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  1. Maluma, the Colombian reggaeton superstar and singer, has been reported to be dating Natalia Barulich, a model and dancer from Croatia. Maluma and Natalia have been in an on-again-off-again relationship for over two years and are currently very much together. The pair was first confirmed to be together in May 2018, when they were spotted frolicking together in Mexico. A few months later, Maluma accompanied Natalia to the Latin Music Awards, doing nothing to quell the rumors that they were dating.

    The couple has become more open about their romance as of late, sharing pictures of each other on social media platforms. Natalia also joined Maluma on some dates during his 2019 11:11 tour, appearing alongside him at many stops of the tour and proving beyond a doubt that they are a couple.

    It’s unclear how serious their relationship is or if they plan on tying the knot soon but it looks like they’re enjoying each other’s company while they can!

    Maluma & his career

    Maluma is one of the hottest stars in Latin music today. He’s from Medellín, Colombia and has made a name for himself with his infectious music that fuses traditional Latin beats with hip hop, reggaeton, and urban sounds.

    Maluma has earned numerous awards throughout his career, including seven Billboard Latin Music Awards and four Premios Juventud awards. He’s also released four albums and is currently working on his fifth. His most recent release was FAME in 2018, which spawned the hugely popular hit “Mala Mía.”

    In addition to being an incredible musician, Maluma has dabbled in acting as well – he starred in the Colombian Netflix series “Los Fantasmas de Casa Fuerte” in 2019.

    And while many fans are curious who Maluma might be dating right now, there’s still no confirmation on that front yet!

    Details of the current rumored relationship

    Maluma is currently rumored to be in a relationship with Chilean model Natalia Barulích. The couple was reported to have been together since late 2019, when they began exchanging flirty messages on Instagram.

    Since then, the two have made their relationship public by appearing together at the Latin Grammy Awards and attending a multitude of events together. They are believed to be staying together in Maluma’s hometown of Medellín, Colombia where it appears they share a residence.

    The couple’s fans speculate that their relationship has become serious and could even lead to marriage soon! Only time will tell if this is true, but for now, things seem to be going strong between Maluma and Natalia.

    Maluma’s past relationships

    Maluma has a long history of relationships, most notably with actresses Becky G and Natalia Barulích.

    Becky G and Maluma were a couple from early 2018 until late 2019. They made their relationship very public, attending many events and openly showing off their affection for one another. This brought them great attention as fans followed the two all over Latin America during their time together.

    Natalia Barulích began dating Maluma in late 2019, sparking much speculation that this relationship might actually last longer than his previous ones. Two years later they are still going strong – she’s often seen at concerts or when Maluma receives his awards. Despite not being as vocal or visible as they were in the past, it’s clear that this relationship is an important part of Maluma’s life right now.

    Overview of the couple’s public appearances and activities together

    Maluma and Natalia Barulich are currently inseparable. Since their first public appearance together in July 2020, the couple has often been spotted at public events or on romantic getaways.

    The two were seen at the launch of Maluma’s fragrances, clubs, and assorted awards shows and red carpets. They also reportedly vacationed together in Acapulco, Mexico, where they spent some quality time relaxing on a private beach yet posting plenty of pictures about it for their fans to see.

    In March 2021, after Maluma released his third album PAPI JUANCHO REMIXES, he dedicated his new work to Natalia with a middle-finger emoji captioning “him” over her picture in an Instagram post that quickly went viral.

    Reactions from fans and media

    When celebrity news broke that Maluma was dating model Natalia Barulich, their fans around the world couldn’t contain their excitement. After all, they had quickly become one of pop culture’s most beloved couples in a very short time.

    Fans of Maluma and Natalia filled social media with positive messages of love and support. As the couple spent more time together and enjoyed vacations together, fans were pleased to share photographs from the two of them together – no matter how distant they were!

    The media also took notice, praising both natalia and Maluma for their strong inner lives, as well as drawing attention to the fact that this was an interracial relationship. Overall, people were largely supportive of the couple’s public displays of affection, rightfully noting that it is essential for us all not to let society dictate who we can love.