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  1. Katie Holmes is currently in a relationship with Jamie Foxx. The couple has been dating since 2013, though they have kept their relationship largely out of the public eye. In recent years, the duo has begun appearing together more publicly, with Holmes joining Foxx at red carpets and events. They also spent part of 2019 vacationing together in Mexico and Santa Barbara with Katie’s daughter Suri Cruise.

    Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes is an American actress, model and producer. She began her acting career at a young age, appearing in several made-for-television movies and the hit WB show “Dawson’s Creek”. She has since starred in critically acclaimed films, such as Batman Begins, Pieces of April and Dawson’s Creek spinoff – Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption. In addition to her acting career, she had founded her own clothing line in 2008.

    Katie is most famously known for being married to actor Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012. Since their divorce in 2012, Holmes has been linked to different people including Jamie Foxx and restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr., whom she recently started dating.

    Relationship history

    Katie Holmes has had many relationships over the years, but she is currently dating actor Emilio Vitolo Jr. Holmes and Vitolo were first spotted together in September 2020 at Antique Garage. Since then, they’ve been spotted out on date nights and celebrating holidays together.

    Before Holmes and Vitolo, Katie was married to actor Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012. Following their divorce, Holmes briefly dated chef Jamie Foxx between 2013 and 2019. However, the two remained tight-lipped about their relationship as it was considered an open secret among Hollywood circles. Prior to her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie dated American Pie star Joshua Jackson or two years before they eventually split in 2003 due to “busy schedules”.

    Who is she currently dating?

    Katie Holmes is currently dating Emilio Vitolo Jr. Katie and Emilio first sparked romance rumors in September 2020 when photos of them together surfaced. Soon after, the couple was spotted out on multiple dates, confirming their relationship.

    According to reports, Katie Holmes and her beau are very much in love with each other. They have been spotted out on romantic dinners and strolls around New York City many times since their relationship became public. Neither of them have commented publicly about their romantic relationship yet, but it seems clear that they are enjoying each other’s company and having a good time together!

    How their relationship started

    Katie Holmes and her current boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., have been spotted together over the past few months. But how did they meet? According to Us Weekly, they met through Emilio’s father who owns a popular restaurant in New York City. Katie was dining at the eatery with her daughter while Emilio was working as a waiter there. They instantly hit it off and began seeing each other soon after their first meeting.

    The pair has become very serious in the past few months. They’ve been spottedd enjoying time together with Katie’s daughter, Suri, and having romantic dinners in NYC. Plus, Emilio even moved out of his parents’ home to find an apartment closer to where Katie lives! It looks like these two are clearly smitten with each other and could be headed for happily ever after!

    Discussion of the couple’s modern romance

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been making headlines lately, as the two continue to feed their modern romance. After years of speculation and media attention surrounding their relationship, the rare public appearances they make now — like when they were seen together at a resort in California recently — are making waves among fans.

    The couple has done an excellent job keeping their romance mostly out of the public eye with trips away from the city and plenty of face-covering masks. This is especially impressive considering that it’s been six years since Holmes and Foxx famously left a Met Gala after party holding hands for the first time, confirming that something had definitely transpired between them.

    Certainly, Katie and Jamie have proven that even in today’s day and age, it’s possible to keep your relationship relatively private from unwanted interference or opinions. It’s safe to say they have earned the admiration of those who are inspired by this duo’s determination to protect their love.

    Conclusion and summary of the couple’s relationship

    Katie Holmes and her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., have been in a steady relationship since September 2020. They seem to be very happy together and have frequently been spotted out and about in New York City engaging in romantic dates and spending time with each other’s family members.

    The couple met when Katie dined at Emilio’s restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato. Since then, their relationship appears to be going strong as they continue to grow closer with each passing day. The two share a mutual love for cooking, which has only intensified their connection with each other even further!

    It appears that the pair is ready to take their relationship to the next level as they are starting to make plans for the future together. They have both introduced one another to their families, suggesting that marriage may not be too far off on the horizon for this beloved couple!