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Who Is Matt James Dating Now hope to find the answer here

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  1. Matt James is currently in a relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell. The two confirmed their relationship publicly in February 2021, after being spotted together on a romantic getaway in California. Both have expressed their love for each other through social media posts and have talked about the supportive relationship they share with one another. The couple met when Matt was filming the 25th season of The Bachelor and Rachael was one of his chosen contestants. They had an instant connection, and soon began dating after they were both out of the show. Despite facing some criticism due to Rachael’s past social media posts, the two appear to be going strong and are deeply in love with each other.

    Introduction: Who is Matt James?

    Matt James is a reality tv star and former professional football player. He famously competed on season 25 of the hit ABC series The Bachelor and is currently appearing on the show The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

    As a reality tv star, he has grown an immense following on social media with more than 1 million followers on Instagram alone. He is also active on YouTube where he posts weekly vlogs about his life, upcoming projects and relationship advice for singles.

    He gained further notoriety after being chosen as the very first black bachelor in 2021, making him a history-maker within the franchise. To date, Matt has made quite an impression with fans due to his approachable demeanor and commitment to using his newfound fame for good causes such as teaching financial literacy classes, creating scholarships for disadvantaged communities, and raising funds for charitable organizations like Girls Who Code.

    Background of Matt James and his current relationship status

    Matt James is a reality television star best known for appearing on Bachelorette and The Bachelor. He was born in North Carolina and attended Wake Forest University, where he received a degree in Economics.

    In 2020, Matt made history by becoming the first black man to be the lead of The Bachelor. During this season, Matt selected Rachael Kirkconnell as his final pick. After filming wrapped, Matt and Rachael started dating exclusively but eventually ended their relationship in February 2021.

    Since then, there has been no news about who Matt is currently dating. Despite his role on The Bachelor, it looks like he is not ready to enter into another serious relationship at this time and prefers to keep things casual for the moment. That said, he has been spotted out with friends and enjoying life to the fullest!

    Dating history of Matt James

    Matt James is an esteemed television personality in the United States who gained fame as a contestant on ABC’s reality show The Bachelor, and it is no surprise that many people have been curious about his romantic relationships.

    A quick overview of Matt James’ dating history reveals that he has had several longtime relationships before joining the show. From 2013-2016, he was in a relationship with influencer Jodie Turner-Smith, whom he reportedly met at church.

    Before that, he dated basketball player Ariel Ming from 2011-2013 and model Justine Salim for nearly 9 years.

    After The Bachelor finished airing, Matt started dating Rachael Kirkconnell but their relationship did not last long due to some controversies surrounding her past behavior. Recently, rumors suggest that Matt James may be dating his former co-star Abigail Heringer although they have not confirmed these rumors yet.

    Regardless of who is currently in his life, it’s clear Matt James has had a colorful dating history throughout his years on TV!

    Current girlfriend of Matt James

    Matt James is currently dating his beautiful girlfriend, Katie Thurston. They have been seen out together on several occasions, showing some major PDA. The couple began dating in 2020 and they both seem very happy to be in a relationship with each other.

    Katie is an Instagram model who loves spending time outdoors and going on adventures. Her profile page shows that she positively loves dogs and cats, and enjoys posting pictures of her travels and outdoor activities. She is also an avid photographer who takes pictures during her outdoor adventures for her followers to see!

    It looks like the two are very much in love — Matt often posts pictures of himself with Katie on social media, calling her his ‘other half’ — and we’re sure these two will continue being happy together for many years to come!

    Relationship timeline

    Matt James has had a few relationships throughout his life. His current girlfriend is Winnie Harlow, who he started dating in 2021 after first spotting each other on the red carpet at The Bachelor season 25 finale. But the two actually met much earlier: In early 2020, Matt and Winnie’s mutual friend Tyler Cameron introduced them backstage at a charity event in Los Angeles.

    Matt was previously in a relationship with fashion designer and Bravo star Rachel Lindsay from 2019 to late 2020. However, the couple reportedly split due to long-distance struggles. Before that, James had been romantically linked to actress Rachel Bilson while they were both living in New York City prior to 2019.

    Though Matt hasn’t made any public commitments yet, it seems like he and Harlow are heading steadily down the path of commitment and true love. We wish them all the best!