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  1. Rosalia is currently dating singer, songwriter, and producer Miguel Angel Flores, known professionally as El Guincho. The couple have been in a long-term romantic relationship since 2019 and still going strong. They often appear in public together and have also attend several music events too. Rosalia never shies away from dropping hints about her love life on social media while keeping it lowkey at times. Even though they keep their romance low-key, they’re said to be great companions for each other and the nearing wedding bells cannot be denied either.


    Rosalia is a Spanish singer, rapper and songwriter who has taken the world by storm with her infectious and daringly experimental sound. She first gained recognition in 2014 with her underground releases and has since evolved into one of Spain’s biggest music stars. Her creative spirit blazes through each single, pushing the boundaries of pop culture while still honoring traditional Spanish folkloric music. But aside from singing, Rosalia hasn’t revealed much information about her personal life—most notably who she is dating!

    What we do know is that Rosalia is known for being fiercely independent and isn’t afraid to express her strong sense of self. As such, it would not be unexpected if she chose to keep some aspects of her private life close to heart, even including who she may be dating. That said, many fans hope to get a glimpse soon who the untold love in her life may be!

    Family Background

    Rosalia comes from a tight-knit family of five based in Spain. This includes her parents, an older sister, and a younger brother. Her father is a respected public official in their city and her mother works as an administrator for the local government.

    Although Rosalia loves her family and loves spending time with them, she is also very independent and often goes out on her own to explore the world around her. She is especially fascinated with music and fashion, particularly contemporary styles such as hip-hop, rap, trap and afro-beat.

    In terms of dating life, not much has been revealed publicly about Rosalia’s romantic relationships. However it appears that she has been linked romantically to Spanish rapper C Tangana since at least 2019. Although they have never confirmed this relationship officially, their strong connection speaks for itself through many private messages shared via social media.

    Music Career and Achievements

    Rosalia is one of the most promising singers of her generation and has achieved tremendous success in a short amount of time. She rose to fame with her 2017 single “Malamente”, which helped propel her career and has now been certified eight-times Platinum in Spain. Her music ranges from flamenco to electronic, demonstrating her musical diversity.

    She won two Latin Grammy Awards for Best Song and Best Alternative Music Album for 2018’s El Mal Querer album, making her the youngest Spanish artist ever to win a Latin Grammy. She has released multiple albums, singles and collaborations since then, including a duet with J Balvin called “Con Altura”, a song featuring Pharrell Williams called “Llamada de Mi Ex” and “Aute Cuture”, an album designed to “break through boundaries and language barriers” according to Rosalia.

    To date, she still hasn’t shared any information about who she could be dating, so it looks like we’ll have to wait and see!

    Relationship History

    Rosalia has had quite a few high-profile relationships over the years. She began dating singer-songwriter, Pharrell Williams in late 2018, joining a star-studded list of previous lovers.

    Before that relationship, Rosalia was rumored to have been dating rapper Tyler The Creator, an association which came to fruition after the duo filmed their music video for ‘Caliente.’

    The Spanish artist is also known to have been linked with fellow talented musician James Blake. Plus it was recently revealed that she enjoyed a steamy romance with award-winning Transparent actor Jay Duplass.

    While most details about Rosalia’s relationships remain shrouded in mystery, we can all agree her love life is full of interesting stories and intriguing characters!

    Who is Rosalia Dating Now?

    Rosalia is currently dating Spanish singer and songwriter, Pucho. The two were spotted out and about together multiple times in late 2020 and rumors started swirling of a possible relationship between them.

    The couple made their relationship Instagram official by posting a photo together at the end of November 2020. Since then, they have shared some sweet shots on each other’s social media platforms. They also attended the ‘Premios Telehit 2021′ together in Mexico City where they gushed to reporters about how much they care for each other.

    It seems that Rosalia has found her perfect match! Fans are thrilled to see such an amazing pairing and hope that this sweet romance goes from strength to strength!

    Recent Developments in Rosalia’s Love Life

    Recently, the public has become increasingly interested in knowing who Rosalia is dating. While there is no definitive answer to this question, rumors have been swirling that Rosalia and Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin are an item. The two were first spotted together at a club, flirting heavily.

    The two also collaborated on the popular single “Con Altura,” which further fueled speculation they were dating. Since then, they’ve made numerous eye-catching appearances together, suggesting there’s something going on between them. However, neither artist has come out and confirmed these rumors or whether they’re actually a romantic item or just good friends.

    At least for now, it looks like we’ll just have to keep guessing about who Rosalia is dating! All we know for sure is that whatever her love life entails, it’s sure to stay interesting!