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  1. Lizzo is currently single. She does not have any reported dating history and is not linked to anyone in the public eye. As of 2021, she has remained tight-lipped about her love life, but a 2018 interview with Ebro Darden hinted that someone special had caught her eye.

    In a 2019 GQ profile, Lizzo opened up about how difficult it is to find romance as her profile rises:

    “It can be hard to find somebody who likes you for how famous you are and not just because you’re in the public eye,” she said.

    Despite being one of the most beloved musicians of modern times, Lizzo is still searching for her happily ever after — until then, however, fans are happy observing her passionate friendships with other celebrities and witnessing the success of her fast-blossoming career.


    Lizzo is one of the hottest music stars right now. Born Melissa Viviane Jefferson in Houston, Texas, Lizzo has become a household name for her growing discography and flamboyant style. She’s well known for her message of self-love and acceptance, as well as her fun lyrics and infectious beats.

    When it comes to relationships, Lizzo has kept things pretty tight lipped over the years. That said, she hasn’t been shy when talking about past experiences that have influenced her work or showed how much she cherishes platonic friendships with high profile individuals such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Who is Lizzo dating? Well that’s still up in the air but hopefully fans will get an answer soon!

    History of Lizzo’s Relationships

    Lizzo has been in a few romantic relationships, but nothing serious. In 2019, she was linked to rapper NBA YoungBoy (real name Kentrell Gaulden). They had an on-again and off again relationship that seemed to have finally ended after the release of her single “Truth Hurts” about him.

    Prior to dating YoungBoy, Lizzo was in a relationship with musician Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend from 2017-2018. Not much is known about their time together since they kept their romance relatively private while they were involved.

    Before her relationships with NBA YoungBoy and Ezra Koenig, Lizzo had dated music producer Cedric Judkins between 2012 and 2013. Even though it was brief, there is evidence that their relationship started as early as 2012 when they performed together at the House of Blues in Dallas.

    Relationship with Current Boyfriend, Justin Laboy

    Lizzo’s current relationship status is single, but the singer has had a longterm partnership with her boyfriend, Justin Laboy. The couple met in 2015 and began dating shortly after.

    Though the pair keep their relationship relatively private, they don’t shy away from showing affection on social media, often posting sweet messages to each other and photos of their nights out together. Lizzo recently gushed about her boyfriend in an interview with ELLE Magazine: “He makes me who I am… He’s allowing me to be myself fully and completely and unapologetically—the realest version of Melisa.”

    Laboy often accompanies Lizzo on tour and musical performances; significant milestones throughout her career milestones. From inspiring late-night studio sessions to providing emotional insight in making creative decisions—which she credits Justin for—Laboy holds an irreplaceable spot in Lizzo’s life.

    Changes in Lizzo’s Love Life Since Becoming Famous

    Since becoming famous in 2019, Lizzo’s love life has moved quickly. She was previously linked to fashion designer Alice Liveing, but the pair are no longer together. After her split from Alice, Lizzo began to explore different relationships and dated former NFL player Justin Forsett for a few months.

    Since then, the singer has been spotted with several other people including rapper Drake and actor Anthony Mackie. And although she has yet to confirm any of these romances, it seems like Lizzo is open to exploring different types of relationships and is living her best love life.

    Even though many of her prospective partners have been in the public eye as well, Lizzo has not shied away from expressing herself openly about who she dates and what kind of love she wants. No matter who she ends up with in the end, it’s clear that Lizzo is confidently voicing her romantic desires.

    Romantic Music Inspired By Her Current Relationship

    Lizzo has a very special relationship with the romantic music she creates. Her colorful and bold love tunes have been inspired by her real-life relationships and experiences, just like all of the best songs.

    Lizzo hasn’t publicly announced who she is currently dating but we can assume that any romantic music coming out from Lizzo in the near future will certainly be inspired by her current relationship.

    One example of this was when Lizzo’s hit single “Good as Hell” came out in 2016, many speculated that it was about a relationship she had at the time that wasn’t working out well. Even though we don’t know who it is directed towards specifically, it serves as an interesting glimpse into how much her personal relationships inspire her musical output.

    We can only imagine what love songs will come in the near future as Lizzo continues to find inspiration in relationships throughout her life.

    Concluding Thoughts

    At this time, it appears that Lizzo is not dating anyone. With so much professional success and a blossoming acting career, she seems to be focusing all of her energy on her projects rather than on her love life. Plus, with such hectic schedules and always being on the road for work, it’s understandable why starting a new relationship might not be a priority right now.

    Nevertheless, Lizzo continues to bless us with her wit and wisdom when it comes to topics such as self-love and self-acceptance – especially when it comes to relationships. We can’t help but draw inspiration from her various public messages and appreciate the heartwarming authenticity of them! From now on we will carry the mantra that “if you’re happy single, you don’t have to mingle” in our hearts!