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  1. It is not known who rapper Saweetie is currently dating. Saweetie has previously dated Migos rapper Quavo, and the pair split in 2020 after a two-year relationship.

    Saweetie has stated that she enjoys keeping her private life off social media, as well as staying out of gossip media outlets. Recently, Saweetie was linked to IR singer Trey Songz after appearing in his music video for “Back Home”. However, neither party has confirmed the pair is together romantically.

    Most recently Saweetie seems to have been spending time with close friends such as Jhene Aiko and her daughter during their getaways to Mexico. It looks like it will remain a mystery as to who Saweetie may be romantically involved with until she reveals more information herself.

    Saweetie and Her Public Image

    Saweetie is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She rose to fame with the release of her first EP, “High Maintenance.” She quickly gained a loyal fanbase and has since become one of the most prominent female rappers in the industry.

    In addition to her musical success, Saweetie is known for having a bold and unapologetic personality. Her music often showcases her confidence and individuality. She is also known for speaking out about important social issues such as racism and body positivity.

    Over the years, Saweetie has been linked to various high-profile relationships with celebrities such as Quavo, Michael B. Jordan, Nonsense Nuvo, French Montana, Justin Combs, and most recently Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Tyga. Despite maintaining her privacy when it comes to her personal dating life, fans are always interested in who Saweetie might be linked with next.

    Who is She Currently Dating?

    At this time, it appears that Sweetie is currently not dating anyone. She recently ended her relationship with Offset of the Migos after almost two years together. Since then, she hasn’t been spotted out with anyone leading us to believe that she’s single and focusing on her career rather than jumping back into another serious relationship.

    However, rumours have been swirling around Sweetie and rapper A boogie Wit Da Hoodie for a while now. Although neither one of them has confirmed the status of their relationship, fans are convinced that the pair is an item after they were seen out together and some of A Boogie’s lyrics seemed to be inspired by Sweetie.

    Whether they’re just friends or together in a committed relationship isn’t clear yet, but all signs point to them being close!

    Inside Look At Their Relationship

    Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship is one of the most talked about celebrity couples out there. They have been dating for nearly three years now, and seem to be going strong. The couple hasn’t been afraid to express their love for each other publicly, often sharing loving messages and pictures on social media.

    One of the most notable things about Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship is how they stick together through thick and thin. After Saweetie suffered an injury in 2019, Quavo was by her side constantly supporting her during her recovery.

    They also have a lot of lighthearted moments together – from joking around to playing music with each other, it’s clear that their connection stands firm even amidst their jam-packed work schedule. To top it off, Saweetie shares amazing photos of herself with Quavo on more than one occasion! Overall, it looks like Saweetie and Quavo are both crazy in love and enjoying every moment they can spend together!

    How Saweetie and Her Partner Interact On Social Media

    Saweetie and her partner are no strangers to expressing their love for each other on social media. From heartfelt posts to funny videos, the couple’s social media accounts reflects the fun-loving nature of their relationship.

    One way that the two communicate is through frequent Instagram Stories. Saweetie regularly shares snippets of life at home with her beau, often including pictures of them enjoying a quiet night in or snuggling up together after spending time apart due to their busy schedules. While these moments offer a glimpse into the intimate side of their relationship, they don’t shy away from having fun either. Saweetie has been known to post funny skits and behind-the-scenes footage from photo shoots and music video sets, which she includes her partner in on occasion.

    The couple also show off their affection for one another through sweet messages wishing each other a “Happy Birthday” or leaving positively charged comments under the other person’s posts like “My favorite person.”

    Overall, Saweetie and her partner are never afraid to express themselves on social media and share how much they truly care for one another.

    What Their Friends and Family Think About the Relationship

    When it comes to investigating any relationship, the opinions of family and friends always mean a lot. Wondering who Sahweetie is currently dating? Well, her closest confidants may have the answer you’re looking for!

    Sahweetie’s family and friends are often willing to share their thoughts on her relationships. Generally speaking, they feel like she makes good choices in partners and that she has an eye for talent when it comes to finding people who can support her goals and dreams. They look at each partner as someone that could potentially be part of the family one day.

    Her friends will commonly cite things like communication, trustworthiness, understanding and mutual respect as important qualities they want Sahweetie’s partners to possess. People respected by her inner circle also view her latest flame with a kind of admiration no matter how new or established they may be in the relationship – something that speaks volumes about their opinion of them.


    After much speculation, we can now draw a conclusion about who Saweetie is currently dating. After analyzing her social media presence and her recent interviews, it appears that the “My Type” rapper is in a relationship with fellow rapper Quavo from the group Migos.

    The two were first linked together in June 2019 and have since been spotted celebrating major holidays like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve together. Additionally, Saweetie has posted numerous photos featuring Quavo of them enjoying romantic date nights.

    While neither Saweetie nor Quavo have confirmed their relationship status yet, we can confidently say it looks like they’re an item.