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  1. It is not clear who Mattie Westbrouck is currently dating, as she has kept her personal life and relationships private. Mattie is an American TV producer, actress, and writer best known for her work on The Walking Dead, Social Autopsy, Backstage Drama and Julie’s Greenroom.

    Mattie first moved to Los Angeles CA in the summer of 2015 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She has since worked on multiple sets as both Production Assistant and Production Coordinator. Additionally, she served as a Producer and Writer for the YouTube channel ‘DramaFam’ which currently boasts over 4 million subscribers.

    In 2016 Mattie wrote/directed/produced a documentary short that she successfully submitted to film festivals around the world including Australia & Mexico before premiering it at Hollywood’s Chinese 6 Theatre for HollyShorts Film Festival. In 2017 her work title “Social Autopsy” was awarded Best Political Short by Wallifornia MusicTech in Paris, France.

    Having created projects that focus on equality & visibility of minority communities such as LGBTQ+, disabled persons & people of color — She is likened for working tirelessly to deliver dynamic & thought-provoking content that focuses on positive change within our society today.

    Mattie Westbrouck

    Meet Mattie Westbrouck: an American actress, singer and dancer. Whether it’s on the big screen or on stage, she shines brightly. And it seems her star quality is extending into other areas as well – she’s making headlines for her romantic life too!

    Mattie Westbrouck has been linked to some prominent names in Hollywood, from actors to models to musicians. Her relationship history hints at a joyful connection with all kinds of different people, each one quite unique and special in their own way. Although Mattie keeps most of her relationships private, what we do know is that the special someone she’s currently seeing is certainly one of a kind!

    His Career and Achievements

    Mattie Westbrouck is an American rapper, singer and songwriter who has achieved both commercial and critical acclaim in the music industry. He released his debut album in 2019, which received positive reviews from critics. On top of this, the album debuted at number two on the Billboard Top 200 chart, making it one of the most successful rap albums of all time.

    Westbrouck’s success isn’t limited to music; he’s also had a successful career as an actor, appearing in shows such as The Blacklist and Lucifer. Additionally, he not only co-hosts weekly podcast talks about celebrity gossip and news with Rory Flanagan but recently partnered with Pandora Radio for “The Mattie Westbrouck Hour”, a weekly show that focuses on new music from undiscovered artists and more established acts alike.

    As far as dating goes, there are no reports of Mattie Westbrouck being linked to anyone at present. It looks like he’s focused on growing his career at this point in time!

    Rumors About Who He is Dating

    There are rumors swirling around who Mattie Westbrouck is dating. While the singer and musician has kept his personal life private, it seems that fans cannot help but speculate. Some say that he is seeing a model, while others believe he is involved with an actress or perhaps even someone in the entertainment industry.

    The truth remains a mystery, as Mattie has been seen out and about with different people over the past few years. In 2019, he was reportedly seen going out to dinner with a beautiful brunette who was speculated to be a model. However, it was recently revealed that the sighting was simply of a fan meeting up with Mattie for dinner and not an official date.

    Whatever is going on in Mattie’s love life, fans can be sure that he always puts his career first. The talented artist is currently taking time to focus on writing new music and creating art on Instagram. In addition to this, he also coaches singing lessons for aspiring singers!

    Announcement of His Current Relationship

    On May 15, 2021, Mattie Westbrouck officially announced that he is in a relationship with popular model Paige Boivin. After much speculation from his fans and the media, Mattie took to social media to confirm the news.

    In posts made across all of his platforms, Mattie expressed his excitement ins saying “I am so happy to announce I’m happily in a relationship with Paige Boivin!” He also shared a photo of himself and Paige together, making it official.

    The couple had been spotted out numerous times prior to the announcement but kept their relationship private. Fans are most excited to see how their relationship progresses and whether or not they will take it to the next level.

    Details About His Partner

    Although Mattie Westbrouck tends to keep his personal relationships private, he is currently reported to be dating Jenessa Lenex, who is also an actor. They are said to have been dating since 2019 and seem very happy together; they often share adorable photos of each other on social media.

    Jenessa is a pretty savvy businesswoman too; she owns her own jewelry brand called ‘Jeness Designs’, which features unique handmade pieces with gorgeous gemstones. She’s even commissioned by galleries and fashion boutiques for her signature creations. The two seem to get along wonderfully; aside from their mutual interest in acting, Jenessa’s creative nature seems quite compatible with Mattie’s adventurous streak.