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  1. Currently, Pauly D is dating Nikki Hall. She is an American reality television contestant and actress who appeared in the MTV reality shows Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Ex on the Beach. They made their relationship public by uploading a series of pictures to their Instagram pages. This was confirming speculation of the couple being together and making their relationship official. What’s more, they were also seen getting close while attending the Jersey Shore star JWoww’s Sway House launch party back in April 2021.

    The couple have also enjoyed romantic trips together including a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Pauly D has also praised his new flame for being done with herself since she made her debut on season 2 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and he hopes that people can look up to her for inspiration because she works hard to stay fit, even donning her own SheFit athleisure clothing line.

    The two seemed quite smitten with each other when Nikki shared a photo of him kissing her forehead captioned with “My heart is yours”. Pauly D later went on to share similar photos. It appears that these two lovebirds are well on their way to making this relationship last!

    Introduction: Who is Pauly D?

    Pauly D, known to his real name as Paul DelVecchio, is a world-renowned DJ and TV star from the hit show Jersey Shore. Not only is he a talented DJ, but he’s an incredible entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.

    He’s been in the spotlight for many years and has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in show business. He has starred on MTV reality shows such as The Pauly D Project and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. He’s also appeared in music videos, signed endorsement deals with major brands, and even played himself on an episode of HBO’s hit series Entourage!

    Throughout his time in the spotlight, Pauly D has had several high-profile relationships. But currently, it remains unclear who Pauly D is currently dating. It appears that right now he might just be single!

    Background on Pauly D’s Dating History

    Pauly D is probably best known for his work as a DJ on popular shows such as Jersey Shore, but there are also many people who know him from his romantic relationships. He has had a few high-profile ones in the past, including relationships with singer Aubrey O’Day and Playboy model Fallon Versini.

    The singer Aubrey and Pauly briefly dated in 2011 after they met while performing at Foxwoods Theatre. They broke up the same year, allegedly due to the tremendous amount of media attention their relationship received.

    After the relationship with Aubrey ended, Pauly went onto date Playboy model Fallon Versini for two years between 2013-2015 before ending things amicably due to not wanting to commit fully to each other. In recent years, he has been seen out with various female acquaintances but it is unclear if any of these amounted to full-fledged relationships or not.

    Current Relationship Status

    Pauly D is currently single. He was most recently linked to Nikki Hall, an Instagram model, in 2020. However, the two separated shortly after that. Currently, Pauly D has been traveling and keeping busy with his DJ career. He has not made any rumors about a potential romance on social media or in interviews with the press recently.

    In addition to being single, Pauly D is also focusing on his career and the release of his new music. Last year he dropped a collaboration song along with 50 Cent titled “Candy Shop” which was really popular among fans. It looks like Pauly is more focussed on work lately and staying out of the dating scene for right now.

    Details of Pauly D’s Most Notable Romances

    Pauly D is best known for his time on the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Along the way he’s built a noteworthy career as a DJ and brand ambassador. He’s also been linked to a few high-profile romances that have kept fans enthralled with the charismatic star over the years.

    So who are some of Pauly D’s most notable romances? Probably his longest relationship was with Aubrey O’Day, an American singer and reality television personality. It was rumored they met at one of Pauly’s shows at Las Vegas in 2011, but while they did not last long as a couple, they remain close friends.

    More recently, Pauly has been linked to Elettra Lamborghini – yes, she comes from that Lamborghini dynasty! The pair met in Miami and maintains an active social media presence (with plenty of cute selfies) that leaves fans wondering if romance really is in the air between them! There have also been rumors linking him to Tiffany Gonzales, but this was never officially confirmed.

    Rumored Girlfriend

    Pauly D has been the subject of numerous dating rumors, with many people guessing who he’s been spending his time with. Although he has yet to confirm any romantic relationships, there have been several names that could be his rumored girlfriend.

    One of those names is Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww. Reports of their romance have cropped up multiple times over the years, all of them unconfirmed by the stars themselves.

    Other rumored girlfriends include Tori Hall, Aubrey O’Day, and Marion Rossi. We may never know if Pauly D is officially in a serious relationship or not, but these potential partners have certainly kept us entertained for years!


    The conclusion to who is Pauly D dating is an interesting one. Pauly has been rumored to be in various relationships over the years, with some of the rumors suggesting he’s dated celebrities Rihanna and Katy Perry. He also admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he had a brief relationship with Jersey Shore castmate Snookie. But all of these rumors can’t be confirmed or disproved, as Pauly prefers to keep his personal life private. As for now, it looks like he may not be dating anyone at all, which would make sense since he seems to be traveling around the world, performing as a DJ at night clubs and events. Until we get more confirmations from Pauly himself, it’s likely we’ll never know for sure who Pauly D is really dating!