners – though that hasn’t stopped him from dedicating himself to his family and friends. So who exactly is Sean Hannity dating? Unfortunately that isn’t quite clear yet and it may remain unknown for some time as the media tends to stay quiet when it comes to news about Sean’s private life. Nevertheless, sources have confirmed that at present he is not dating anyone but that could change any day now!

    Background on relationship with Parkinson

    Sean Hannity is currently in a relationship with Ainsley Earhardt. The couple have been dating since 2019 and have kept the relationship relatively private.

    Rather famously, however, Sean Hannity has also had a past relationship with Georgia native Jill Rhodes. Rhodes worked as a correspondent for Fox News from 1995 until 2017, when she retired and returned to Alabama. The pair were together for many years before their split in 2013.

    Hannity’s more recent relationship is with former co-host of “Fox & Friends,” Kimberly Guilfoyle– whom he began dating in 2018 according to People Magazine. In 2020, reports emerged that the pair had begun traveling together after participating in events like “NRA conventions and campaign fundraisers.” After public recognition of the couple’s budding romance began to grow though, it ended abruptly by the months close; ostensibly due to Guilfoyle’s termination from Fox News mere weeks prior due to allegations of misconduct.

    Details about their wedding

    Sean Hannity is currently married to former journalist and businesswoman, Jill Rhodes. The couple tied the knot in January of 1993 after meeting in 1992 when Sean was an anchor for WVNN radio station in Alabama.

    Their wedding was a small and intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends. They chose an outdoor setting with beautiful elevated grounds surrounded by picturesque greenery, providing a peaceful atmosphere for their special day. During the ceremony, a live hawk was released from its holding perch alongside a dove that symbolized the bond of loving commitment between Sean and Jill that carried away on the wind – creating not only an emotionally powerful moment but also one steeped in symbolism about their union between two individuals as one.

    Following the ceremony, guests partook on a wonderful feast provided by caterers while enjoying delectable cupcakes decorated with pink ribbon accents offered as party favors to commemorate the lucky couple’s eventful occasion complete with congratulatory messages written by each guest accompanying it.

    Explanation of how they met and got together

    Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes first met in 1992, when Hannity was working in radio in Georgia. They shared common interests in politics and current events, with Rhodes having been a freelance political correspondent for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the time. The couple started dating shortly thereafter, eventually marrying in 1993.

    Today, almost 30 years later, Sean and Jill are still happily married! When not on the air, they spend their time enjoying family activities with their two children (born in 1998 and 2003), as well as attending church services every week. Despite both experiencing successful careers separately throughout the years – with Rhodes having served as an executive editor at The Alabama Chronicle – they consider family to be their top priority and have worked hard to achieve balance between home life and professional commitments.

    Interviews with friends and family members

    When it comes to finding out who Hannity is dating, interviews with friends and family members will be essential. After all, close personal relationships are invaluable for obtaining answers about a potential spouse for Hannity.

    While interviewing these close friends and family members of Hannity, ask them questions about specific partners or consider finding out if he is in a committed relationship currently. It’s important to remember that this could be an awkward time for those being interviewed; so remain considerate and kind at all times during the process.

    Also inquire about Hannity’s personality too – does he have any strong preferences when selecting romantic partners? Getting his loved ones’ perspectives can help you determine if there is someone new in Hannity’s life that has caught his attention recently!

    Social media posts from the couple

    One of the best sources for finding out who Sean Hannity is dating is through his and her social media accounts. Both Sean and his significant other post pictures and stories that provide insight into their relationship.

    Hannity’s Instagram frequently features pictures of the couple spending time together, whether they are on vacation, attending events, or just having dinner together. The captions of these posts often give clues to how long they have been dating, their shared interests and hobbies, or even mention a loving nickname.

    On Hannitiy’s Twitter account you will see retweets of articles about their relationship as well as funny quips about each other. His tweets also provide information about important dates in the couple’s timeline such things as ‘Our 3rd year anniversary’ or ‘Happy Birthday (Insert Name Here).’

    By monitoring the couple’s social media posts closely you can quickly find out who Sean Hannity is dating!