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  1. Jana Kramer is currently in a relationship with former NFL linebacker, Michael Caussin. The couple began dating in 2014, and have been happily together since then. They have gone on to marry each other and have two children together, John Caussin and Jolie Caussin. Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin have also released a memoir about their story as a couple titled “The Good Fight”, which was released in 2019. Furthermore, the couple has also made joint appearances on major talk shows such as Ellen DeGeneres’s show. The two are committed to making their relationship strong by facing its challenges head on, while learning from each other’s perspectives.

    Jana Kramer and her career

    Jana Kramer is an American country pop artist, actress and television host. She is currently best known for her starring roles on the hit CW show One Tree Hill, the series Nashville and recurring roles on Scrubs and Entourage.

    Kramer began singing at the young age of 10 and released her first single at 18. After gaining notoriety in the music industry, she went on to pursue acting where her career skyrocketed.

    Kramer has gone on to release four studio albums, with much success on several of the tracks. On top of that, she’s also won awards such as Top New Female Artist upon joining the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2012 and has even been nominated for a People’s Choice Award for favorite Dramatic TV Actress due to her performance on One Tree Hill from 2014-2016.

    Overview of Jana Kramer’s past relationships

    Jana Kramer is a 37-an actress, singer and reality TV star. She is most famous for her role as Alex Dupre on the television show “One Tree Hill”, and has also released three country albums.

    Kramer was married to actor Johnathon Schaech from 2010-2011, and subsequently involved in a two year relationship with BrantleyGilbert which ended in 2014. On August 22, 2015, she married country star Michael Caussin, who she had been dating since late 2014.

    Then followed their up-and-down marriage: Two miscarriages, alleged affairs on both sides, separations and reconciliations. After more than four years of marriage—six years together—they finally made the decision to part ways in April 2020.

    Jana Kramer’s current partner and dating history

    Jana Kramer is currently dating Michael Caussin, an NFL player. The couple started dating in 2014 and they currently have two children together.

    But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Jana. She has had a few relationships prior to Michael. Jana was previously married to actor Johnathon Schaech from 2010-2011, and she also dated singer Brantley Gilbert from 2012-2013.

    Despite having some rocky relationships in the past, Jana seems very happy with her current partner, Michael. They are committed to each other and raising their kids together, and there’s no indication that the relationship is on the rocks anytime soon!

    Highlights from the couple’s relationship

    Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin have been together since 2014. It hasn’t been easy, as they’ve experienced plenty of tough moments. But despite the ups and downs, they’ve stuck it out through their journey and their bond is now stronger than ever.

    The couple first met while attending a party and quickly hit it off. They got engaged shortly after and then generally kept their romance away from the spotlight until their wedding in 2015. After their wedding, the pair welcomed two children: son Jace in 2016 and daughter Jolie in 2018.

    In 2020 Jana Kramer opened up about her relationship with Mike Caussin on her podcast Whine Down With Jana Kramer, discussing the difficulties she had faced throughout their courtship and marriage due to his infidelity early in their relationship. Throughout these trying times, the couple leaned on each other for support and eventually overcame this obstacle to strengthen their bond even more.

    Nowadays, they are living happily together with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

    Jana Kramer’s views on relationships and love

    Jana Kramer has said that she believes relationships should be all about communication and understanding each other’s needs. To her, it’s not just romantic love but an emotional investment as well.

    In a recent interview, she said, “I think it’s really important to be able to have the tough conversations when needed, especially in a relationship. Being able to talk through things with your partner is essential.” She goes on to explain that although her ideals may not align with everyone else’s expectations of what makes a successful partnership, it works for her.

    Kramer also believes that love isn’t necessarily related to commitment — or lack thereof — but rather has more to do with taking the time to cultivate true and lasting feelings for another person. This view has helped her gain insight into her own relationships over the years and recognize the type of connection that works best for her.