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Who Is Jo Koy Dating will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. Currently, comedian Jo Koy is believed to be single. He has been rather discreet about his personal life since the divorce with Angie Sances, making it difficult to detect who he might be dating.

    Jo Koy was married to Angie Sances for 16 years; they had two children together and got divorced in 2018. Since then, the comedian has mentioned on a few occasions that he is taking his time before jumping into another relationship, due to his focus on making sure that their sons are taken care of.

    While Jo Koy has kept his love life private, there were some rumours pointing out that he could be dating the influencer Alezia Dotson. While neither of them confirmed the news officially, they have both posted videos leaving out hints and being flirtatious when interacting online.

    Jo Koy

    Jo Koy is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host. Jo has been in many films including “Little”, “Almost Famous” and also appeared on the Netflix series, “The After Party”. He currently hosts the successful podcast “The Koy Pond with Jo Koy” which is a comedic and revealing look into the life of one of America’s funniest comedians.

    Jo first rose to fame in comedian circles after successfully performing his signature observational and personal stories on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” in 2000 and he hasn’t stopped since! With over 20 years experience on stage, Jo remains one of America’s most loved comedians. His comedy is universal with fans young and old, male or female – everyone can relate to his journey through life.

    So who is Jo Koy dating? It looks like Jo is still single at present but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see him sharing his funny experiences with someone special soon!

    History and Background of Jo Koy

    Jo Koy is a Filipino American stand-up comedian who has been in the comedy scene for more than two decades now. Jo, born Joseph Glenn Herbert in Tacoma, Washington, was raised by his single mother and spent much of his formative years visiting the Philippines frequently. It was upon returning to the US that Jo began perfecting his craft and fell in love with performing.

    Since then he has achieved great success on both the national and international stand-up comedy circuit. He appeared as a regular guest on various late night talk shows such as Chelsea Lately and Comedy Central’s The Midnight. Koy has also gained recognition on social media with appearances on YouTube’s ‘Comedy Trending Now’ channels – something that continues to earn him an ever-growing army of fans around the world.

    When it comes to his dating life, Jo has not publicly revealed any details about his relationships or activities away from performing. However, one thing is certain – whether you are loving him on stage or watching him online, you’ll definitely be laughing along with him!

    What is Known About His Dating Life

    Although comedian Jo Koy has been tight-lipped about his personal life, there are a few hints here and there that suggest he was in a longtime relationship with someone. His Instagram features occasional posts containing his significant other too, but no names have ever been publicly disclosed.

    Despite this, it seems as if Koy is currently single. On an episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” back in February 2020, Koy revealed that he had recently ended a long-term relationship and was newly single. It’s unclear when the split happened or how long the two were together for, but it appears the comedian is open to meeting someone new.

    Meanwhile, Koy continues to focus on building his career as a successful stand-up comic and actor. Although little is known about Jo Koy’s dating life, we hope he finds the person who completes him soon!

    Is He Currently in a Relationship?

    The short answer is: no. Jo Koy is not currently in a relationship. In an interview on The Breakfast Club, Jo Koy admitted he’s been single for about four years now. He does have a daughter, but she lives with her mother—Koy previously dated the girl for about three years, but that was before his career began to take off and he made it big in comedy.

    Still, the comedian doesn’t mind the single life and he has plenty of friends to keep his company. As far as romantic relationships go, Koy keeps things casual and tends to prefer hookups over serious commitments. After all, leading such a busy travel schedule means limited time spent with loved ones or potential partners!

    Which Celebrities Has Been Linked to Jo Koy?

    Jo Koy has been linked to a few famous celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, and Fabolous. But so far, none of these relationships have been confirmed by either party. In fact, Jo remains tight-lipped when asked about any potential relationships.

    Although he hasn’t admitted to being in any kind of serious relationship with any celebs, Jo is an entertainer and public figure who’s been linked to some of the most attractive and successful women in Hollywood. This includes supermodels Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell, actresses Taraji P. Henson and Leslie Mann, singer Mya Harrison, as well as singers Demi Lovato and Neffeteria Pugh. While we don’t have any confirmation that anything was taken beyond flirting or friendly chat with any of these celebrity women, it certainly hints at the possibility that Jo Koy could be quite the romantic!


    The answer to the question “who is Jo Koy dating?” still remains a mystery. He has been linked with several women in the past but none of them have been confirmed as his girlfriend or partner. Even though Jo Koy has not spoken about it in interviews, we can only assume that he is currently single and focusing on his comedy career.

    In conclusion, whatever the case may be, we hope that one day soon Jo Koy will reveal who he is truly in love with and share some of the moments from his newfound relationship to all of us!