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  1. Ross Lynch is currently dating Jazzy Anne. They have been together since 2019 and were spotted in Los Angeles earlier this year looking very much in love – with Ross even getting a matching tattoo as a sign of commitment.

    Jazzy (real name Jessica Allain) is an actress from Montreal, Canada. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art where she met Ross back in 2015 and they’ve been together since then.

    They make an adorable couple and are often seen out and about, attending red carpet events or just going for a walk around town with their two rescue dogs Nori and Ted.

    Introduction: Who is Ross Lynch?

    Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer, and songwriter who first gained fame through his role as Austin Moon on the Disney Channel show “Austin & Ally”. Since then, he has enjoyed tremendous success with other starring roles in television shows, films, and music.

    The 25-year-old star is also well known for his personal life and there have been many questions about who he is currently dating. While Ross Lynch has been linked to several women in the past few years, he hasn’t publicly confirmed a relationship. This has kept fans wondering who (if anyone) is the lucky girl he’s spending time with.

    Recent Dating History

    Ross Lynch recently dated Courtney Eaton, an Australian model and actress. The couple dated exclusively for more than a year before breaking up in 2017. Since then, Lynch has been linked to stars such as Jessica Tandy and Jaz Sinclair, although neither relationship was confirmed by either party.

    Before his relationship with Eaton, Lynch was linked to the actress Halston Sage from 2013-2015 and singer/songwriter Morgan Larson in 2014. He has also been romantically associated with several other famous women over the years, including Barbie Ferreira, Ryan Newman and Chloe Bennet.

    Overall, it seems that Ross Lynch’s recent dating history is quite mysterious! It looks like he likes to keep his romantic life private or may be single–either way he is certainly keeping us guessing!

    Ross Lynch’s Past Relationships

    Ross Lynch is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to fame in 2013 when he starred in Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie. Since then, he has been in various films and television shows including Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Man in the High Castle. But who has he dated?

    While his official relationship status hasn’t been confirmed, Ross Lynch is rumored to have been linked with some famous women in the past, like Victoria Justice and Dylan Sprouse.

    In 2017, it was reported that Ross was dating Australian model Courtney Eaton. The pair had a romantic relationship for two years before breaking up in 2019. Ross has also had rumored relationships with Jaz Sinclair and Kelley Jakle though neither relationship has been confirmed.

    Currently, it looks like Ross is single but who knows what the future holds!

    Analyzing Ross’s Preferences in Partners

    Analyzing Ross’s preferences in partners can be quite interesting. From red carpets to interviews, we can look at his past relationships to get a better understanding of who he prefers and how he evaluates potential matches. First, we can see that he tends towards relationships with people who have a confident attitude and positive outlook on life. He rarely dates someone with a negative self-image or pessimistic outlook. Secondly, Ross values intelligence in prospective partners, especially those that are both thoughtful and creative. He looks for the kind of person who is capable of truly connecting with him on an intellectual level. Finally, it appears that he likes women who have strong social skills and who fit into his inner circle of friends; this likely serves as a sign of reliability and compatibility with his lifestyle. All in all, it is clear that Ross knows what he wants when it comes to relationships!

    Speculations About Current Relationship Status

    Ross Lynch has certainly had his fair share of rumored romances over the years, which tends to happen when you’re a famous young star. He has been linked with many of his co-stars, including Maia Mitchell and Courtney Eaton, but none of those relationships were ever confirmed. Recently, he was seen attending birthday parties with singer Victoria Justice and there were also rumors linking them together – however nothing concrete was ever reported or confirmed.

    At the moment, it looks like Ross Lynch is single. He hasn’t been spotted out with anyone publicly in a while, so it’s tough to know if he’s dating someone but doesn’t want to make it public, or if he truly is single at this time. Fans love conjuring up different speculations about Ross’s relationship status based on his Instagram updates or sightings at various events – such as whether he and a certain co-star are really “just friends” or something more. As of now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!