Who Is Leah Messer Dating


Who Is Leah Messer Dating do you know any information on it?

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  1. Leah Messer is currently dating Jason Jordan, who she has been with since October 2020. According to reports, Leah and her new beau are both active fitness enthusiasts and frequently work out together.

    Leah first teased the relationship on social media when she posted a picture of them posing together after a hike early in their relationship. Since then, she’s continued to share sweet moments of their time together on her different social media platforms.

    The former “Teen Mom 2” star was most recently linked to DJ and model Brian Hanvey, whom she dated briefly in late 2019 and early 2020 before deciding to go their separate ways. Prior to that, Leah had gotten engaged to boyfriend Jeremy Calvert back in 2017 but they eventually ended up breaking off their engagement after two years together.

    It appears that things have really taken off for Leah romantically since then! She and her new partner seem to have an incredibly strong connection judging from all of the lovely photos that they’ve shared online. We wish them nothing but happiness moving forward!

    Leah Messer

    Leah Messer is an American reality TV star and entrepreneur who first rose to prominence when she starred in the MTV series Teen Mom 2. She is also the founder of several organizations that help promote motherhood and mentor young mothers.

    Leah has two daughters, Ali and Aleeah Simms, from her marriage to Corey Simms. While they are no longer married, Leah and Corey continue to remain supportive coparents for their daughters.

    Leah started dating new boyfriend Jason Jordan in 2020. They confirmed their relationship on their social media accounts with posts clearly showing intimate moments between the couple such as romantic walks around a lake, cozy fireplace sessions, and more. Jason could often be seen wearing his “#TeamMesser” necklace which showed just how close he had become with Leah’s family since officially becoming part of it.

    History of Messer’s Dating Life

    Leah Messer is currently dating model Eliaspsy. This is her first public relationship in almost three years. The two of them have been together since 2020, and they seem very happy with each other!

    However, before getting together with Eliaspsy, Leah has had quite a rich dating life over the last decade. She initially married Corey Simms back in 2010 after welcoming their twin daughters together in December of that year. The couple separated in 2011 and divorce was finalized later that year. Subsequently, Leah then moved on to Jeremy Calvert whom she got engaged to in 2012 and married shortly afterwards. They welcomed a daughter (Adalynn) into this world a few months after their wedding but eventually divorced in 2015 following allegations of infidelity by both parties; Calvert’s towards Leah as well as Leah’s towards Robbie Kidd. As for Kidd, it has been reported that the two briefly dated from 2015-2017 before going their separate ways indefinitely.

    So it seems that finally the mother-of-three has found some stability and contentment with Lebanese model Eliaspsy who looks like he could be the stay partner for her after several rough relationship aces in the past!

    Recent Rumors about Who Messer Might Be Dating

    Recent rumors suggest that Leah Messer may be dating Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker. The pair recently posted a photo of themselves enjoying dinner together, which sparked speculation among fans that the two were more than just friends.

    Messer has since denied the rumors, claiming that she and her ex-boyfriend Tyler Claiborne are good friends and they often get together to hang out with their mutual friends. But despite the social media posts suggesting something more, no confirmed love match has been made public by either party.

    The controversy doesn’t end there though. Recent reports indicate that Messer also has ties to another person in the entertainment industry – rapper/producer Scott Storch – as well as her former flame Claiborne. However, whether or not these rumors are true is anyone’s guess at this point in time.

    What Messer Has Said about Her Current Relationship Status

    Leah Messer has been notoriously private about her current relationship status since 2019. In March of that year, she talked about how it’s been hard for her to find love due to being “in limbo” between co-parenting with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert and her single motherhood journey.

    In October 2020, Messer opened up a bit more about her current love life on an Instagram Live session with fans. Through tears, she said she feels like a lot of what seems like “a lack of interest” in dating is actually down to feelings of insecurity because she puts such high expectations on herself as a mother and has difficulty accepting compliments or showing and receiving affection. She added that while things might be rocky right now, she would eventually meet someone who appreciates all the effort she puts into being a great mom and enjoys being around her children.

    Final Thoughts on the Topic

    Leah Messer is currently single. According to sources such as People Magazine, Leah split from her long-term boyfriend Jeremy Calvert back in December 2019. Leah has not been seen publicly with anyone since then and appears to be focusing on raising her three children and furthering her career. Though she hasn’t confirmed if or when she’ll get back on the dating scene, it is likely that she is focusing on other aspects of her life at this time.

    Though speculation continues to swirl around Leah Messer’s love life, it looks like the Teen Mom 2 star is living her best single life for now. Who knows what the future may bring for Leah and romantic relationships; until then, all we can do is wish her the best!