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  1. Janet Jackson is currently dating businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Wissam Al Mana. They were engaged in 2012 and married the same year.

    The couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Eissa Al Mana, in January of 2017. Sadly, the couple divorced in April of 2017 after just five months of marriage.

    Jackson has previously been linked to several other entertainers and prominent figures, including Rene Elizondo Jr., Jermaine Dupri and rapper Q-Tip.

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson is an iconic American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. She is the youngest of the famous Jackson musical family and is one of the biggest pop stars in music history. With over 160 million records sold worldwide, Janet has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and more.

    Janet is also a highly sought-after collaborator and producer. She has collaborated with numerous influential artists such as R&B group Blackstreet, Missy Elliott and rapper Busta Rhymes. Janet has also released several successful albums throughout her storied career that have spawned multi-platinum singles including “All For You” and “Someone to Call My Lover.”

    Despite all of these achievements, perhaps the most important question on everyone’s mind today is who is Janet Jackson dating? As it turns out, she’s been reported to be quietly dating music producer Jermaine Dupri since 2017.

    Overview of Janet Jackson’s Relationship History

    Janet Jackson has been in quite a few relationships in the past. She was once married to singer James DeBarge in 1984, but the union was annulled after two months. After that she went on to date dancer/choreographer Rene Elizondo Jr., which lasted nine years before they separated in 2000. She then dated businessman Wissam Al Mana for six years before marrying him in 2012, although the couple later divorced in 2017.

    Most recently, Janet Jackson is dating real estate developer and businessman Jermaine Dupri. The two were first spotted together at an event together in March 2019 and have since been spotted out and about regularly – with Dupri even joining Jackson on tour as her special guest! Janet Jackson has made it clear that Dupri is very special to her, often taking to social media posts shoutouts of love and affection for him.

    Research on Who She is Currently Dating

    Janet Jackson has been the topic of great speculation regarding the personal life and her current love interests. Researching who she is currently dating can provide some interesting clues into the identity of this mysterious man.

    The most reliable information on Janet Jackson’s current partner can be found through social media and publications. Websites such as Twitter, Instagram, People Magazine and Variety all have stories of her current relationships, including interviews with both Janet and anyone she is currently seeing. It is also possible to research articles mentioning recent outings or public appearances that may give a clue as to who Janet is dating at any given moment.

    Researching news stories in particular can offer up solid evidence if any professional journalists or bloggers were able to land an exclusive interview with either Janet or her current flame. Ultimately, pieces from trusted sources like these are the closest thing we will get to confirmation about who Janet Jackson is currently dating.

    How the Relationship Developed

    Janet Jackson and her current boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana, have been in a relationship since 2009. Originally from Qatar, Al Mana is a successful businessman and entrepreneur with interests that span real estate and retail.

    The couple started their relationship after being introduced by a mutual friend in 2008. It wasn’t until 2010 that their relationship became more serious, and in 2012 they quietly married.

    In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child together, son Eissa Al Mana, who turns three this year. The couple appears to be happily married and living together in London with Eissa as part of their happy family.

    Throughout their many years together, Janet and Wissam have been linked to numerous charitable causes including the Janet Jackson Fund which helps support children’s education around the world via UNICEF USA. They also launched a health collection through Amazon Smile which donates a portion of proceeds to charity. The two were also recently appointed UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassadors in 2019, further cementing their commitment to bettering the world!

    The Pros and Cons of Their Relationship

    Janet Jackson and her boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana, have been in a relationship since 2010. The couple quietly kept their relationship under wraps until the announcement of Jackson’s pregnancy made headlines in 2016. Since then, they have shared a few candid moments and romantic vacations looks with fans throughout social media outlets.

    Despite being such a private couple, there are some pros and cons to their 14 year long relationship. The biggest plus about this “power couple” is that both Jackson and Al Mana respect each other’s needs for attention and privacy. This allows them to share sweet moments without any judgment from outside sources.

    On the other hand, their elite lifestyle may have caused them to lose out on fleeting memories together – as moments like these tend to pile up during normal relationships but not for those jet-setting celebrities who focus more on work than pleasure. Additionally, balancing both of their successful career paths worldwide can prove quite challenging when it comes to spending quality time together if they are scheduling is tight and demanding.