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  1. Currently, Paris Hilton is dating entrepreneur Carter Reum. The couple has been dating since April 2020 and they have been inseparable ever since. Carter is a self-made businessman and an author of the book “Moonshots in Down Times”. Reportedly, he is also popularly known for his role as Co-Founder of the lifestyle brand Veeda Group. Apart from that, he has also founded M13 Venture Partners, Blended Capital and 8UK LLP in the past. He shared a romantic moment with her on Instagram in October 2019 but at that time it wasn’t confirmed if they were already together or just friends. Later on they finally took their relationship public after attending a couple’s date night event together in Malibu, California in April 2020. Since then they started going out officially and also introduced each other to their respective families after some months of being together publicly.

    Introduction: Who is Paris Hilton?

    Paris Hilton is an American socialite and media personality who has been a popular fixture in celebrity culture since the early 2000s. She is known for her roles in TV shows, movies, music videos, and as a fashion entrepreneur. Her looks, iconic style and persona have made her one of the most recognizable figures in Hollywood.

    The daughter of Richard and Kathy Hilton, Paris was born in New York City on February 17th 1981. She had two younger siblings; the late Baroness and Nicky Hilton-Rothschild. Paris has been linked to many high-profile relationships over the years – including actor Chris Zylka from 2017-2019 – however it’s unknown who she is currently dating.

    Naturally daring when it comes to styling trends or breaking creative boundaries, Paris Hilton continues to make headlines around the world for her love life as well as her influence over modern pop culture.

    History of Her Relationship Through the Years

    Paris Hilton has had quite the dating history over the years. From her very public relationship with rocker Benji Madden to her brief fling with actor Chris Zylka, she’s certainly had a lot of love interests.

    Hilton’s first serious relationship came in 2002 when she got together with fellow socialite Nick Carter. The two dated for less than a year before splitting. She then went on to date actor and model Joshua Bowman before briefly getting back together with Carter in 2008 before finally ending things again.

    Then, after a brief dalliance with actor David Blaine in 2009, she started her very public relationship with Madden in 2010 which lasted until 2011. Later that year, she was linked to another socialite, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III and then dated nightlife promoter Cy Waits from 2011-2012. After taking a break from men for a while, Hilton found love again in 2014 when she started dating River Viiperi. Though the couple ended their romance soon after, River told media outlets that it was one of his most wild relationships ever!

    Current Relationship Status

    Paris Hilton is currently in a relationship. Her partner is Carter Reum, an entrepreneur and investor who founded the lifestyle brand VEEV Spirits. The couple first met in November 2019, at a Hollywood fundraiser and obviously hit it off right away. From what we can tell based on their social media posts, the two seem to be very much in love and are going strong as of May 2021.

    Paris has been open about how much she enjoys being in a committed relationship after many years of publicly dating on-and-off but never finding true happiness. She considers his her “soul mate” and is overjoyed at finally having found the man that fate had planned for her all along.

    Who Is She Currently Dating?

    Paris Hilton is currently dating Carter Reum, a tech entrepreneur. An insider says their relationship is getting very serious and they might even consider getting married in the near future.

    The couple first started sparking romance rumors in early 2020 after being spotted on vacation together in Miami. Since then, they have been seen out on countless dates and have attended many red carpet events.

    Paris has also reportedly introduced Carter to her family and former flame Chris Zylka even gave his stamp of approval. It looks like Paris has definitely found her special someone!

    Conclusion: What the Future May Hold

    The future may hold even more romantic relationships for Paris Hilton. She is currently single and has stated that she isn’t seeing anyone in particular, so there’s plenty of time for her to find love. She has described herself as a ‘hopeless romantic’ indicating that the future might hold some exciting prospects!

    Paris is a socialite and entrepreneur with many diverse interests and hobbies outside of her romantic life. It seems that whatever the future may bring, Paris Hilton will remain happy and successful in whichever paths life takes her on.