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  1. Meg Donnelly is currently dating 17-year-old British singer and songwriter Toby Randall according to sources. Meg was first seen with Toby in August of 2019, when the two were spotted kissing after a romantic meal at a local Los Angeles restaurant. Since then, it seems the couple has been going strong.

    In February 2020, Meg opened up about her relationship with Toby during an interview on The Zach Sang Show, saying “I have someone…We’ve been very happy together ever since.” She also added that people can look forward to a collaboration with him sometime soon.

    Toby is yet to confirm or deny this relationship publicly. However, he has spoken highly of Meg in interviews, praising her as an individual and calling her “the most talented girl in the world” during one radio appearance.

    Introduction of meg Donnelly

    Meg Donnelly is an American actress and singer, best known for her role as Taylor Otto in the ABC comedy series American Housewife. She has also starred in the Disney Channel original film Zombies and its sequel Zombies 2, played Addison in the Netflix original series Team Toon, and had a lead role in the musical drama The Book of Love. Meg started performing when she was five years old. She trained with professionals at Alvin Ailey Studios in New York and was an elite gymnast from ages 5-14. Since then, she has been cast to appear in television shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Devolver Digital’s horror game Rekoil, and Amazon Prime’s show “Project XTRM.” She is currently signed to Kevin Huvane at CAA. Despite her busy life on screen, Meg loves spending time with her family, writing music and reading books. As far as dating goes, there have been no confirmed reports that Meg Donnelly is currently seeing anyone—therefore we can assume she’s single!

    Early life and career of Meg Donnelly

    Meg Donnelly is an American actress and singer. She started her career in 2014 when she was just nine years old, starring alongside Will Smith in the movie Collateral Beauty. Since then, she has steadily built a successful acting career with movies like Zombies and TV shows such as “American Housewife.”

    Meg Donnelly was born on July 25, 2000 near Fort Worth, Texas. At the age of five she joined a local theatre group and began performing in musicals. By 2011 she made her Broadway debut onstage in A Christmas Story: The Musical. She landed several commercials before setting her sights on television and film roles.

    In addition to acting, Meg Donnelly has also released music under her stage name MEIKO. In 2019, she released a hit single called “Smile” which quickly made its way up the charts thanks to heavy airplay on radio stations all over the world. Her music style can best be described as pop with elements of jazz fusion and soulful R&B rhythms.

    Apart from acting and singing, Meg Donnelly also enjoys dancing and often posts videos on her social media accounts featuring choreography to popular songs.

    Who is Meg Donnelly current dating?

    At the time of writing this article, it looks like Meg Donnelly is not currently dating anyone. The seventeen year old has been very open about her being single and focusing on her career at this moment in time. She stated in an interview that she is “not ready to jump into a relationship right now”.

    That being said, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of finding love. She often posts on social media about how much she loves romantic comedies and how she daydreams about having the perfect man sweep her off her feet one day. So maybe she’ll find someone special soon!

    Timeline of events in Meg Donnelly’s dating life

    Meg Donnelly’s dating life began in 2017 when she started seeing singer Jacob Sartorius. The two met through mutual friends and the relationship lasted for about eight months before ending in 2018. Later that same year, Donnelly was spotted out with actor Noah Centineo. Although news of their relationship was never confirmed, fans believe they were together for a few weeks before it ended.

    In 2019, Donnelly was rumored to have been in relationships with musician Jonathan Franklyn and actor Thomas Doherty. These two were short relationships as well, as neither lasted longer than a few months.

    In early 2020, Donnelly began what appears to be her most serious relationship yet – with fellow actor Freddie Popplewell! They made their relationship official in February 2020 on Instagram and since then they’ve been inseparable! They clearly enjoy each other’s company and take every opportunity they get to hang out together.

    Where has Meg Donnelly been seen with her current partner

    Meg Donnelly has been seen with her current partner, Spencer Lee Giberson, a number of times. The two were first photographed together in February 2021 in Los Angeles attending an event at a restaurant. They were later spotted on a romantic dinner date in June 2021 on the beach.

    Most recently, the couple have been seen taking in several tourist sites in California, such as Griffith Observatory, Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Blvd. Meg and Spencer have also been spotted enjoying outdoor activities like horse-riding and hiking. The couple seem to enjoy each other’s company and are often smiling when around one another.

    Does Meg Donnelly have any children?

    No, Meg Donnelly does not have any children. The actress, who is known for her role in the series ‘American Housewife’ and the Disney Channel original film ‘Zombies’, is only 19 years old and not yet married.

    Though a few media sources have reported that she could be dating someone secretly, there has been no confirmation of this. If she were indeed in a relationship, it would likely be with someone close to her own age.

    At such a young age, Meg Donnelly may still be focusing on her career rather than starting a family. She is currently doing promotional work for the second season of American Housewife as well as making appearances at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con.

    However, if Meg Donnelly ever chooses to start a family of her own in the future – or even just enter into a serious relationship – we’d love to hear about it!