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  1. Jennifer Hudson is currently dating David Otunga, Jr. They have been together since 2008, and got engaged in September of 2008. They welcomed their first child, a son named David Daniel Otunga, Jr., in August of 2009.

    Otunga is an attorney and former professional wrestler who competed in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the ring name “David Hart Smith”. The couple have been married since November 2015, but are rumored to be heading towards a divorce as they have not yet publicly confirmed the status of their relationship.

    Jennifer Hudson

    Jennifer Hudson is an American singer, actor and philanthropist. She gained fame in the hit show “American Idol” back in 2004 and has since gone on to have a successful career as an actor and singer. Herself a winner of a Golden Globe award and multiple Grammy awards, she is no stranger to the spotlight.

    What few know about Jennifer Hudson, however, is her personal life. As of 2021, it’s reported that she is dating musician David Otunga with whom she shares her 8-year-old son David Jr. The couple have been together since 2007 and even got engaged in 2008 but no wedding date has been set yet. In addition to her relationship with David Otunga, Jennifer has two other children from previous relationships–sisters named Rani Rose and Lila Rose.

    Not only is Jennifer Hudson well known for her talent and success in the entertainment industry; she also continues to do charitable work around the world as part of her philanthropic efforts.

    Who is She Dating?

    Jennifer Hudson is currently in a relationship with David Otunga, a television personality and retired professional wrestler. The couple has been together for over a decade now and got engaged in September of 2008. They have one son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., born in August 2009.

    Hudson and Otunga have remained very private about their relationship throughout the years, only speaking out here and there in small interviews or when asked by paparazzi. While they have never been married, they have referred to each other as husband and wife informally on many occasions.

    There are no reports that the couple has broken up or are on the verge of doing so anytime soon. They appear very happy together, even through complex celebrity life’s events like award shows and red carpets!

    Relationship Timeline

    Although Jennifer Hudson tends to keep her personal life mostly private, we do know that she has been in several relationships over the years. It all started back in 1999 when she began a romantic relationship with James Payton. They went on to have an on-off relationship until 2007 when they split up for good.

    Jennifer then had a brief affair with wrestler David Otunga between 2008 and 2013. With this relationship came her beautiful son, David Jr., who was born in 2009. After they separated, Jennifer got into another long-term relationship with music producer Daniel Kaluuya which lasted from 2015 to 2017.

    In 2019, Jennifer announced that she was engaged to pro wrestler-turned fitness entrepreneur David Otunga Jr.– the same man from her previous long-term relationship. They are currently still together and going strong! We wish them nothing but the best as they continue their journey together.

    Her Stance on Dating & Relationships

    Jennifer Hudson has expressed her stance on dating and relationships in the past. She said that she believes in taking things slow and getting to know someone before diving into a relationship. This can mean not jumping into any major commitments like marriage or co-habitation until you know for sure that you really trust the person.

    She also makes it clear that she does not believe in multi-dating or having multiple partners. It’s important to her to be honest and true with her partner – to be loyal and build trust within the relationship.

    In addition, Jennifer reminds us all of how important communication is in any relationship. Being understanding, listening patiently, expressing yourself clearly, and always discussing matters respectfully are some of the key points she made when talking about successful relationships.

    Popular Dating Rumors

    Jennifer Hudson has had lots of rumors about her relationships and dating life over the years. In fact, it seems like there is always someone new being linked to the singer and actress. One of the most popular dating rumors was when she was rumored to be seeing hip hop star Kanye West back in 2008. It seemed that they had a real connection as they were seen out on numerous occasions but neither ever confirmed their relationship status.

    More recently, rumors have been swirling that Hudson is dating music producer David Otunga, which was further fueled when the pair attended music events together throughout 2017. Whilst these two have never actually confirmed their romance, it is believed among fans that the two are indeed an item. Whatever the truth may be, Jennifer’s romantic life remains mysterious and these two remain high up on her list of popular dating rumors!


    While there is no clear consensus on who Jennifer Hudson is currently romantically involved with, sources close to the singer suggest that she is more focused on her career and personal goals at this time. That isn’t to say that she couldn’t soon be romantically involved with someone—perhaps even another celebrity—but it seems like for now she’s taking her own personal time. After all, Hudson has been open about how important spending time with friends and family, as well as self-care, are for her overall wellbeing. So whatever the case, we wish Jennifer our best!