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  1. Lamelo Ball is currently in a relationship with Instagram influencer Jaden Owens. The two met through Lamelo’s Instagram page, and they have been together since 2020.

    Since the start of their relationship, they’ve been travelling around the world, attending events and sharing their love on social media. Lamelo has shared several photos and videos with his girlfriend on his various platforms.

    The couple often posts cute pictures and messages to each other on Instagram, making it obvious that there’s no shortage of love between them. They even boast over 11 million combined followers across all their accounts; which shows how popular they are as a couple.

    They have also faced controversies due to their age difference, as Jaden is only 19 years old and Lamelo is 21 years old. Despite this, the two appear to be completely in love and very supportive of each other’s career ambitions. Whether it’s posing for professional photoshoots or cheering Lamelo on at his basketball games, these two seem determined to stay together for many more years to come.

    Lamelo Ball & Overview of His Dating History

    Lamelo Ball is an American Basketball player and the youngest brother of NBA players Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and the late Kobe Bryant. Lamelo entered the world of professional basketball at 17 years old and has since gained a tremendous amount of attention—not only for his amazing athleticism but also for his personal life.

    While Lamelo’s dating history is relatively unknown, he has been in several high-profile relationships with two models, Denise Garcia and Brittany Renner. He also briefly dated Danish model Helena Wisely in 2020. In 2021, Lamelo went public with his relationship with 21-year-old Australian Hannah Yeslefors.

    In general, it appears that Lamelo does not let public opinion dictate who he chooses to date—and he definitely doesn’t shy away from age gaps or long-distance relationships! In addition to his many romantic endeavors, Lamelo is currently signed to the NBA G League’s Illawarra Hawks in Australia.

    Details of Current Relationship Status with Josie Canseco

    Lamelo Ball is currently dating model Josie Canseco. Although the couple has not officially made their relationship Instagram official (as of April 2021), photos of them together have been circulating online for some time now.

    It appears that fans first noticed the rumored romance in December 2020 when they were seen taking a stroll around Beverly Hills. Since then, the two appear to be going strong and are often spotted on double dates with his brother, Lonzo Ball, and his girlfriend Denise Garcia.

    Although neither Lamelo or Josie have discussed their relationship publicly, it looks like things seem to be going well for them! If social media pictures are any indication, it appears that they are extremely happy and content with one another. Fans can only hope that this blossoming romance continues to grow and thrive as the world watches online!

    Public Statements by Lamelo Ball Regarding His Current Relationship

    Lamelo Ball has remained fairly tight-lipped on his current relationship status, but he did make a few public statements regarding his love life. In a February 2021 interview with the New York Times, Lamelo stated that he is currently single and that he hasn’t had a serious relationship in the last year or two.

    However, Lamelo admitted that he had been seeing someone for about three months leading up to the time of the interview. He further explained that it was too early in the relationship to be getting into details.

    Despite staying quiet about who this mystery person is, Lamelo made it clear that he’s ready to enter another serious relationship and start taking things seriously as an adult. He wants to find someone who will love him unconditionally and take charge of their own lives as well.

    Comparison of Past Relationships vs. Lamelo’s Current One

    One of the most interesting aspects of Lamelo Ball’s dating life is that it shows a stark contrast between his past relationships and his current one. Early on, many of Lamelo’s relationships were brief, casual flings — with reports often focusing on Lamelo’s potential future as a basketball star rather than his intimate relationships.

    However, this changed when he began dating Cat Divine in 2020. Their relationship has been far more serious and appears to be built on mutual respect and admiration for each other — something that is certainly not common with Lamelo’s past flings. What makes them an even more unique couple is that they tend to stay away from the spotlight, choosing instead to focus on their relationship rather than fame or notoriety.

    It appears that Lamelo has matured a great deal since the start of his career and this journey to maturity can be seen through how much he values Cat as a partner. Although no one knows exactly how long their relationship will last, it’s clear that Lamelo feels quite strongly for her and she for him, making them a prime example of what a healthy relationship looks like these days.

    Popular Speculation on Future Dates for Lamelo Ball

    Recently, there has been a lot of speculation as to who lamelo ball might date in the future. Many have pointed at TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling, who was spotted next to Lamelo on an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. While they haven’t confirmed anything yet, some have speculated that they may already be in a relationship.

    Others have looked to famous models and influencers who Lamelo is often seen around or invited out to dinners with. Obviously there’s no way to confirm whether he has romantic ties with any of these women or not, but it is clear that Lamelo has lots of admirers and could very well end up in relationships with them.

    Lastly, there are many celebrity dates that Lamelo may pursue in the near future. He has become very popular in LA and it wouldn’t be surprising if Hollywood A-listers started asking him out on dates soon!