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  1. As of 2022, Johnny Depp is currently not dating anyone and is believed to be seeking solace after his tumultuous divorce with Amber Heard in 2017.

    The actor has remained single since then and aside from occasional outings with friends such as Winona Ryder and Marilyn Manson, he has stayed away from the public eye and entirely out of the spotlight.

    Depp’s last relationship was with actress Amber Heard (2016-17) who had accused him of domestic violence. He denied the claim but a leaked audio tape had made it difficult for him to prove his innocence. Depp later lost a legal battle against The Sun’s publisher over an article that called him a “wife-beater.”

    Although there have been various rumors linking Depp to various women including actress Lily Rose Depp, daughter of French singer and performer Vanessa Paradis (1993-2012) who he was engaged to for 10 years, nothing has been confirmed so far.

    It appears that at this moment, Johnny Depp is focusing on rebuilding his life and career after the recent controversies that hounded him throughout 2020.

    Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp is an American actor, film director, musician and producer who began his acting career in a television comedy called “21 Jump Street”. He has since gone on to be one of the most successful actors of all time. He was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his performance in the movie, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”.He is also known for his larger-than-life roles in popular films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

    At this time, it is not officially known who Johnny Depp is dating now (2022). He has previously been linked to several high-profile actresses including Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis. For now, we’ll just have to wait until he gives us more information.

    Overview of past relationships

    Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood’s most popular A-list celebrities, and he has had a string of high profile relationships over the years that have made headlines.

    It all started with his long relationship with hisEdward Scissorhands co-star Winona Ryder. The pair quickly became an item in 1989,and were together for almost four years before going their separate ways in 1993. Following the end of their relationship, Depp began dating British supermodel Kate Moss, who he was famously engaged to in 1994. There were reports they planned to marry but ultimately did not go through with it and ended their relationship in 1997.

    Following his split from Moss, Depp moved on to actress-model Vanessa Paradis and the couple stayed together for fourteen years until their divorce in 2012. In 2015, Depp started dating actress Amber Heard, whom he famously married in February 2015; however, the two divorced just 18 months later citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Since then Johnny Depp has been single ever since and as of 2022 there is no indication that he is currently seeing anyone new romantically.

    Current status of his love life

    As of 2022, Johnny Depp is still single. Since his split from Vanessa Paradis in 2012, he has kept a deliberately low profile in regards to his love life and relationships. Before dating Vanessa Paradis in 1998, Depp was married to Lori Anne Allison and later to Amber Heard, but both unions have since been dissolved.

    Despite remaining single for the past decade, Johnny still seems optimistic about finding someone special. During an interview with Good Morning America in Dec 2020, he said that he makes time for love between his busy schedule of projects and hoped that “one day will find somebody that connect with.”

    Johnny is currently rumored to be linked with musician Shilpi Paul, who joined him at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2021 as well as actor Sophie Turner during a dinner at Chateau Marmont in early 2021. However, these rumors remain just allegations until there is official confirmation from either of them — or from Depp himself!

    Recent sightings and rumors of a potential new girlfriend

    At the time of this writing, there are many rumors swirling about who Johnny Depp is currently dating. In March 2021, Depp was spotted out with model and hair stylist Ashley McKinney in Los Angeles. She is 23 years old while Depp is 56 so there have been multiple reports of them dating.

    In April 2021,Depp has been seen frequently with Barbara Palvin, a stunning Ukrainian-born model who is 27 years old. The two were most recently spotted dining at a restaurant together in Hollywood and seem to be getting very cozy!

    Finally, in May 2021, there were talks that he may be dating former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s daughter Ksenia Medvedeva. This rumour came after they were both spotted leaving a party together in Los Angeles.

    It looks like no one can say for certain who Johnny Depp might be dating now but judging by recent sightings and rumors it definitely seems like someone special might be on his radar!

    Analysis of the potential new relationship

    When it comes to Johnny Depp’s new relationship, there’s a lot of speculation as to who he might be dating now in 2022. While it remains to be seen who the lucky person will be, there are some clues that can help us figure out what kind of person they might be.

    For one, we can look at past relationships of Johnny Depp’s. We can see that he has often been with enigmatic women who enjoy living life on the edge. These women have usually shared a common trait – creativity and an artistic flair. We can also learn from his past relationships how he values loyalty and respect between partners in a long-term relationship.

    From this information, we can surmise that whoever Johnny Depp is currently seeing must share some similarities with these traits mentioned above – creativity and an appreciation for artfulness. They should also value loyalty, respect, and independence like him in order for them to form a strong connection going forward into 2022.