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  1. Noah Schnapp is currently dating Canadian actress, Instagram star, and dancer Maddie Ziegler. The two first sparked romance rumors in July of 2020 after they were seen walking around New York City together. Noah also posted a black-and-white photo of the two with their hands intertwined which they later confirmed as evidence that they are indeed dating. The couple has since been spotted out together regularly and often take to social media to share sweet tributes and messages to one another. They have successfully blended Noah’s career in acting with Maddie’s more focused career in dancing.

    Introduce Noah Schnapp

    Noah Schnapp is an American actor best known for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. Born and raised in New York City, he has also starred in Bridge of Spies and The Peanut Butter Falcon.

    In 2019, Noah won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series with the cast of Stranger Things. He also appeared in Kanye West’s hit music video “Wolves.”

    Noah is currently single, but many rumors speculate that he might be dating actress Millie Bobby Brown. Though they have never publicly confirmed anything, there are rumors circulating that they are closely connected friends. They usually make appearances together at award shows, events, and charity functions across the country.

    Overview of his dating history

    Noah Schnapp is a young actor best known for his breakout roles in the film “Stranger Things” and the television series of the same name. When it comes to relationships and dating, Noah has kept things largely under wraps, but he’s been linked to a few girls over the years.

    Before Stranger Things skyrocketed Noah’s career in August 2016, he had already been linked to several girls at that time. His most notable relationship was with Instagram model Liza Koshy in April 2018, although they ended their short-lived romance that same year.

    In 2019, rumors began circulating around Noah’s relationship with young actress Millie Bobby Brown after they were seen enjoying the company of a mutual friend on multiple occasions. Although nothing conclusive has ever been confirmed about their relationship status, fans still believe that something may have been going on between them at one point or another.

    Finally, as of 2021 it appears as if Noah is currently single although that could change in an instant as he continues his rise to fame!

    Discuss current girlfriend and relationship status

    Noah Schnapp has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Liv Karson, since April 2019. The two were seen during a romantic dinner date in May of that year and it has pretty much been confirmed ever since then. Noah and Liv have kept the details of their romance from the public eye but it seems that they are still going strong to this day.

    Noah’s most notable display of romance for his sweetheart was when he posted an adorable photo of them on Instagram with the caption “all these hugs”. The pair have shared several more couple photos together, providing fans with clues as to where their relationship is headed. Liv is also an actress, so they often post behind-the-scenes pictures of themselves filming movies or television shows.

    Overall, Noah Schnapp and Liv Karson appear to be enjoying each other’s company and are still in a committed relationship today!

    Talk about how rumors of him dating YouTuber Addison Rae started

    Rumors of Noah Schnapp dating YouTuber Addison Rae started on social media earlier this year when fans noticed that the two had been hanging out a lot together. They seemed to have the same friends, were spotted at the same events and often appeared in each other’s Instagram stories.

    Noah and Addison did not publicly confirm or deny any relationship, but the rumors persisted. Some fans even theorized that they might be secretly dating as they seemed to have chemistry in their videos. They both also shared cryptic captions and love-inspired emojis beneath their photos that suggest there might be something more between them than just friendship.

    However, neither Noah nor Addison ever confirmed or denied the rumors, so it’s safe to say that Noah Schnapp is currently single.

    Comment on Schnapp’s response to the dating rumors

    Noah Schnapp is no stranger to dating rumors. Just recently, he was linked to another young actor from Stranger Things. When asked about the matter, Schnapp brushed off the rumors and said, “I’m focused on my work right now and having fun working and making new projects.”

    This response makes it clear that Noah isn’t looking to get caught up in a media flurry or be seen as someone who is constantly seeking attention through his relationships. He’s also signaling that he’s mature enough to not feel pressured or obligated to comment or confirm any relationship status beyond what he is comfortable divulging himself.

    Noah clearly knows how to handle himself when faced with romantic speculation, and his respectful approach is further proof of his maturity.

    Wrap up with a summary of what is known about who Noah Schnapp is currently dating

    Noah Schnapp is currently dating the beautiful model and actress, Paige Berman. They have been together for about a year and appear to be happy and in love. Fans first became aware of their relationship when the pair started posting photos on social media that showed them holding hands, kissing or just generally spending time together.

    The couple has also made a few public appearances together at events such as red carpets and award shows, which suggests that they are not afraid to show their affection for one another in public. Despite being relatively private about the details of their relationship, it seems clear that Noah Schnapp and Paige Berman are enjoying a fruitful romance.