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Who Is Kailyn Lowry Dating have you ever had such experience

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  1. Kailyn Lowry is currently dating her on-and-off-again boyfriend Chris Lopez. The couple have been on-and-off for the past several years, with both Kailyn and Chris taking part in a tumultuous relationship. The two share two sons together, Lux Russell and Creed Lopez.

    Kailyn also shares three other children from previous relationships: Isaac Elliot Rivera (from her relationship with Jo Rivera), Lincoln Marshall Marroquin (from her marriage to Javi Marroquin), and Lux Russell (from her relationship with Chris).

    In December 2020, Kailyn announced that she is expecting another child which will be born later this year. The father of the unborn baby is Chris Lopez, however it has not been confirmed if the couple are once again back together or simply still co-parenting their other two kids.

    Regardless of their current status, fans are excited to see yet another addition to the family and hope that Kailyn and Chris can find their way back to eachother soon!


    Kailyn Lowry is best known for her role on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. She has gained fame and notoriety through documenting her life as a single mother raising three children from three different fathers. Kailyn not only juggles being a successful reality TV star, but she is also an author, podcast host and entrepreneur.

    Recently, Kailyn Lowry has made headlines by announcing that she is in a relationship with Chris Lopez. Not much has been released about their relationship other than the fact that they are dating. Some followers believe that the two of them have been together for quite some time before it was officially announced. The reason for their secrecy is unknown but what we do know is that their relationship appears to be blossoming and strong!

    History of Kailyn Lowry

    Kailyn Lowry is a reality TV star, writer, and entrepreneur. She rose to fame after starring on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2. Before fame, Kailyn was an at-risk teen in her high school years. Despite many people doubting her potential for success, she proved them wrong by completing a full-time degree from Delaware State University in 2017.

    Throughout her life, Lowry has been married twice and is currently dating child psychiatrist Chris Lopez. Back in June 2010, Lowry was previously married to Jo Rivera, who starred alongside her on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2. The two welcomed their son together in January 2011 before divorcing at the end of the year. Three years later she remarried Javi Marroquin with whom she had a son named Lincoln in November 2013. After welcoming their daughter Lux together in 2017 they parted ways Calling it quits as Kailyn started finding herself interested in her current boyfriend Chris Lopez in early 2019. As of 2021 they are still happily dating.

    Who is currently Kailyn Lowry’s boyfriend?

    At the moment, Kailyn Lowry is in a relationship with Chris Lopez. The couple share two sons together and have been on-and-off since 2017. In November 2019, they went public on Instagram with their relationship.

    Prior to her relationship with Chris Lopez, Kailyn dated Javi Marroquin from 2012 until 2016 when they got divorced. She was also married to her first husband, Jo Rivera, from 2010 to 2011 and has a son with him as well.

    Kailyn has been vocal about wanting three kids and it looks like she’s achieved that goal! Despite any ups and downs over the years, she seems very happy with her relationship today and loves spending time with her three boys.

    How did Kailyn and Her Boyfriend Meet?

    Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend, Chris Lopez, are a couple that has been making headlines ever since they began dating. But how did these two first meet? It all started off with quite an unexpected encounter.

    Back in 2017, Lowry was promoting her book signing tour when Lopez attended one of her events in Los Angeles. At the time, he was nothing more than a fan of hers so obviously they didn’t start off as a couple right away. After their initial meeting, however, things quickly developed closer relationship over the next few months.

    While the exact timeline of their relationship is difficult to pinpoint, it’s certain that there was quite a bit of flirtation and an eventual interest between them even prior to them officially beginning their romance.

    Details on Their Relationship

    Kailyn Lowry is currently in a relationship with Chris Lopez. The two started dating in January 2017, first spotted together at a basketball game on Kail’s birthday. Since then, the couple has flaunted their relationship both on social media and IRL. In April 2018, Chris moved to Delaware for an animal science program and despite the long distance, seemed to make things work between them!

    So far, it appears that the two are very happy together–Chris often posts supportive messages about Kailyn and gushes about how special she is. Kail has also expressed her admiration for Chris and posted romantic photos of the two all over her Instagram page. It looks like they are definitely in love and enjoy spending time with each other whenever possible!


    Kailyn Lowry is currently single. No information about her current or past relationships has been publicly shared. Her personal life is relatively private and she seems to be focused on her career and ongoing projects as of now. As she moves forward in life, it remains to be seen who will eventually become her significant other. For now, Kailyn Lowry seems content with enjoying an independent life without a partner.