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  1. Paige DeSorbo has been dating Perry Rahbar since late November 2019. The couple made their relationship public in January 2020 when they shared an Instagram photo of them together.

    The couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, even though they only made their relationship official this past year. In June this year, Perry also gifted Paige a vintage convertible Mustang as an anniversary present. On several episodes of Summer House, viewers have seen the couple cozying up and exchanging expressions of love while on vacation with each other.

    At the same time, Perry is based in Los Angeles and works in marketing, whereas Paige works in Manhattan as a full-time influencer and digital content creator. Despite their taxing busy schedules, the couple have made it work by traveling back and forth to keep up with one another. They frequently post adorable photos of themselves on social media that prove their strong bond and genuine connection.

    Over the summer, Paige DeSorbo and Perry Rahbar took a holiday trip to Greece where they explored multiple islands for three weeks with close friends from The Bachelor — Alayah Benavidez and Kelley Flanagan. It was during this adventure that fans wondered if marriage was possible in the near future for the pair because it seemed like all the romantic vibes were too good to be true.

    Overall, Paige DeSorbo and her long-term partmetic partner PerryRahar are still going strong despite their hectic work schedules keeping them apart most of the time

    Paige DeSorbo of Summer House

    Paige DeSorbo is one of the stars of Bravo’s Summer House. What can we say? The girl loves to have fun and is always up for a good time. But while she loves being out and enjoying herself, she also has her head screwed on right when it comes to business. She’s an entrepreneur with multiple businesses under her belt, including the clothing store “Dear Glob” and lifestyle blog “The Good Tenant”.

    As far as romance goes, Paige has been linked to a few guys over the years, but currently she’s keeping it on the downlow. Fans have speculated that she could be dating someone from the cast of Summer House, but no confirmations have come yet. Until then you can keep up with Paige’s crazy antics as Season 5 of Summer House airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo TV!

    Timeline of Paige’s Dating History

    Paige DeShawn has had quite a complicated dating history that starts way back in 2017. She got together with Austen Kroll in the beginning of 2018, and their on-again/off-again relationship continued until early 2020 when it seemed like they decided to break up for good.

    After her break-up with Austen, Paige moved on to an even more public relationship when she began seeing businessman Carl Radke in July 2020. It didn’t last long though, as there were rumors the two split quickly after their romance was made public.

    However, rumor has it that Paige and Carl are secretly still dating which might explain why she was seen heading back to his apartment after a night out at The Spaniard Bar just weeks ago! As of right now, we can only assume they’re still together but only time will tell if this is true or not.

    Details on Her Current Relationship

    Paige DeSorbo is currently dating Perry Rahbar. They were first spotted together in late 2020, and their relationship has continued to grow ever since.

    The couple seems to be quite serious, as they recently took a vacation together in December of 2020. In addition, they even had their first Valentine’s Day together earlier this year.

    Perry Rahbar is an entrepreneur and investor who originally hails from Boston. He was one of the founders of Workful, an online employment agency that helps small businesses find qualified Workers.

    Focus on Her “Partner in Crime” Riley Knapp

    Paige DeSorbo from Summer House may be known for her wild antics and bubbly personality, but she’s also been dating someone seriously for over a year. That person? Actor Riley Knapp!

    Riley and Paige met in 2018 after being introduced by some mutual friends. It didn’t take them long to fall head-over-heels in love, and they moved in together shortly after starting to date. They frequently share photos of themselves embracing life together on Instagram, providing their followers with a peek into their relationship!

    The couple often refers to each other as “partners in crime,” because even when they’re just having fun, they know they can rely on each other. From hiking to camping, Paige and Riley are constantly taking advantage of the amazing opportunities life has to offer – together.

    It’s clear that these two have the perfect amount of chemistry both on-screen and off. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next for this dynamic duo!

    Future Outlook for the Couple

    The news of Paige dating the actor, Robby Hayes has sent fans of the show into a frenzy. But what does the future hold for these two?

    With social media providing so much insight into celebrity relationships, it’s easy to speculate about this new couple. Will they stay together or will their relationship fizzle out? Of course only time will tell.

    But as of now things do look positive for the couple. They both seem to be in good spirits and enjoy spending time with each other. They both appear to get along very well and keep things lighthearted. As of yet, there hasn’t been any indication of tension between them which is a great sign!

    Only time will tell if the relationship is meant to last but for now fans can look forward to Robby visiting during summer house weekends and hopefully more exciting adventures with Paige!