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  1. Rae from Ultimatum Dating is a relationship coach, dating expert, and the host of The Radiant Rae Show. Her passion for helping others find love was born out of her own experiences with heartache; in 2013, she went through a painful break-up that inspired her to understand what makes relationships work better.

    Rae believes that everyone deserves to create intentional and fulfilling relationships. She’s committed to using her superpower as a love guide to teach people how to access more confidence in their romantic lives and set healthier boundaries. She has years of professional experience working as an adjunct professor at Long Island University and numerous data-driven matchmaking services and offers virtual coaching classes across the world. On her show, The Radiant Rae Show, she explores all types of topics related to loving yourself and creating successful dating outcomes.


    Rae, also known as Ultimatum Dating, is the brainchild of Corey Rae. She is a professional matchmaker and relationship advice expert with thousands of subscribers to her YouTube channel and podcast. Rae has been featured in numerous radio shows, podcasts, and other media outlets for her fresh and often humorous approach to breakups and dating.

    At the heart of her matchmaking business is her philosophy that relationships should be based on giving respect, listening to each other, creating a safe setting where each person can be authentic, open-minded, nonjudgmental, honest, caring and most importantly understanding the others needs without compromise.

    Rae strives to truly understand who someone is on an individual level so that she can better pair them with someone whose values align with their own in order to lead them both into an emotionally fulfilling relationship. Ultimately she seeks out “relationships of choice” where individuals have met not only physical but emotional compatibility as well. Her mission goes beyond matching individuals and couples; she also provides readers with weekly tips on how to make better decisions when dating in order to have healthier long-term relationships.

    Background & Experience of Rae

    Rae is the creator of Ultimatum Dating, a free online dating and relationship development platform for people looking for a fulfilling connection with someone special. Rae has an extensive background in both the coaching industry and human behavior, giving her the skills to create something that truly helps people find success in their relationships.

    Prior to launching Ultimatum Dating, Rae spent several years as a certified life coach in various functional areas. She loves empowering her clients by helping them take charge of their own lives and shape them into meaningful experiences. In addition to this, Rae also has over ten years of professional experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the marketing space, allowing her to use her knowledge of human behavior to build effective strategies that lead to successful businesses.

    With her contagious passion and enthusiasm, it is clear why she was able to form such an impactful movement that has positively changed the lives of thousands across the globe. Her dedication and commitment are inspiring others each day and she continues to provide support for all her members every step of the way on their journey towards finding lasting love.

    What inspired her to create Ultimatum Dating?

    Rae, the founder and CEO of Ultimatum Dating, was inspired by her own experience of online dating. She observed that many dating apps focus on superficial qualities such as looks and money, instead of the characters and personalities of those involved. This observation led her to create a platform where people could make more meaningful connections with each other.

    Rae was particularly moved by stories from friends about their experiences with bad dates and awkward encounters. That’s why she wanted a platform that allows users to build relationships based on qualities that go beyond physical appearances or financial standing. She strongly believes in connecting people through mutual interests, values, life goals and passions.

    Not only does Rae want couples to meet organically, she also wants them to be able to find companionship without using any kind of little tricks or manipulative practices. With Ultimatum Dating, users will have an experience focused on building honest and sincere relationships with others – all while having fun!

    The philosophy behind Ultimatum Dating and its success

    Rae’s philosophy behind Ultimatum Dating is that people are better at making their relationships work when they have a set of clear ground rules to follow. The idea is based on the notion that two people should be honest and upfront with each other in order to make a relationship work. So, with Ultimatum Dating, Rae aims to set up a system of clear boundaries and expectations so that couples can build healthy relationships.

    In addition to setting out clear boundaries and expectations, Rae also focuses on creating an environment where both partners feel heard and respected. By doing this, the chances of success increase dramatically because both parties understand what the other person requires or desires in the relationship.

    Ultimatum Dating has been incredibly successful because it provides a safe albeit challenging platform for people to explore their relationships without fear or judgement. Moreover, its success lies in the fact that it allows participants to be candid about their desiress, fears and secrets – something crucial for any healthy relationship.

    Unique features of the platform and their appeal for users

    Rae from Ultimatum Dating is a revolutionary dating platform offering users unparalleled convenience and flexibility in meeting potential partners. The platform was founded by Rae Carranza and is rapidly gaining traction among online daters.

    One of the unique features of the Ultimatum Dating platform includes its “swipe-based” system, which allows users to match with other users based upon criteria such as physical attraction, interests, education level, income level and more. The system has proven popular for users who are looking for an efficient way to find compatible matches.

    Rae also offers features that appeal to people of all ages, such as its video date feature that lets two video chat with each other before they can meet face-to-face. Additionally, Rae provides a wide range of search functions allowing users to refine their search according to location, age range, distance, gender and relationship status.