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  1. Katie Thurston is the star of The Bachelorette season 17 and she’s currently single. Thurston, who works as a bank marketing manager, told US Weekly in an interview that “being on The Bachelorette is her number one priority,” and that she does not currently have any intention of dating. She wants to focus her attention on finding her perfect match on the show and for now, she doesn’t want to be distracted with any romantic entanglements outside of the show.

    Thurston also stated that she is open to being surprised when it comes to love, saying: “I am so open-minded and open to love I can’t even put it into words I’m all in. If I meet someone, then I will meet someone — and if not, oh well! That’s my story here. We shall see what happens!”

    Until then, Katie Thurston is still single and focused on finding love on The Bachelorette.

    Katie Thurston

    Katie Thurston is a lucky lady. She’s dating one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood! Katie Thurston is a Bachelor Nation superstar, who competed in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and recently made her debut on ABC’s hit spin-off series “The Bachelorette”.

    Katie has been living the life many young bachelorettes dream of ever since she was cast on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor in 2021. After making it to the top four, Katie went into the spin-off series as one of two female leads vying for the affections of 30 handsome men.

    Since then, Katie has become an icon within Bachelor Nation — with fans anxiously awaiting an announcement about who she will choose at the end of her incredible journey! With that said, there are rumors swirling that Katie is now dating one special bachelor — so stay tuned to find out more about their relationship soon!

    Who is Katie Thurston dating?

    Katie Thurston is a prominent reality TV star, most known for her appearance on the hit show “The Bachelorette.” As of 2021, she is reportedly single.

    Katie recently took part in the spin-off show, The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart where it was rumored that she was dating fellow contestant Brandon Goss. However, those rumors have since been denied and Katie has not revealed anyone as her partner.

    Prior to the show, Katie had been linked to various celebrities such as Jordan Eubanks and Jared Haibon of Bachelor In Paradise. She briefly appeared on The Bachelor Season 25 reunion episode where she discussed her current relationship status but did not confirm whether or not she was seriously seeing anyone at the time.

    Overall, it seems like Katie is focused on her career and is currently single.

    Relationship Timeline

    Katie Thurston’s relationship timeline is quite an interesting ride. She had a lengthy relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but they ended things in 2020. In 2021, she began dating Caleb Coats and the two were seen out and about together multiple times. They were spotted on romantic day trips, enjoying each other’s company in the park, and even attending special events together. However, the couple eventually split for unknown reasons in February of 2021.

    Since then, Katie has been spending time with Alex Wilcox. They have been seen going to dinner dates and hanging out with friends regularly – suggesting a fairly new long-term relationship. It looks like these two have what it takes for a long-lasting romance! We wish them all the best!

    Insight into the couple’s private lives

    Katie Thurson and her boyfriend, Joe Fournier, are keeping their relationship status very private. There’s very little known about their romantic life together. However, some insight can be gleaned from a few interviews they have done in the past.

    The couple revealed that they like to take regular trips together, which allows them to come back refreshed and without any distractions. They also made sure to mention how important it is for them both work out at home or going on frequent walks together to stay connected as a couple amidst their busy lives.

    Moreover, social media can also give fans an inside look into their lives – Katie and Joe often post pictures of themselves at various places around the city or travelling together on shared accounts. Truly adorable!

    It is clear that this super private pair is truly devoted to one another, and it looks like Katie Thurson has finally found the one she’s been looking for!

    Social media accounts

    Katie Thurston is currently dating Blake Monar. Just like many couples in this day and age, their relationship blossomed through social media. Katie and Blake follow each other on Instagram and share pictures of their daily lives.

    They have also shared tweets about their relationship, talking about spending time together and being best friends that support one another. Both of them are active on TikTok as well, often collaborating to create videos or featuring each other on their channels.

    In addition, Katie and Blake recently launched a YouTube channel to document their story with followers across the world. This channel is all about showing the highs and lows of their romance while giving viewers behind-the-scenes glimpses of what their life looks like today.