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  1. Lucy Hale is currently dating Graham Rogers, an actor. They were first spotted together in 2017 and have continued to post a number of photos via social media since then. Even during the time when they are not posting pictures of them publicly, they would go out for dinner, walks and other activities together. She even shared that Graham will often be featured in her Instagram stories where they keeping goofing around. In an interview with People Magazine, Lucy made it clear that she’s loved spending her free time with Graham and that their relationship has been “a beautiful thing.”

    Lucy Hale’s Dating History

    Lucy Hale is an American actress, singer and songwriter who has gained immense popularity for her roles in several hit movies and television shows. Over the years, Lucy’s fans have been eager to know more about her personal life. Thankfully, the truth is out – Lucy has had some interesting romantic relationships over the years. From her teenage relationship with Underwood to her recent romance with Skeet Ulrich, here’s a comprehensive list of every person Lucy Hale has dated.

    Lucy first began dating actor Stephen Colletti at the age of 16 when she starred as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. The pair had an on-and-off relationship for three years until it ultimately ended in 2011. Following that, she began seeing Chris Zylka briefly until she started dating serial reality TV star Graham Rogers shortly after their breakup. While they split before long, it didn’t take too long for Lucy to find love again when she was seen with Liam Payne in 2013!

    After that short-lived fling ended too soon, Lucy found herself dating singer Joe Jonas from 2014 to 2015. She then enjoyed another brief romance with David Henrie during 2016 before finally settling down briefly with Skeet Ulrich in early 2020 before splitting just a few months later due to Covid-19 complications.

    Timeline of Lucy Hale’s Romances

    Lucy Hale, famous for her role in Pretty Little Liars, has had her fair share of romantic entanglements. Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy relationships of the singer and actress over the years.

    2019: In November 2019, Hale began dating 35-year-old singer and songwriter Ryan Rottman. The couple is still together today.

    2017: In 2017, Hale was linked to Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith while they were working on the show together.

    Ex-Boyfriends of Lucy Hale

    Lucy Hale has had her fair share of heartbreak—particularly in the romance department. From her long-term relationships to her casual flings, Lucy’s had a few boyfriends throughout the years. Here’s a look at some of Lucy’s ex-boyfriends over the years:

    Chris Zylka: Chris and Lucy dated for about eight months back in 2018. During their relationship, they enjoyed going on romantic dates and attending red carpet events together. Things ended amicably, with both sides citing work commitments as the main reason for their split.

    David Henrie: David and Lucy met while filming Wizards of Waverly Place and their love story began soon after that. They dated off-and-on for almost two years before eventually calling it quits in 2012. While talking to People Magazine, David labeled their time together as “magical.”

    Anthony Kalabretta: Before Chris, she was linked to Anthony Kalabretta – a music producer who previously worked with One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Avril Lavigne. They met at Coachella 2015 but only lasted six months before going their separate ways in 2016.

    Rumored Romances of Lucy Hale

    It appears the answer to the question of who is Lucy Hale dating still remains a mystery. Though any relationships of the actress have not been confirmed, there have been quite a few rumored romances with Hollywood stars throughout the years.

    In 2013, Lucy was reportedly spotted on various dates with actor Zachary Levi as well as musician Joe Jonas. However, these rumors were never officially confirmed and no real updates ever came out about these potential relationships.

    In 2016, there were reports that indicated she was seen around her life-long friend and co-star from Pretty Little Liars, Ian Harding, on many occasions in Los Angeles sparking speculation that they may be an item. The romance again was never officially confirmed and they both denied the notion at different points in time.

    Is Lucy Hale currently dating anyone?

    At the moment, it appears that Lucy Hale is currently single. However, she has had a few relationships in the past. She was most recently linked to Anthony Kalabretta, but they split in early 2020. Before that, she had an on and off relationship with actor Graham Rogers over the course of 2012-2013.

    Whomever Hale chooses to date next may be a mystery for now, but we do know one thing – her fans are always keeping an eye out! Regardless of who she chooses to date in the future, there’s no doubt about it: Lucy Hale is a catch for anyone lucky enough to have her love.