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  1. Olivia Wilde is currently dating the actor, comedian, and entrepreneur Jason Sudeikis. The two got engaged in January of 2019 after seven years of dating. They have two children together: a son named Otis Alexander and a daughter named Daisy Josephine. Although much of their relationship has been kept private, Wilde and Sudeikis often post loving pictures and messages on social media expressing how much they love one another.

    Olivia Wilde

    Olivia Wilde is an American actress, producer, director and activist best known for her roles in popular television series such as House and Tron: Legacy. She has also starred in several big-budget Hollywood movies, such as Cowboys & Aliens, The Change-Up and Rush.

    In recent years, Olivia Wilde has become a prominent face of social activism. She frequently speaks out against bullying, open defecation and advocating the need for eco-friendly homes.

    Her most high-profile relationship was with actor Jason Sudeikis. They were engaged in 2013 after two years together but eventually split up in 2020. Since then she has been linked to dating multiple people including Harry Styles, Luka Sabbat and now rumored to be involved with Brad Slaughter.

    dating history and overview

    Olivia Wilde is a 33-year-old American actress and producer who has been in the public eye since 2003. She has a long list of past relationships, with many successes and failures along the way. In 2003, she began dating Italian filmmaker and artist, Tao Ruspoli. They married in 2003 before eventually divorcing in 2011.

    After the divorce, Olivia began dating Boardwalk Empire star Jason Sudeikis. They started out as friends but then their relationship evolved into something more serious. The couple eventually tied the knot in 2013. They have two children together and are still happily married today!

    Overall, Olivia’s love life has certainly had its ups and downs, but ultimately it seems that she found her true happiness when she married Jason Sudeikis back in 2013.

    Recent relationship with Harry Styles

    Olivia Wilde has recently been linked to singer Harry Styles. The couple was first spotted in January of 2021 and have since been seen out together on numerous occasions. They were even photographed sharing a romantic dinner date in February of 2021.

    Although neither Olivia nor Harry have confirmed the relationship, their outings together comport with a more serious romance than that of mere friends. Reports say the couple is enjoying getting to know each other and that Harry is smitten with the actress, showering her with gifts and attention.

    The timing of this relationship may feel rushed for some fans given that only five months have passed since Olivia finalised her divorce from Jason Sudeikis; however, it appears that she and Harry are taking things slowly as they get to know each other better.

    Details of their relationship

    Olivia Wilde is currently dating Jason Sudeikis, a comedian and actor. The couple began dating in November 2011 after meeting on the set of the TV show “Saturday Night Live” while Olivia was guest hosting. Since then they have gone public with their relationship, attending red carpets and premieres together.

    They are often spotted out in public together and support one another’s work. They have been seen together at numerous red carpet events, including the Golden Globes and Met Gala. There have also been reports that they celebrated their first anniversary with a romantic vacation in Hawaii.

    Their relationship appears to be going strong and they seem very happy together!

    Reactions from fans & media

    The news of Olivia Wilde dating Harry Styles quickly spread like wildfire, and reactions have been mixed. Some fans have welcomed the news, citing the obvious connection between the two and how great they look together. Others have expressed their disappointment that Olivia Wilde is now off the market.

    Meanwhile, the media has had a field day speculating on what this couplings means for both stars professionally. Does it mean that we’ll see Olivia in upcoming movies with Harry? Will she be featured in his music videos? These questions remain to be seen.

    Many people feel that a relationship may affect their work, so it’s possible that Olivia and Harry will try to keep their relationship under wraps to avoid any potential issues.. Either way, it’s clear that diehard fans of both celebrities are thrilled with this new development!