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  1. Pokimane is currently dating fellow streamer and content creator Fedmyster. The couple has been seen spending time together since early 2020 and they made their relationship public on the 21st of March 2021 after sharing a series of posts and photos confirming their relationship via Instagram and Twitter.

    The two have been featured in each other’s videos, streams, and social media snaps over the last few months as they spent quality time together. The pair appears to be quite close as they share a lot of affection towards one another.

    Pokimane is known for streaming popular titles such as League of Legends, Team Fight Tactics, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, and many more. She also has established an impressive online presence with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 8 million followers on Twitch.

    Meanwhile Fedmyster is also very popular on both Twitch and YouTube where he plays video games such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Overwatch League, Minecraft Survival Games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) mainly but others too from time to time. His combined followership total up to 5 million on his two main platforms Subscribers 3 million YouTube views & 2 million Twitch Follows & viewers!

    We wish the lovely couple all the best in their relationship!


    Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber who is well known in the gaming community. She has over five million subscribers and millions of monthly views. Her channel features gaming videos, where she plays games such as League of Legends and Fortnite, as well as reactions to pop culture. In addition, she also vlogs about her day-to-day life in her “Story Time with Pokimane” series.

    Over the years Pokimane has developed an incredibly engaged fan base due to her charismatic personality, great sense of humor and down-to-earth demeanor. But despite being so popular and having such an active presence on social media, many fans are still curious about her personal life – including who she is currently dating. While there isn’t much information available publicly about this topic, it’s likely that the answer to this question remains elusive for now!

    Background on her dating life, past relationships, and popular rumors

    Pokimane’s dating life is often the subject of speculation and rumors. Unfortunately, she has been fairly tight-lipped on this topic throughout her career.

    What we do know about Pokimane’s dating life is that she had a “long-term relationship” with YouTuber Scarra at one point in time, though it appears to have ended amicably in late 2019. Pokimane also briefly dated Andrew “Amude” Huynh from 2017 to 2018, but their relationship was short-lived. Beyond these two rumored relationships, it looks like Pokimane hasn’t had any meaningful romantic ties since then.

    Over the years, there have been several rumors that suggested Pokimane was romantically linked with other YouTubers, streamers, and celebrities such as PewDiePie, Post Malone and DJ Khaled. These rumors all turned out to be false and have since died down. At this time, there is no concrete evidence that suggests Pokimane is currently in a relationship with anyone publicly known or unknown.

    An analysis of who she is rumored to currently be dating

    It’s no surprise that Pokimane, one of the biggest names in streaming, and an OG Twitch content creator has become a fan favorite. Along with her massive success comes lots of rumors—one being who she might be dating. So, to answer the question, let’s break down all the gossip and speculation on who she is currently rumored to be dating!

    First off, it appears that Pokimane has dated various famous people. Among them are YouTubers like JERICHO, (a former member of FaZe clan). She also seems to have had some sort of relationship with Michael Reeves (also a member of FaZe clan) based on her social media posts from earlier this year.

    Pokimane has also been linked to the controversial streamer xQc, but reports haven’t been able to confirm their relationship status for certain.

    Aside from possible celebrity love interests, there’s not much else we know at this time except for the fact that Pokimane isn’t with anyone right now. Based on her latest videos however, it would seem as though she is still single and focused on building her career rather than getting into a serious relationship at the moment!

    Recent sightings/news about possible current relationship status

    Recent sightings and news about Pokimane’s possible current relationship status have been circulating all over the internet. According to various sources, she appears to be single.

    Fans were certain that they spotted Pokimane with a mystery man in Los Angeles, but nothing has been officially confirmed. She also posted a picture of herself at dinner with some friends, which sparked speculation of a romantic dinner date with someone special. However, based upon Pokimane’s photos and comments on social media, it’s likely that these dinner guests were simply close friends who are part of her tight-knit circle of supporters.

    The most recent sighting happened during TwitchCon when viewers spied Pokimane hanging out with fellow Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Despite this latest story going viral online, it looks like Ninja and Pokimane are just good friends –– and nothing more! So far, it looks like the 25-year-old content creator is still very much single!

    How does she feel about being constantly asked questions regarding her dating life?

    Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, is one of the most popular female streamers and content creators. She is often asked about her personal life and in particular, who she is dating. Questions regarding her dating life come up so often that she has even made jokes about it in her streams and videos before.

    Despite these jokes, questions about her dating life can still be intrusive and annoying. While Pokimane appreciates the support from her fans, she has repeatedly stated that her privacy should be respected in regards to her romantic relationships. She does not like being asked about who she is currently seeing or whether or not she plans to date someone in the future.

    Pokimane wants fans to appreciate and enjoy watching games with her instead of asking questions about her personal life. Asking Pokimane questions about who she is dating can make stream viewers feel uncomfortable – both for themselves and for Pokimane – which isn’t conducive to having a good time while streaming video games together!