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  1. Josh Flagg is currently in a committed relationship with Bobby Boyd, an entrepreneur and creative producer. They began dating in late 2016, and Flagg announced the news of their relationship on his Instagram page on January 11th, 2017. He posted a photo of the two of them together captioned with “My Family @bobby.boyd.”

    The couple got engaged in December 2017 after Josh proposed to Bobby in Napa Valley, California. The couple has happily been together since then, going on extravagant vacations, attending red carpets events and otherwise living life to its fullest as a happy couple. It’s clear that they’re madly in love and enjoy each other’s company very much!

    Josh Flagg

    Josh Flagg is one of the bravest, most fearless, and charismatic real-estate agents in Los Angeles. He’s also an excellent negotiator, who successfully closes some of the most expensive residential deals in the city.

    But it’s not only his career accomplishments that have made Josh Flagg a household name among celebrities and businesspeople—it’s also his dynamic and vibrant personal life. Josh Flagg is currently dating known entrepreneur Bobby Boyd and Bobby’s sweetheart has been seen by many as a great factor for success in Josh’s career.

    The two are quite often photographed together at red carpet events or grand openings and their romance appears to be every bit as strong as it was when they first began dating back in 2015. With each other’s support, both Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd continue to excel personally and professionally.

    Overview of Josh Flagg’s Dating History

    Josh Flagg is a popular reality TV star, real estate agent and author. He’s also been linked to many women in the past – so who is he dating?

    Well, it’s hard to say. It seems like Josh has had quite a few relationships over the years. In 2011, he dated socialite and former Miss USA Rima Fakih for about a year before eventually splitting up in 2012. He then moved on to model Katelyn Byrd for another short-lived relationship in 2013. After that, he was linked to fellow millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger before dating Ashlyn Castro from 2015 until 2016.

    Most recently, Josh began his relationship with Brazilian model Bobby Dekeyser in 2017 and the two are still together today. They were briefly engaged during their second year of courtship back in 2018 but since then it seems like they’re just enjoying being each other’s partner without a label attached to it yet.

    Details of Josh Flagg’s Current Relationship

    Josh Flagg is currently engaged to Bobby Boyd, an interior designer. Josh and Bobby met back in 2018 when Josh was a real estate agent at Rodeo Realty. The couple announced their engagement in December of 2019 and plan on tying the knot at some point in 2020.

    The two started dating shortly after they first met, and Bobby has been a rock for Josh throughout his entire career as one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles. They are often seen snuggling up together both indoors and outdoors wherever they happen to be vacationing across the world.

    Their relationship has truly blossomed over the past few years, and we can only assume that it will continue to be stronger with each passing day!

    Why Josh Flagg Keeps His Relationship Private

    Josh Flagg is a renowned American real estate agent and published author, but he is relatively private when it comes to his personal life. We know that he has been in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Bobby Boyd for over 6 years, but the couple rarely talks publicly about their relationship.

    The couple believes that keeping their relationship private is necessary for them to be able to maintain the intimacy and privacy needed in any loving relationship. This means that social media posts, podcasts or interviews revealing too much detail about their lives together are avoided by both of them.

    For Josh, this also helps him stay focused on what’s important—growing his career and serving his clients. Since opening his own brokerage firm Million Dollar Listing with Bobby Boyd in 2019, Flagg has become even more transparent about business affairs than ever before.

    Although we may never get a peek inside Josh Flagg’s love life, we’re happy to support him in whatever decision works best for him as an individual and for his career.

    Reflection on Josh Flagg’s Experiences With Love and Romance

    Josh Flagg is a well-known entrepreneur, businessman and television personality. However, it’s his love life that has made the most headlines throughout his career. Josh has been linked with some beautiful women, which may be one of the reasons why he’s become so successful in his business endeavors.

    Josh has certainly experienced the highs and lows of love and romance. He faced a difficult breakup when Emily Morse left him at the altar in 2016, although he kept himself composed as to not make things any more awkward or unpleasant than they already were. Since then, Josh has had an impressive string of serious relationships, each of them bringing something new to the table.

    With each experience that Josh goes through, he is able to better understand himself and what he wants out of life. He grows wiser with each relationship and continues to live his life in pursuit of happiness and success – both within business ventures and romantic pursuits alike. Josh Flagg is proof that even though you may stumble along the way, you can always pick yourself back up again if you stay true to yourself.


    After much speculation, the answer to who Josh Flagg is dating is still unknown. While some sources have claimed that he is currently single, other sources suggest that he is in a relationship with an unnamed partner. Josh Flagg himself has not commented on the matter publicly, keeping his personal life private. Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that Josh Flagg values his privacy and respects his partner’s decision to keep their relationship out of the public eye.