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  1. Jason Derulo is currently dating model Jena Frumes. The couple has been in an on-again and off-again relationship since 2019. In 2021, they announced their engagement!

    Frumes is a model, businesswoman and Instagram influencer from California who boasts 5.2 million followers — not quite as many as Derulo’s whopping following of 29 million.

    Before Frumes, Derulo was linked to Daphne Joy, a model with over 2 million Instagram followers. They first sparked romance rumors in 2016 and split after eight months together.

    He was also briefly linked to Venezuelan actress Marían Abigail Catalogo Matos, who starred in the 2017 film Pure Essence — but the two never confirmed or denied their rumored romance at the time.

    Prior to that relationship, Derulo had a long-term relationship with Jordin Sparks, whom he started dating in 2011 after collaborating together on several songs. The pair split amicably nearly three years later in 2014 after sparking marriage rumors when they both shared matching diamond rings the summer before their breakup.

    Jason Derulo

    Jason Derulo is a multi-talented musician, dancer, and actor with a successful career that spans over a decade. He made his Billboard chart debut with his 2010 hit single ‘Whatcha Say’, and has since gone on to have multiple albums including the 2018 album ‘2Sides’. His single ‘Want To Want Me’ reached number one in five countries, making it one of the most successful singles of all time.

    But Jason isn’t just talented in music—he’s also an incredible dancer. Derulo studied under legendary dance instructors such as Debbie Allen and Shane Sparks and he puts on electrifying shows around the world whenever he takes the stage. And if you’ve ever seen one of his videos, then you know how great—and famous—his moves are!

    Now that we’ve given an introduction to Jason Derulo, let’s answer the question: Who is Jason Derulo dating? It turns out he’s been linked romantically with singer Jordin Sparks from 2010 to 2014 and model Daphne Joy from 2015 to 2016. Currently it seems like there’s no special someone for Jason, but that doesn’t stop fans from wondering who will be lucky enough to snag him!

    Background on his dating history

    Jason Derulo is one of today’s hottest music stars, and his relationships have often been the focus of media attention. Over the years, he’s dated some high profile women including fitness model Daphne Joy, pop superstar Jordin Sparks and dancer/model Julie H Pindera.

    Derulo and Joy split in 2016 after two years of dating. Before Joy, Derulo dated Jordin Sparks for three years from 2011 to 2014. The pair inspired each other throughout their relationship—Sparks wrote a song about him on her album Right Here Right Now and it was reported that he dedicated the track “Marry Me” off his Talk Dirty Album to her.

    Prior to that, Derulo had what many referred to as a “fling” with dancer/model Julie H Pindera in 2012 while on tour promoting his first two hit albums—Just Dance and Future History. Pindera caught eye-catching media attention when photos emerged online of them making out at a party thrown by one of Derulo’s sponsors at Trump Tower Chicago in 2012.

    The rumors around who he is currently seeing

    Many rumors are circulating about whom Jason Derulo is dating. Some say he is currently seeing Jena Frumes, a popular Instagram model and television presenter. The two were spotted together at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards in August. In addition, they have posted numerous pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts since then.

    Another rumor floating around is that Jason Derulo might be dating the singer Ty Dolla Sign. The two were seen spending time at the beach together in June and when interviewed afterward, neither denied the speculation that they had something going on.

    Finally, some are speculating that Jason might also be dating someone else behind closed doors. Although no one knows who this mystery person is or if there is any truth to these rumors, we can only speculate until Jason Derulo decides to come out and make an official statement!

    Details of the recent Instagram posts with Jena Frumes

    Recently, Jason Derulo has been romantically linked to model and Instagram influencer Jena Frumes. Many were surprised, as this relationship came out of the blue. But it appears that the two of them have become quite close, based on their respective Instagram posts.

    In just the past few days, Jason and Jena have posted multiple pictures together on their social media accounts. They seem to be having an amazing time with each other in exotic locations around the world: from the beach in Miami to a yacht trip in Italy.

    It’s clear that these two are totally smitten with each other! From loving captions to hugs and kisses featured in their photos, they both appear head-over-heels in love. If this isn’t enough indication, there are even fan theories circulating online suggesting that marriage may be in their near future! Whatever happens next for Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes, we wish them all the very best.

    What’s next for Derulo and Frumes?

    Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes have been dating since 2019 and it looks like they’re still going strong! It’s hard to tell what the future holds for the famous celebrity couple, but if their past is anything to go by, we can expect a lot of blissful events in their relationship.

    The couple celebrated with an engagement party at Derulo’s house earlier this year, so marriage could be on the horizon. For now, however, they seem content with continuing their relationship as it is and have no plans to tie the knot just yet.

    No matter what comes down the road for this popular pair, fans can definitely expect a lot more social media PDA from them in the years to come. In addition, Derulo has hinted that he may even create music about his relationship with Jena – a sure sign that things are going strong between them!