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  1. Jamie Foxx is currently in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Katie Holmes.

    The couple have apparently been together for about two years now, but were previously quite secretive about their romance.

    The pair first sparked rumors of a possible relationship back in August 2019 when they were spotted dancing together at a Hollywood party. In November 2019, the couple confirmed their relationship by walking hand-in-hand in New York City and going on vacation together to Mexico.

    Since then, the couple have been spotted spending time together traveling around France, as well as hosting dinner parties at each other’s homes. They are often seen out and about enjoying lunch or dinner dates, or attending sporting events or concerts together.

    Introducing Jamie Foxx’s Romantic Life

    Jamie Foxx is a renowned actor, singer, and comedian. He has starred in numerous hit movies and often appears on the red carpet with well-known celebrities. In recent years, most of the attention Foxx gathers is not related to his career accomplishments but rather to his romantic life.

    Foxx can often be seen with stunning women when he’s out on the town or at major events such as award ceremonies. Although many people have speculated about who Jamie Foxx might be romantically involved with or dating, he hasn’t opened up much about his love life in public.

    He has mentioned that dating can often distract from work and admitted that in some cases couples need different space from each other which ultimately leads to split-ups. However, no matter the situation, it seems like Jamie Foxx is always looking for something new and unique to inspire him both professionally and personally which includes finding someone special for a romantic relationship too!

    From Past to Present: A Brief Summary of Jamie Foxx’s Relationships

    Jamie Foxx has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest stars over the years. Here is a brief overview of his relationships from past to present:

    Foxx’s first public girlfriend was an actress named Garcelle Beauvais who he dated on and off for three years beginning in 1996. They eventually split for good, due to alleged infidelities.

    His next major relationship came with actress and singer Kiddi Murphy, who he began dating in 2001. They reportedly were engaged at one point, but once again ended their relationship due to cheating rumors.

    He also had other short-term and rumored relationships with Meagan Good, Isla Fisher, and Stacey Dash during this time.

    Most recently, Foxx has been linked to model and entrepreneur Sela Vave since 2019. There have been conflicting reports on their romantic status, however Foxx did post a video of the two looking very cozy in December 2019 on social media platforms.

    Who Is He Dating In 2021?

    Jamie Foxx is currently single and not in a relationship. However, he has had several high-profile relationships throughout his career.

    Back in 2013, Foxx was dating Katie Holmes for several years before their split in 2019. This followed other romances from the actor with actresses like Vivica A. Fox and Meagan Good.

    Foxx has been linked with singer Sela Vave, but it’s unclear if they are an item or not. In 2021, the actor told reporters that he was “not really interested” in finding someone to date yet, which suggests that he may be taking some time out from any kind of serious romance.

    What We Know About the Women in His Life

    Jamie Foxx has certainly been making headlines lately with regards to his love life. So what do we know about the women he is dating? Here is a closer look…

    The most recent woman that Jamie has been linked to is singer Sela Vave. With her powerful vocals and modern look, Sela takes Jamie’s breath away – literally! She was spotted in early August of 2020 performing with him while they both held hands, indicating they may be more than friends.

    Other relationships include model and entrepreneur Kristin Grannis and Katie Holmes who were rumored to be dating in the later part of 2019. He also had a long-term relationship with actress Garbriella Union that ended in 2018 when their personalities weren’t meshing.

    Currently, there’s no solidified news on if he and Sela are officially an item but its clear these two have something special going on between them whenever they’re together.

    How Does Jamie Foxx Balance Work and Love?

    Jamie Foxx is a master at balancing work and love. He understands that a busy career comes with certain demands, but he makes sure to set aside time for his family and loved ones.

    Foxx first seems to prioritize his work, often maintaining a grueling schedule that requires him to be in two or three places simultaneously. But despite the never-ending list of projects, he always finds small windows of downtime when he can squeeze in activities with family and friends.

    In terms of romance, it looks like Foxx doesn’t take shortcuts. He has managed to keep things steady with Katie Holmes since 2013 with little fanfare, despite the long distance between them. According to multiple sources, they both make it a point to meet up regularly – alternating cities and even countries whenever possible – just so they can stay connected and keep their spark alive. They also both manage five kids between the ages of 8-12 years old, so clear communication is key for this couple!