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Who Is Onlyjayus Dating have you ever had such experience

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  1. Unfortunately, there is no available information about who Onlyjayus is currently dating. Onlyjayus has been quite secretive about her personal life and does not share any details about it in public. She does not appear to be active on any major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Thus, it is not possible to track her dating life through these outlets.


    onlyJayus is an up and coming artist from the Caribbean who has quickly gained a dedicated fan base both in his home region and beyond. His music blends reggae, jazz, and R&B with socially conscious lyrics. He recently released his debut album, ‘Tomorrow’s Light’, to critical acclaim.

    As for his personal life, onlyJayus is believed to be single – but that doesn’t mean that all of ‘interested’ fans don’t ask about his relationship status! Only time will tell if he’ll open up about who he may or may not be dating. In the meantime, we can enjoy listening to his amazing music.

    Relationship History

    Onlyjayus’ relationship history is relatively short and he has been linked to a few well-known women. He was rumored to have had a brief fling with Amber Rose in 2017, but neither of them ever commented on the rumors.

    More recently, Onlyjayus was in a relationship with singer Kehlani from late 2018 until the summer of 2019. In October 2019, the couple was spotted out together which sparked speculation that they had reconciled; however, it appears that their relationship did not last much longer than this sighting.

    Onlyjayus has never been married or been reported to have had any other serious relationships. It will be interesting to see if Onlyjayus settles down and commits for the long term or continues his dating pattern of only having brief flings with high-profile women.

    Who is OnlyJayus Currently Dating?

    The answer to this question is no one. OnlyJayus, whose real name is Jared Anderson, has been single since 2019 when he ended his long-term relationship with former partner Contessa Scandal. Currently, OnlyJayus is focused on his music and career rather than dating anyone new.

    However, he has recently posted a few pictures with the same female over the past year. This could be sparks of a potential romance but nothing has been confirmed yet.

    OnlyJayus seems to be taking things slow and putting his music first before any sort of romantic entanglement. Even though he may not be open to dating now, that could always change in the future. Who knows?

    How Long Have They Been Dating?

    Onlyjayus and their partner have been dating for an estimated two years. Onlyjayus came out as non-binary in 2018 and publicly announced they were in a relationship during that same year, so it is safe to estimate the two of them have been together for about two years.

    Apart from sharing this information on social media, onlyjayus has kept their private life largely under wraps. What we do know is that their partner also identifies as non-binary and the two are deeply in love with one another. They regularly share pictures on Instagram of themselves spending quality time together such as taking walks or attending music events side by side. From these clues, we can tell that the two are still happily together and hopefully will remain so for many years to come!

    What Is Known About Their Relationship?

    OnlyJayus and his current girlfriend are believed to have started dating in early 2018, and have kept their relationship fairly private ever since. They appear to be inseparable, often attending events together and posting about each other on social media. They often post photos and videos of themselves having fun together – whether it’s going out for dinner, playing video games, or watching a movie.

    It seems that the couple is very much in love, as Jayus has referred to her as his “best friend” in several interviews. In addition, they share many interests such as music, gaming, and traveling. They also seem to enjoy spending quality time together hiking or just relaxing at home with their cat.

    Overall, fans know very little about OnlyJayus’s relationship but it’s clear that they are both happy and very much in love!