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Who Is Shakira Dating Can you help me with this

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  1. Shakira is currently dating Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique. The couple has been together since 2011 and have two children, Milan and Sasha. The couple confirmed their relationship in a video that was posted to Shakira’s official YouTube channel. Pique previously dated Nuria Tomás before they broke up in 2010. Shakira and Pique continue to be a strong couple despite rumors of marriage troubles in 2017 that were later denied by the couple. After living in various places such as Barcelona and Miami, the two settled in Colombia in 2018 with their children. They frequently take trips there for vacation, to visit relatives, or for business purposes.

    Shakira’s Dating History

    Shakira has been one of the most successful artists in the world for many years. From her early international success to launching one of the biggest shows on The Voice, it’s no surprise that her relationship status has always been a topic of conversation.

    Shakira began her musical career as a teenager in Colombia and had several relationships throughout the Latin American music scene until she hit it big in America. She was linked with Luis Fernando Martinez before their break-up in 1999 after which it is believed she dated Antonio de La Rua until their separation in 2011. Since then, Shakira was linked to soccer player Gerard Pique and gave birth to two sons with him in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

    Shakira has kept much of her dating life private but we do know that she is currently still together with Gerard Pique, who has featured in some of her more recent music videos and campaigns. It’s clear they have a strong relationship as they have openly expressed admiration for each other on several occasions through multiple platforms.

    Relationship with Antonio de la Rua

    Shakira is currently dating Antonio de la Rua, a political consultant and former Argentinian lawyer. The couple has been together since 2000, after meeting in one of Shakira’s concerts in Mexico City.

    The two were engaged in 2001 and together they had a son, Milan Piqué Mebarak, who was born on 22 January 2013. However, the couple reportedly separated in 2011 due to “personal conflicts”. After their separation, it was later revealed that Shakira had been seeing Gerard Piqué for four months before her relationship with Antonio ended. Despite this rocky period in their relationship, the pair have managed to remain amicable and even remained close friends over the years.

    The pair’s recent reconciliations have also included an appearance at the 2019 Argentine Presidential Inauguration alongside other dignitaries such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Spanish monarch King Felipe VI.

    Relationship with Gerard Pique

    Shakira is currently in a relationship with Spanish professional football player Gerard Pique. The pair first met while filming the Shakira and Pique’s music video for her song “Waka Waka” back in 2010, and later started dating. They have been together ever since, welcoming their two sons ― Milan, 6 and Sasha, 4 — into the world.

    The couple has kept their relationship quite private over the years. In 2020, Shakira opened up about how they make it work despite being in different countries due to their respective careers. She praised her partner for making frequent visits back and forth in order to spend time with her and their children.

    The couple was reportedly also engaged at one point but instead of getting married, they decided to focus on raising their kids. Despite this arrangement, there is no doubt that the two still share a strong bond after more than ten years together!

    Relationship with Ben Affleck

    Shakira and Ben Affleck have been linked since March 2021, when they were spotted vacationing together in Montana. Fans quickly speculated that the pair had become more than just friends. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the two had begun a relationship.

    The romance has been going strong ever since and the couple appear to be quite content in their relationship, enjoying quiet date nights at home and attending various social events together. They have even taken time out of their busy schedules to travel, visiting Europe this past summer while bonding over art and history.

    Though details about how the couple met remain a mystery, both Shakira and Ben have gushed about each other in interviews – though notably not confirming or denying anything about their romance – further raising suspicions about their “just friends” status.

    Past Relationships

    Before dating billionaire and millionaire heir, Antonio de la Rúa, Shakira has had several high profile relationships over the years. On her journey to fame and fortune, she was linked with Colombian Singer Rafael Ojeda, model Bearton Gustavo Cerati, Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, and former pro soccer player Gérard Piqué.

    Shakira had a long-term relationship with Piqué which lasted seven years. They both have two children together, son Milan and daughter Sasha whom they share custody of. Despite the split in 2018, it is reported that Shakira and Piqué remain good friends who are dedicated to building a strong bond with their children.

    Considering all of Shakira’s past romantic relationships have been with famous musicians or sports personalities it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after all these years she decided to join forces with a wealthy inheritor like Antonio de la Rúa who is the son of former President of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa.