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  1. Liam Neeson is currently not dating anyone. The actor recently opened up about his late wife, Natasha Richardson, and revealed that he has been single since her death in 2009. He also stated that being single suits him well and that he likes to keep busy but doesn’t think he’ll ever marry again. Despite being single, Liam has remained very close with his two sons, Micheál and Daniel.

    Liam Neeson and his career

    Liam Neeson is an internationally acclaimed actor from Northern Ireland. He began his acting career in 1976, and since then has starred in over 50 films! He is best known for his roles in the darkly comic crime thriller “Taken”, the critically acclaimed drama “Schindler’s List” and the blockbuster action movie “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace”.

    Liam Neeson has had a long, fulfilling and successful career thus far as he continues to earn numerous awards, accolades, and nominations for his performances. However, despite all of this success, one question remains: who is Liam Neeson currently dating? Well, currently there is no clear answer but we can tell you that he was last known to be dating Alicia Witt back in 2019.

    Overview of Neeson’s dating history

    Liam Neeson has had a few high-profile relationships over the years, most notably with actress Helen Mirren and later Natasha Richardson. He was also linked to actress Freya St. John in 2008, however they broke up shortly thereafter. Most recently, Neeson appears to be single with no reports of him dating anyone at the moment.

    Neeson’s most famous relationship is likely his long-term one with Helen Mirren that began in 1995. The couple remained together for seven years before eventually opting to go their separate ways in 2002. After separating from Mirren, Neeson went on to marry his former co-star Natasha Richardson in 1994 and had two sons together. Both were heartbroken when she tragically passed away from head injuries sustained during a skiing accident in 2009.

    Since then, there have been no other reported relationships for Neeson despite being linked to model Freya St. John briefly in 2008

    Who is he currently dating?

    Liam Neeson is currently dating PR executive Freya St. Johnston. The couple was first spotted together in April 2020 and have since been seen walking hand-in-hand on the streets of London. A source close to the couple told People Magazine, “They have known each other for a few years now, but recently their relationship has grown more serious.”

    It appears that Neeson is keeping things low key when it comes to his relationship with Freya. The two were last spotted together in late September, taking a romantic walk through the Hampstead Heath area of London where they looked very cozy arm in arm.

    What have he and his current partner been up to?

    Liam Neeson and his current partner, Freya St. Johnston, have been together since 2010. While they have managed to keep their relationship very private, the couple has been spotted out and about a few times over the years.

    In 2016, the two were spotted dining at Jonathan Waxman’s Barbuto in New York City. Then in 2019, Liam and Freya were seen having a romantic dinner at Balthazar in London. It appears that they also enjoyed taking a walk around Primrose Hill Park during their stay in the city. More recently, they were spotted on vacation with some friends in Monaco earlier this year.

    Their relationship appears to be going strong- either way it is none of our business. We only wish them happiness!

    Conclusion and wrap-up thoughts

    It looks like Liam Neeson is currently single, after breaking up with the journalist and philanthropist Freya St. Johnston in 2019. Despite his best efforts at keeping his relationship status out of the public eye, word continues to spread about who this star might be dating. This has been an ongoing issue since his wife Natasha Richardson passed away in 2009.

    No one can say for sure who will become the next Mrs. Neeson — or if he’ll even make it legal with anyone at all — but what we do know is that the actor still has a kind heart and is doing his very best to hold on to many of the things he cares about most: giving back to charitable causes when he can and making sure those close to him are well taken care of.

    Whether he finds a special someone or not, Liam Neeson will never stop being a beloved actor and humanitarian.